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Pro forma

  1. 1. Digital Graphics Henry Buckham
  2. 2. File Formats
  3. 3. Raster Graphics • Raster Graphics are bitmap based graphics, and as such use pixels to display images. Images created by Raster graphics have a fixed resolution (pixels retain the same sizes when scaled) meaning that Raster images often distort when enlarged, resulting in a poorer quality image.
  4. 4. Vector Graphics • Vector Graphics are based on vectors/paths. This means that vector graphics are defined as a line with a start and a finish, but unlike raster graphics, vector graphics have the computer generate points, curves and angles in-between the start point and finish point. • Thanks to this, vector graphics can be scaled without any loss of quality, making them ideal for logos and decals. This is because the computer modifies the dimensions to fit the new size of the image.
  5. 5. JPEG Stands For Joint Photographic Experts Group Used For Images on the internet, photographs, graphics. Popular with website designers as they can be easily incorporated with little space used. Advantage Small file size allows JPEG images to be sent over the internet in a short space of time. Easy to manage and modify due to being widely supported by image programs, and many of them are cheap and simple to use. Disadvantage Unable to be scaled without distortion occurring, lose quality over time due to compression and recompression (each time compression happens the file is made smaller, losing small details.) Lacks properties that allow deep modification, with no support for layers or vectors.
  6. 6. TIFF Stands For Tagged Image File Folder Used For Designer graphics, logos, Magazine covers and desktop publishing graphics. Used by magazine/publication designers thanks to the multiple page saving system. Advantage Lossless compression system allows the image to retain the same quality when it is compressed. File type allows multiple pages to be saved within a single file, making it useful for creating publications such as magazines and saving a lot of space. Disadvantage Files can become very large and slow. Many programs lack support to open .TIFF files. Not as useful to people who are looking to edit single images and not creating a publication.
  7. 7. PSD Stands For Photoshop Document Used For Image manipulation, lots of publication covers, Large-scale image editing projects. Very useful for photographers, editors, or video game texture work. Advantage Incorporates a layer system which allows editing of certain parts of an image (like text) without modifying the entire image. Supports image transparency, making it easier to creates things such as T-shirt prints. Everything is stored in one file, saving more space than other files. Disadvantage Photoshop has a higher learning curve than other programs. The files themselves cannot be used by other programs and have to be converted. Large-scale projects can result in very large file size and computer slowdown.
  8. 8. AI Stands For Adobe Illustrator Art Used For Logo creation, resizable graphics and page graphics/layouts. Useful for small-scale designers of decals, badges and logos. Advantage Incorporates vector graphics which allows images to be resized without loss of quality, making Illustrator perfect for business logo design. Simple file sizes which means they are quick, convenient and save space on the disk. Disadvantage Expensive program required as files are not supported by other programs. Is more complicated than other drawing programs.
  9. 9. 3DS Stands For Used For 3D Studio File 3D modelling, rendering, and animation. Creation of environments, props, and characters in 3D, often for game design. Advantage Very powerful program and versatile file format allows extremely complex models to be produced from scratch and edited on a whim. File type is supported by most other 3D programs, allowing files to be easily shared. Disadvantage Most 3D programs are very hard to master, and require an expensive and powerful computer to render more complex models. Huge file sizes, which causes bloat and slowdown on older PC’s.
  10. 10. Digital Graphics Images
  11. 11. Shape Task
  12. 12. Evaluation What did you like about your image? What I like about this image is how the shapes are modified well enough to fit the animal’s body making it look neat and professional. I also like the dark brown colour used which matches the fur coat. What would you improve if you did it again? If I was to do it again I would like to finish it completely, as well as adding lots of detail in the form of eyes, nostrils and fur detail.
  13. 13. Rotoscope
  14. 14. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I like how clear this image is, thanks to correctly rotoscoping the face and adding the detail where necessary. I’m also fond of the wrinkle detail on the forehead and the smooth shape of the chin. What would you improve if you did it again? I would like to redraw the eyes and suit if I redid this image, as they are quite rough and could easily be improved. Also, I would like to remove the untidy shading at the bottom of the image and redo it, giving it a separate layer.
