AdSchool Lecture: Introduction To Communications Planning


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AdSchool Lecture: Introduction To Communications Planning

  1. 1. • About me• What is planning?• A step-by-step guideIntroduction tocommunications andmedia planning
  2. 2. My background 9 years in the industry Variety of experience driven by curiosity to try About me new things Search marketing manager / Digital media account director / Social media strategist / Strategy director / brand strategist Clients include: Coca Cola, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Westpac, Dominos Pizza P.s – I still don‟t know what I want to do…
  3. 3. What is planning? An informed and measurable opinion on how to take a brand/business/product to market What is planning? Part science, part intuition A way of effecting change in peoples behaviour or thinking via the way we communicate with them Actually very simple AKA: communications strategy, media strategy, ideation…
  4. 4. What it‟s not Buying space What is All about tools and efficiencies planning? An isolated practice just for media agencies Media channels only
  5. 5. Where does it sit in theprocess? What is Brand Strategy planning? Communications Strategy Core Communications Idea Media/Channel Planning
  6. 6. Who‟s responsibility is it? The evolution of the media agency… What is 1960‟s – 1980‟s: planning? media buying 1990‟s: context planning 2003/4: communications planning
  7. 7. Who‟s responsibility is it? All agencies should contribute to communications planning What is Traditionally, creative agencies „planned‟ and planning? media agencies simply bought space No longer the case The channel is the medium, everything communicates Planners from each agency work in collaboration (on a good day) and the best ones understand every element of the mix
  8. 8. The ultimate goal What is The need for a core Integration of the CCI planning? communication idea across all brand (CCI) experiences Selection of the most Plan for a desired relevant connection consumer take out points
  9. 9. A general planning process 1 2 3 The key Discovering What isClient brief task stuff planning? 4 5 6 Insight The The core mapping strategy idea 7 8 9Bringing the Measuring Learn and idea to life success apply
  10. 10. 1The client brief Interrogate the brief and ensure the business challenge identified really is the business The client challenge brief Check the budgets against the audience and the sales/eyeballs/downloads/sign ups they are expecting (never accept anything at first glance, the client is not always right) Chat to your client, learn from them and ask them questions Check for mandatories (politics)
  11. 11. 2The key task You can‟t deliver a shopping list of success metrics, it simply isn‟t possible The key task Ask your client to prioritise their goals Pick one (maybe two) Articulate your task in one sentence but define it in an interesting way and preferably from the customers perspective (i.e. not „we need more sales) A problem well stated is a problem half solved
  12. 12. 2An exercise in articulationMost briefs contain overly complicated orambiguous objectives: The key task Build awareness Rational persuasion Emotional connection Induce trial Make it cool More sales
  13. 13. 2An exercise in articulation The key task From ToElitist, metrosexual Relevant, appealing and tastes bad and tastes great Current Perception Desired Perception
  14. 14. 2An exercise in articulation The key task Briefed What‟s Why is it stopping important? objectives you?
  15. 15. 2An exercise in articulationBusiness/Comms Key issue Key task The key objective task Dulux are Make Dulux losing out the Sell more when it undeniable paint comes to the best choice final in store for paint pre- purchase store
  16. 16. 3Research: mapping Discovering stuff
  17. 17. 3Brand research How do consumers use our brand? Discovering What do our current communications say about stuff us? Perception of advertising and packaging? Are we stocked in the right places? Are we providing opportunities for consumers to interact with us or feedback? At what point do we start communicating?
  18. 18. 3Consumer research Who really is your target? Discovering How many of them are there? stuff Where are they? One target or multiple to prioritise? What research have you got on them? What media do they consume? The role of technology in their lives?
  19. 19. 3Category research What category are we in? Discovering What‟s the decision/purchase cycle? stuff Are we the first choice? How are competitors communicating? What‟s the impact on us? Seasonality? Typical channels and messaging?
