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Using our power to make a difference - CQC - Zoe Lord


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Using our power to make a difference - CQC - Zoe Lord

  1. 1. to make a difference Zoe Lord - Deputy Director, NHS Horizons - @ZoeLord1 Using our
  2. 2. 2 @ZoeLord1
  3. 3. What is a change agent? Change Agent… Someone who is using their power to make a positive difference. It’s about pushing the boundaries of what is possible, mobilising others and making change happen more quickly. @ZoeLord1
  4. 4. We need change agents to illuminate the way! We need more people willing to step outside of expectations because our world is changing exponentially, and if all we do is meet expectations and the status quo - we will fall behind as organisations, as teams, and as societies. David Bray @ZoeLord1
  5. 5. 5 reasons why everyone in CQC needs to be a change agent… 1. The CQC regulates the quality and safety of care – it exists to create positive change in the system 2. CQC needs to role model change and improvement: we can’t ask all the organisations that we regulate to change, if we can’t or don’t do it ourselves 3. You can only create change across a whole organisation if you do it “with” people not “to” or “for” people 4. If CQC is doing change “with” its people, everyone needs to be a change agent 5. When everyone feels like they have the power to change things, this adds to improved wellbeing at work and a positive culture. @ZoeLord1
  6. 6. COP27 - Convention on Climate Change
  7. 7. Greta Thunberg - No one is too small to make a difference
  8. 8. The Network Secrets of Great Change Agents As a change agent, my centrality in the informal network is more important than my position in the formal hierarchy Julie Battilana &Tiziana Casciaro @ZoeLord1 Battilana_Casciaro_The network secrets of great change agents_HBR.pdf (
  9. 9. What’s the evidence? The failure of transformational change projects is rarely due to the content or structure of the plans that are put into action To make transformational change happen we need to connect networks of people who ‘want’ to contribute (99) Dr. David Dinwoodie | LinkedIn Source: David Dinwoodie (2015) It’s much more about the role of informal networks in the organisations and systems affected by change @ZoeLord1
  10. 10. We need to be boatrockers! Source: Debra Meyerson • Rock the boat but manage to stay in it • Walk the fine line between difference and fit, inside and outside • Conform AND rebel • Capable of working with others to create success NOT perceived by others as a destructive troublemaker @ZoeLord1
  11. 11. Source: adapted from Rebels at Work
  12. 12. Source: adapted from Rebels at Work
  13. 13. Change is inherently relational @ZoeLord1 Source of image: Greg Satell
  14. 14. Framing messages @ZoeLord1 Chapter-8-Ganz-Lin1.pdf (
  15. 15. Connect with purpose & start with the Why @ZoeLord1 Simon Sinek's "Start With Why" _great_leaders_inspire_action/transcript -
  16. 16. “A cynic, after all, is a passionate person who does not want to be disappointed again.” Source of graphic: Benjamin Zander’s TED talk - Benjamin Zander | Speaker | TED
  17. 17. Mark Jaben on the science behind resistance But what we do do What NOT to do Engage people here @ZoeLord1
  18. 18. Mark Jaben on the science behind resistance Instead of buyers (who “buy-in”), we need investors What NOT to do Engage people here What TO do Engage people here @ZoeLord1
  19. 19. Change is inherently relational @ZoeLord1 Gain credibility, trust and respect Find your flock Frame your messages Connect with purpose
  20. 20. @ZoeLord1
  21. 21. Top tips for having a go! 1. Tune into the type of power you and colleagues are using – new, old or a little bit of both! 2. Connect with others and find your flock – remember you can’t be a change agent on your own! 3. Work on positive relationships with others 4. Frame your ideas - Connect with the ‘why’ and your shared purpose 5. Rock the boat but don’t fall out of it! You have a voice and power - use it to be the change you'd like to see in the world. @ZoeLord1
  22. 22. @ZoeLord1
  23. 23. Zoe Lord - Deputy Director, NHS Horizons @ZoeLord1