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This is the article interview with Joanna Jarvis for my music magazine for the double page.

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Interview for magazine

  1. 1. Pop Star: Hello Joanna, first things first, thank you for doing this interview with us, I am very happy to have you here.<br />Joanna: Hiya and no problem, I’m happy to be here. <br />Pop Star: How are things going lately for you Joanna?<br />Joanna: They are going great, thanks.<br />Pop Star: Are you excited about the fact that your new single ‘Checkers’ is at Number 1 in the charts?<br />Joanna: I AM SO EXCITED. I can’t believe it myself, I feel sometimes like it’s a dream and at any moment, I’m going to wake up, LOL.<br />Pop Star: Let’s hope it’s not a dream. So Joanna, I heard that you are a good guitarist, is that true? And are there any other musical instruments you can play too. <br />Joanna: It’s true, I see myself as a good guitarist. In my new single, I play my own guitar and I have a solo guitar stage in my song, which I played myself. And yes, I can play the drums too and also a bit on the bass.<br />Pop Star: Wow, that’s amazing. Which is better Guitar or Drums? <br />Joanna: That’s a hard question. I love playing the guitar because it’s an instrument I have always had confidence in whilst playing, on the other hand, I love the freedom with the drums, to go wild and produce music. If I had to choose, I would say Guitar.<br />Pop Star: I see why you chose the front cover to your new single of you playing on your guitar. It’s a great picture of you.<br />Joanna: Yeah and thanks. I thought why not and plus I do see myself as a goddess.<br />Pop Star: A Goddess you say. ‘Goddess of Guitar’ would be a perfect name for you.<br />Joanna: I quite like that name for me.<br />Pop Star: Anyway, Joanna, what is next for you?<br />Joanna: Well, at the moment, I’m working on a new single which is soon to be released in the next month or so called ‘Can’t be me’. I’ve been enjoying working on this single and can’t wait to see where this single goes on the chart when it is release.<br />Pop star: We will be looking out for your new single in the next month or two. I’m afraid that’s all the time we have, thank you Joanna for coming in and talking to us and I wish you success in life and the future to come.<br />Joanna: It’s been a lot of fun and thank you so much.<br />