  20. 20. 3Cultural research What cultural factors do we need to be aware of? Discovering stuff Trends? Fads? Technology? What‟s happening in the world that may impact us (Olympics, GFC, Political climate) Macro issues that could effect us? (climate change, war on terror) Specific country cultural influences (laid back approach, Summer, outdoors, no nonsense)
  21. 21. 3…and finally Go in store Discovering Buy a product stuff How was the purchase experience? Do you like the packaging? Talk to other people and ask their opinions GET OUT FROM BEHIND YOUR DESK!
  22. 22. 4What is an insight? Probably one of the most over-used and misunderstood terms in the agency world Insight mapping Big difference between stuff you‟ve found out and an insight It‟s not necessarily a new piece of information but potentially a new way of interpreting something to give it a fresh perspective One of the best ways to find one is to start with something that seems obvious and keep asking „why?‟ and „what if?‟
  23. 23. 4What is an insight?Fact Insight Something you know to be true mappingObservation Something learned in the course of observingInsight A fresh understanding that unlocks an opportunity for growth
  24. 24. 4Your go! Microsoft is the 3rd most valuable brand in the world Insight mapping Young women still smoke despite the health risks Tradies choose a ute based on how tough it makes them look, not how tough it drives Uni students like to drink spirits at the end of a night out Real women believe that beauty is more than skin deep
  25. 25. 4Why do we need an insight? Strategic springboard for our ideas Insight An unmet need, a hole we can carve out… mapping An actionable direction for our communications
  26. 26. 4 Key insight  Dulux is a colour expert Insight  People preferred Dulux as a brand but it wasn‟t mapping translating into sales  The stores were unhelpful and overwhelming  40% of people were unsatisfied with the experienceAt the root of people‟s disappointment when buying paint is the difficulty in creating colour schemes
  27. 27. 5The opportunity The big opportunity for us within communications The answer to our insight The strategy Articulating what we‟re doing in a succinct, powerful and motivating way
  28. 28. 5 The opportunityAt the root of people‟s disappointment when buying paint is the difficulty in creating colour schemes The strategy As a colour expert, Dulux knows how colours worktogether…Dulux can guide people to their perfect colour combinations
  29. 29. 5The strategy The one thought that glues everything together The strategyIS ISN‟TA platform for comms Ad LineDirectional TacticalOverarching thought Media stuntDeveloped by UM Given to usShort and succinct A long paragraphMemorable Easily forgettable
  30. 30. 5The strategy Is should inform all channels and activations The strategy PR Social CRM Strategic platform Events TV In Store Packaging
  31. 31. 5The strategy Working with creative agencies The strategy OrExisting Strategic Strategic Creativecreative platform Platform Idea idea
  32. 32. 5 The strategyAt the root of people‟s disappointment when buying paint is the difficulty in creating colour schemes The strategy As a colour expert, Dulux knows how colours worktogether…Dulux can guide people to their perfect colour combinations Dulux colour chemistry
  33. 33. 6The idea A strategy without ideas is just a dream, ideas without a strategy is a disaster The core Creativity isn‟t just for „creatives‟ idea The best ideas are found in a really good brainstorm, from „stealing and augmenting‟ or in the shower They are also the ones where you can‟t see where the creative ends and the comms begin “logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere”
  34. 34. 6The ideaInspiration… The core idea
  35. 35. 6The ideaShameless plug… The core idea
  36. 36. 6The ideaColour Chemistry Colours, like people, have their own personalities The core idea Some colours are made for each other, whilst others just dont get on at all Dulux understands the complex relationships between colours, and have used their expertise to help people create successful colour schemes for their homes Moves Dulux from „paint expert‟ to „colour expert‟
  37. 37. 7Bringing the idea to life Increasingly the role of a planner is to understand, plan and oversee everything Bringing the (media, PR, social, events, digital, CRM) idea to life Channel planning is not limited to paid media Think of it as an experience plan A roadmap of when, where and how your consumers will interact with you