  15. 15. Text Based
  16. 16. Evaluation What did you like about your image? What I like about this image is the usage of a gritty, distressed font and a post apocalyptic background, as both of these are of a similar theme and create a combined rustic image. I also like the use of a dark grey within the quote as fits in with the dark palette used in the image and creates a darker vibe, something that a bright red or blue would not create. What would you improve if you did it again? If I was to redo this image I would likely remove the shadow on the font and find a higher quality background image, as the current image is a little blurry from being resized. I would also add the person who said this quote underneath the text as I have forgotten to add this.
  17. 17. Logo Creation
  18. 18. Evaluation What did you like about your image? What I like in this image is the simple two-colour design using a ‘techy’ font and modern design cues. I also like how this logo is not as cluttered as some others I have seen, and instead is clear, consistent and does not use a huge range of badly contrasting colours. What would you improve if you did it again? I think that if I attempted this logo again I would choose a better font for the text underneath the PBM initials as it is rather blocky and unattractive. Also, I would like to find a newer font for the main logo that is not italic, allowing for a more uniform design.
  19. 19. T-Shirt Designs
  20. 20. Mood board of designs you like
  21. 21. Idea Generation
  22. 22. Empire State Font for ‘Arukas’ Tan, clear size. Mood board of chosen idea Yours Truly [ARUKAS]
  23. 23. Proposal Dimensions 2400 X 3200 pixels Export Format .PNG file format Advantages; PNG is compatible with the RB template. Supports image transparency. Disadvantages; Larger file size compared to other formats. Content My logo will be a circular badge/logo centred on the shirt. Using a simple white/brown combination the logo will incorporate retro styling in the fonts and design. The circle of the logo will have a horizontal bar with the ‘Arukas’ logo in tan using the Empire State font. Below that will be the store’s address. In the upper ring will be the store motto ‘Yours Truly’ in tan lettering and using a similar retro font. The lower ring will have the same formatting but ‘The Tailors of 1969’
  24. 24. Proposal Audience My shirt will likely appeal to serious fans of classic Resident Evil games (the shop is a very subtle building in the background and won’t have been noticed/remembered by everyone.) This is likely males in the 16-30 age group who enjoy video gaming. Deadline 1st October Schedule Wednesday -Begin creation of final logo, with basic shapes and colours -Complete all evidence -Take regular pictures when changes occur Monday -Continue with final logo, adding textures, effects and accents. -Note down changes Tuesday -Finish logo, begin evaluation of product and post to Redbubble.
  25. 25. Digital Flat Plan
  26. 26. Peer Evaluation What are the strengths of the final image? The final image is very detailed so you can tell that there was a lot of effort and time put into the final product. The blue and white contrast against each other really well, the blue makes the white stand out and vice versa. The design is very unique and different to all the other designs in the class which makes it stand out more. The quote on the shirt; “Our philosophy at Arukas is class for any situation. Whether it be a casual dinner or a zombie apocalypse.” is rather comical which again works well with the whole classy design of the shirt, giving it an edgy look. What could be developed if the image was repeated? If the image was repeated, I would recommend filling the shirt more. Although, the design is good but because of the size of design, the shirt is made to look simple and plain.
  27. 27. Peer Evaluation What are the strengths of the final image? • Looking at your final image, I can clearly see that there was a lot of time and effort placed into this. It matches any t-shirt you choose which is the most important thing on here. I see the badge as a very indie creation; its being made and designed by yourself. I think that if you have put the right tags into it, you should hopefully sell a fair few… just because its different. What could be developed if the image was repeated? If your image was to be taken down and putback up, I would change one thing: the colour, why? Simply because you could make it stand out so much more, that’s the only thing I think that’s letting you down.
