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Best saree designers in india

Indian Fashion designers have mostly known for their faboulous saree collections formulated with elegance and perfection. Let us have a look into the Top 10 Saree designers in India

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Best saree designers in india

  1. 1. Best SAREE DESIGNERS IN INDIA Stylish designs of beautiful Sarees with ease and confidence wear.
  2. 2. MANISH MALHOTRA Manish Malhotra is the magical creator of Indian Sarees. He is the big name in Indian Fashion Industry. Manish Malhotra has the credit to make exclusively stunning sarees for top list Indian actresses. He has a huge variety of innovative saree styles that generates the exclusive saree fashion to be follow through out in India
  3. 3. AKI NARULA Aki Narula is one of the Top 10 Saree designers in India due to his elegant creations centered with colors and innovative styles. Aki Narula has done creating special sarees for different Bollywood movies’ female characters. He is running his brand in the name of AKI. Getting Aki Narula’s saree means, you are on the perfect way of the current fashion.
  4. 4. ABU JANI AND SANDEEP KHOSLA SAREES When it is about to talk about the Top 10 Saree designers in India, then the name you cannot ignore is of the Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. The ever famous Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla are the hottest names working under one roof to give you a high-level saree collection labeled with India’s heritage and contemporary styling
  5. 5. DEEPAM SAREE DESIGNERS Deepam is a diva in Silk saree wear. Deepam stands on the heights of most trendy and high quality sarees in Silk. The offer provided touches a wide range of saree stuff other than Silk. Deepam is not only a name but a trend maker in sarees to follow.
  6. 6. SAREE DESIGNERS RINA DHAKA Rina Dhaka is the all time favorite saree sensation in India. She has come up with emerging trends and styles in saree collection. Her beautiful creative sarees combines the elegance and charm that goes well with softer colors. Rina Dhaka has so many awards on her credit. She is simply the best saree designer in India.
  7. 7. TARUN TAHILIANI SARI STYLES Tarun Tahiliani initiated his professional career in India by launching Ensemble in 1987. Soon he became a master of fashion industry in India. Tarun Tahiliani has great participation in shaping the Indian Fashion Industry. His wonderful saree collection is one of his wide variety creations. Tarun Tahiliani offers luxurious collection in sarees highlighting the latest Saree and trends. Read complete article on Top 10 Saree Designers