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New 1 worksheet_failures


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New 1 worksheet_failures / basarisizlik

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New 1 worksheet_failures

  1. 1. On the Importance of Failure Ziya G. Boyacigiller This presentation was created and given by Ziya Boyacigiller who was leading Angel Investor and a loved mentor to many young entrepreneurs in Turkey. We have shared it on the web for everyone’s benefit. It is free to use but please cite Ziya Boyacigiller as the source when you use any part of this presentation. For more about Ziya Boyacigiller’s contributions to the start-up Ecosystem of Turkey, please go to
  2. 2. Write your failures resume 1. Think about your life, starting from childhood up to now, in terms of the following areas : personal, academic, sports, professional, (other ?) 2. List for each of these areas at least one significant failure you experienced( and you can share with the class); something you wanted to achieve but could not reach it or make it become a reality…
  3. 3. Write your failures resume Now for the most significant of your failures, DESCRIBE: 1. The failure you experienced, 2. “What you learned from this failure”, 3. How, “what you learned from this failure” helped you to SUCCEED in the future.