  28. 28. Peer Evaluation What are the strengths of the final image? • I like the worn out look that the design has on it, gives it a professional feel • I like the detail that has been put on it and the content of the humorous small text • I like how it is very different from anything I’ve seen before. What could be developed if the image was repeated? I think the text could be made bigger, because it is fairly difficult to read and this might put buyers off. I also think that there shouldn’t be a limited amount of colours you can buy this shirt in, someone might want to buy the shirt in pink, but they can’t. I think there should also be a women's version as well, so you don’t limit your customers.
  29. 29. T-Shirt Evaluation
  30. 30. Does your final product reflect your original intentions? • • The original flat plan I created depicted a brown circular logo using several ‘art deco’ style fonts and a somewhat retro 1920s vibe. The original logo included the Arukas name, store location, slogans and the crown decal, which became the staple. My final logo has been created with a mixture of blue shades instead of brown, and the art deco vibe has been dropped and replaced with a stylish 1960s feel, with the handwritten style title and regal accents. The slogan was also changed from ‘The Tailors of 1969’ to ‘Our philosophy at Arukas is class for any situation, whether it be a casual dinner or a zombie apocalypse.’ Furthermore, I have kept the ‘Yours Truly’ subtitle but the street address was changed from Central Street to Flower Street after I researched the actual location from the game.
  31. 31. Is your product suitable for your audience? • My shirt will likely appeal to serious fans of classic Resident Evil games (the shop is a very subtle building in the background and won’t have been noticed/remembered by everyone.) This is likely males in the 16-30 age group who enjoy video gaming. • I believe that my shirt was quite a success in regards to audience suitability as my design includes the Arukas references and reference to the game itself (Zombies, Raccoon City) so if a Resident Evil fan were to come across this shirt they would make the connection instantly. However, with this, the actual logo was for a store that is not blatantly obvious in the game. It’s part of the scenery in one of the first background scenes in the game and most players will not remember such a small detail. While some fans remember Arukas by name, the majority of potential customers will likely catch on via the address line which references Raccoon City, the main setting of the game and spoken in dialogue many times. The reason I chose 16-30 in the male age group is because studies have discovered that this is the group that represents the highest proportion of video gamers, and Resident Evil is popular with men. In particular, this age group would have been at the peak ages when the game was released (late nineties) and as such would have likely played this game in these years. • The address as seen on my logo. The shop as seen in game.
  32. 32. What do you like/dislike about the techniques you have used? • • The ellipse tool featured heavily in the creation of this logo, as I utilised it in creating several ellipses which I brought together to create different strokes and outlines to increase the complexity of the badge itself. I like how usage of this tool created a nice effect for the outlines of the logo instead of a blank circle with no details whatsoever. I chose to use the ellipse tool to create my shapes because holding the shift key while drawing the shape results in perfect proportions, meaning that the dimensions do not have to be fiddled with. Using something like rotoscoping would have resulted in wonky, uneven shapes. <- usage of the ellipse tool to create a complex circle. • I also happened to use the path tool to get the bended text style used at the top, which is one of the main points I like about this design as it was something that many vintage logos used and really gives off a stylish retro vibe. However, I do not like how it was hard to get the correct position for the text as the guides were not helpful. <- Usage of the path tool to get a rotated text effect. • Lastly, I used the colour range tool to get the ‘distressed’ effect for the logo, giving it the effect of wear and age often found in retro and indie styling. I think this really contributes to the overall period styling of the badge but I was not satisfied with the texture I used, as the distress did not look as natural close up as I would have preferred. The texture I used for weathering. 
