Resumes that get results 01.07.11


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Webinar presentation for the FB group - IWYK

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Resumes that get results 01.07.11

  1. 1. The webinar will begin in a few moments… “It’s WHO You RESUME WRITING 101: Know” Professional WRITING TIPS FOR THE CONNECTED Development PROFESSIONAL Series Conference Call: (218) 339-2409 Guest Code: 892 9290
  2. 2. WELCOME!Dawn Ja’Net Williams Zoe Brown Breaking Free, Inc. The Training Trio, LLC
  3. 3. Your outlook upon life, your estimate ofyourself, your estimate of your value arelargely colored by your environment. Yourwhole career will be modified, shaped,molded by your surroundings, by thecharacter of the people with whom youcome in contact every day... Orison Swett Marden “It’s WHO you know.”
  4. 4. MissionIWYK helps women transform theirpersonal and professional lives and U P C O M IN G P RO F E S S I O N A Lprovides them with hands on D E V E LO P M E N Tresources to assist them in reaching SESSIONS I N C LU D E :new heights and making the Careerconnections that matter in their Planningcareers and businesses. Financial L i te r ac y Life Coaching Social N et w o rk i n g PurposeIWYK is devoted to helping womenunveil the hidden treasures ofemotional growth and physicalprosperity within, by offering itsmembers a variety personal andprofessional workshops.
  5. 5. WHAT WE WILL COVER Review Identify Examine 4 practical tips changes yousections of a for each will make to resume section your resume
  6. 6. Use the chat area to share with everyone aword that describes you professionally
  7. 7. A recruiter screensresumes between 2.5 to20 seconds.Source: Avoid These 10 Resume Mistakes
  8. 8. A recruiter can receive asmany as 200 resumes foreach open position. Source: College Career Service Center
  9. 9. In a recent study, 71% ofhiring managers preferreda customized resume. Source:
  10. 10. RESUMES SERVE 2 PURPOSESMarketing Tool Screening Tool
  11. 11. 4 RESUME SECTIONS Contact CareerInformation Objectives* Career JobSummary* Experience
  14. 14. CONTACT INFORMATION Too fancyEmail shouldbe simple & direct Can also include website and social networking link
  15. 15. APPLY PRACTICAL TIPSWhat do you What do youneed to add need to reviseto the contact in the contactsection of section ofyour resume? your resume?
  17. 17. CAREER OBJECTIVE OBJECTIVE A:  OBJECTIVE BA challenging creative To apply my knowledgeopportunity where I can acquired through aapply my skills in a bachelor’s degree indynamic organization Marketing andwith plenty of room for Communications andadvancement. internships at a public relations agency to an entry-level position on the marketing team of a major financial institution.
  18. 18. APPLY PRACTICAL TIPSWhat do you What do youneed to add need toto your delete fromcareer your careerobjective? objective?
  20. 20. CAREER SUMMARYImpressive Right up& relevant front Paragraph or bullet list
  21. 21. CHECK IT OUT: CAREER SUMMARY SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: A loan and credit underwriter seeking a position with a financial instituion and is experienced at analizing loan applications and working with customers in commerical and retail loan transactions.
  22. 22. A Better Career Summary MAKE SUREAccomplished loan and credit underwriter YOUR CAREERwith nine years experience in commercial SUMMARY...and retail banking and a proven record of S h o w c a s es yo u rprofitable lending transactions. Adept at best selling pointscombining in-depth knowledge ofindustry practices and legal requirements I d e n t i fi e s key a c c o m p li s hm e n t swith analytical expertise, strategicnegotiation, and skillful relationship I m m e dia tel y d e m o n s t r a tesbuilding to secure new and repeat yo u r v a l u ebusiness. Earned top underwriter or Tw e a ke d s o t h a trunner-up status in Northeast region for it matches each type of positionpast four years. t h a t yo u a p p l y for
  23. 23. APPLY PRACTICAL TIPSWhat do you What do youneed to add need toto your delete fromcareer your careersummary? summary?
  25. 25. JOB EXPERIENCEJob Information Accomplishments
  26. 26. CHECK IT OUT: JOB INFORMATION Example A Example BInstructional Systems June 2004 – June 2009Designer Instructional SystemsGeneral Dynamics C4 DesignerSystems General Dynamics C4Cincinnati, Ohio SystemsJune 2004 – June 2009
  27. 27. ORDER OF IMPORTANCE Title/position Employer name City & state of employer Dates of employment
  28. 28. What’s the difference between a responsibilities driven resume and anaccomplishments driven resume?
  29. 29. CHECK IT OUT: DUT Y OR ACCOMPLISHMENT?Crafted a vision for a regional office and transformed vision intoa fully operational office within six months.Draft written proposals, conduct sales presentations, negotiateprice points and draft contract language.Participate in ongoing development of sales & marketingbudget and strategies to uncover new business.Designed over 25 training projects in the areas of leadership,management, professional development, school readiness,Early Head Start, oral health, and homelessness within 18months of the contract period.
  30. 30. What special thing did you do to set QUESTIONS yourself apart? TO ASK YOURSELFWhat did you do to make each job your own? What are you most proud of in each Click here to job? access the Accomplishmen ts Worksheet
  31. 31. APPLY PRACTICAL TIPSWhat do you What do youneed to add need to reviseto the job in the jobexperience experiencesection? section?
  32. 32. WRAP-UP
  33. 33. PRACTICAL TIPS Contact CareerInformation Objectives Career JobSummary Experience
  34. 34. RESUME DO’SGet someone to proofread and edit your resumeSave resume using a simple file name – Owen Collins_resume.docxSave a text version of your resume to copy and paste into online application systems – Owen Collins_resume.txtUse two pages if you have lots of experience
  35. 35. RESUME FORMATTING DO’S Use bulleted text Keep margins ¾” to 1” Avoid overusing CAPS, Bold, or Italic & avoid Underline all together Use a 11 pt. or 12 pt. font (do not use a font lower than 10 pt.) Pick a font that is professional and easy to read Serif (Georgia, Book Antiqua) - print San serif (Arial, Verdana) - web
  36. 36. RESOURCES The Top 10 Things You Need to Know about E-Resumes and Posting Your Resume OnlineGood and Bad Resumes: 10 Great Social Sites for ResumeWant to See the Difference? Building
  37. 37. FOLLOW UP ACTIONReview and update your resumeBrainstorm your accomplishmentsRead and research more resume tipsRegister for the next IWYK Professional Development Session
  38. 38. “It’s WHO YouTHANK YOU FOR Know” Professional ATTENDING! Development Series