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Planning pro forma


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Published in: Art & Photos
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Planning pro forma

  1. 1. Planning Location: Countryside (Around House) Easingwold Market Place Date/Time: Tuesday 24th June 2014 / (9:00-10:30) Thursday 26th June 2014 / All day Equipment: Canon EOS 1100D digital camera with tripod Computer preloaded with Adobe Photoshop for image post-processing Experiment: For my experiment I will be experimenting with out of focus images with a theme of fear. I will be shooting in several different locations to collect my shots, with my main choices being the countryside around my house, the centre of Easingwold, and possibly around college if I am short for time. I will be using my sister EOS 1100D digital camera to shoot my images with appropriate settings to match my proposal. I will use varied aperture settings and possible ISO settings to alter the exposure and collect a set of very different images. Afterwards, I will be using Photoshop on a college computer or my own computer to post-process my collected images, adding such things as black and white filters, certain visual cues or altering the colour, temperature and shade. For my final set of images I would like to have examples from each location, meaning that I will have at least one from my own house, the countryside, Easingwold, and possibly college as well. I will try a range of different angles, subjects, and post processing effects to make each image unique.