  33. 33. What do you like/dislike about how your final product looks? • Judging my final design I can safely say that I am extremely happy with how it turned out. What I like about my design is the consistent retro and period styling and the usage of different shades of blue to give it a great regal look as opposed to the original brown logo, which in my opinion didn’t have any personality. My final logo seems to have quite a feel to it as if it is a real logo you’d find on clothes in the 1960’s or older, which is really unique and is a change to the modern logos that are made today. <- the crown and gem, an example of the regal, upper class styling. • • However, I do not like some aspects, one of the main ones being how the bottom of the logo is quite empty and the distressing used doesn’t look as good as I wanted it to. When I was creating the bottom of the logo I was very unsure about what to include, and experimented with a number of graphics and quotes before I settled on my reference to the theme of Resident Evil (zombie apocalypse) It took me a while to get right which is something I don’t like, as I feel like there could still be more in the bottom of the logo. In terms of the distressing, I was unhappy with the overall look as it didn’t look very natural and just looked like big white blobs up close, as an asphalt texture was used to get the effect. Next time I will likely use a more suitable texture, like paper or rot. <- The distressing is not convincing up close.
  34. 34. Why did you include the content you used? • • • In my design I used a multitude of retro/vintage themed accents and styles that combined together gave my design the appearance of a 1960s tailor badge. Such examples of this included a simple colour palette, being several shades of a nice ‘upperclass’ blue, and white for the text and some of the borders. In my opinion this was a very nice combination that when together has a very high class vibe, whereas a multitude of badly contrasting colours would have made the logo look cheap and tacky. Secondly, I used several free vectors online that added to the wealthy vibe, namely a gem and a crown that I placed at the top of the badge. The fonts used were inspired by 1950s and 60s styles found in logos, mainly a ‘handwritten’ styling used for ‘Arukas’ and a basic serif font for use with the slogans and address line. <- The stylish handwritten font used for Arukas. <- The gem vector used in the logo.
  35. 35. What style have you employed in your products? • My logo uses a very unique period styling inspired by badges and logos of the 1950s and 60s, specifically those found on tailor shops and clothing. What this incorporates is typically a rounded badge with the tailor’s name, plus an address and slogans, plus dates and whatnot. This is all accompanied by handwritten style fonts and a uniform colour scheme, giving it a simple but extremely effective vibe. Examples of logos I have been influenced by.
  36. 36. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the pre-production and planning • During my planning I collected a number of logos both from Redbubble and Google which helped me form a basis as to what I wanted to create. Firstly, there were a lot of ‘in-universe’ logos created for games and shows on Redbubble, for products or shops. This inspired me to create my own as I could use one of my favourite series and have a certain degree of creative freedom. Collecting images that centred around the theme of retro badges began forming the basis of what my design would look like, a retro styled badge for a upper class tailor shop. In terms of weakness, I could not find any specific tailor shop logos and truthfully it <- This image formed the basis of was difficult to find suitable retro logos in my circular, multi-bordered logo. the first place. In addition to this, it was troublesome to find suitable vectors for use in development. <- This badge gave me inspiration for a weathered look, as well as the handwritten style fonts.
  37. 37. Analyse each of your final print products commenting on the strengths, weaknesses and aspects you would do differently if you were to repeat the project I think the path text came out extremely well and fits with the retro theme. Detailed, complex border. Next time I would like to find a floral vector that looks a little better when applied with a colour overlay. Nice combination of crown and gem that influences high class vibe. ‘Yours Truly’ is barely visible and I would have liked to make it bigger The font used for Arukas is great looking with the dark blue stroke and fits well with the badge. Next time I would have liked to make it slightly bigger to fill up more space. A couple of peers liked the tongue-in-cheek reference, however I would have liked to make this text bigger. The edges here look extremely bare. I would have liked to include some sort of decoration. I would have liked to inserted something into this blank space as it makes the bottom half look bare.
  38. 38. Peer Feedback • • • • • • Agree: Several people mentioned that the subtitles and slogans were difficult to read. I fixed this by resizing the logo on the template and should now be much more visible. People have said this design was very unique and detailed with a lot of thought put into it. I tried to go for something much more different than everyone else and I have succeeded. It was remarked that the shirt was too simple and plain. Fixed by making the logo larger and adding more colours to purchase, as well as more styles. Disagree: One remarked that the colour wasn’t very good, apparently because it didn’t stand out well. I chose a light colour to give the illusion of a worn badge, as well as avoiding a bold colour in fear that it might look far too bright and ugly.