  38. 38. 7Dulux example Seeking ActiveMoving house Redecorating In Store inspiration planning Bringing the idea to life
  39. 39. 7But first…your task profile Helps you figure out where to start and what to focus on Bringing the idea to life Prioritises your activation thinking Ensures that everything links back to the key objectives and answers the brief FYI – AIDA is dead =
  40. 40. 7The task profile Bringing the Notice Think idea to life Awareness and visibility Rational reasons to choose Feel Do Emotional connection Action / involving the consumer
  41. 41. 7How does Calvin Klein do it? Bringing the idea to life•Awareness •Visibility
  42. 42. But how do we know which 7channels are best? Think about your task profile and what you need to achieve Bringing the idea to life Look at data from previous campaigns Syndicated data sources (Roy Morgan, Oztam) Look at how other brands/campaigns have done it Use your intuition and experience
  43. 43. 7Digital thinking All plans must include some element of „digital‟  (I hate that word, it‟s like using „above the line‟ as a strategic recommendation!) Bringing the Think about the role of digital within the idea to life communications strategy In this campaign, we will use digital to…  Put ads in media  Distribute content  Provide tools  Invite gameplay  Foster community  Do business
  44. 44. 7Digital thinking You can carve „digital‟ into three areas:  Mobile Bringing the  Online idea to life  DOOH Each digital role... can be relevant in each digital channel Using these channels avoids the lack of clarity often resulting from overuse of the word „digital‟ This is an over-simplified approach
  45. 45. 7Digital thinking Conduct a dialogue -> Conduct a mobile dialogue Bringing the idea to life Invite gameplay-> Invite gameplay online Provide tools -> Provide digital tools out of home
  46. 46. 7Rules to live by… The best plans start neutral Plan for experiences, not just exposures Bringing the idea to life The medium is as important as the message Communication is a two-way experience Plan for what you want your consumer to think, fell and do Keep up with what the consumer is doing Flexibility is a must
  47. 47. 7Your plan… Make it look good Make it exciting and visual Bringing the idea to life Make it stand out Remember, you‟re selling your strategy, idea and insights – if it looks crap you‟re letting yourself down
  48. 48. 7Bringing the idea to life Bringing the idea to life
  49. 49. 7Bringing the idea to life Bringing the idea to life
  50. 50. 7Bringing the idea to life Bringing the idea to life
  51. 51. 7Bringing the idea to life Bringing the idea to life
  52. 52. 7Bringing the idea to life Bringing the idea to life
  53. 53. 7The checklist Bringing the Anchored in Generates idea to life Delivers on the CCI consumer insights experience Evaluation Clear role of The medium is as Fresh and newchannel, message important as the thinking and take-out message Delivers the Includes Delivers the planappropriate level innovation and cost efficiently of scale experimentation
  54. 54. 770 / 20 / 10 An investment principle to foster Bringing the innovation, adoption of new technology and idea to life learning Evaluation Every planner should use this breakdown to discipline themselves to come up with „test and learn‟ projects for every campaign 70% - Tried and tested with proven performance 20% - Innovation within tried and tested 10% - Experimentation / „test and learn‟
  55. 55. 8Measurement overview Establish what your KPI‟s are Break it down by phase, channel and message Measuring success What do you want to know? What are you going to measure specifically? What are your performance goals? Who is responsible?
  56. 56. 8Measurement scorecard An example of a measurement scorecard…CHANNEL ACTIVITY WHAT WE WHAT WE’RE HOW WE’RE PERFORMANCE Measuring TYPE WANT TO KNOW MEASURING MEASURING IT GOALS successSOCIAL Facebook Are Page fans Engagement rates Facebook Page XXXX page engaged with Comments reporting our content? Likes „People talking about‟OOH xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxEVENT xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxMOBILE xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxVIDEO xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxTV xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx
  57. 57. 9Learn and apply Self-explanatory! Learn and apply