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MechSoc 2017 Vision


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Now you've seen how we work with sponsors. Take a look at how we achieve our vision. Find out how we're different and how we measure our success.

If you haven't read how we work with companies, see here

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MechSoc 2017 Vision

  1. 1. Our 2017 Vision
  2. 2. Overview The Mechanical Engineering Society is a student-led society with nearly 1000 members (June 2017). Our aim as a society is to help provide the best environment for our students to succeed. Our measures of success are focussed on our students’ welfare, their social and career opportunities. We work alongside the department to help organise events and ensure we are aligned with the academic program. We are currently setting up and running several schemes to aid the growth of our students, including; a “Reach Out” program to help students connect with industry members and alumni, career development collaborations with companies to hold skills and CV sessions and numerous welfare and social schemes to ensure our students have balance amongst their studies and extra-curricular activities. We do our best to ensure we meet the needs of our students and are continually trying to grow the community within our student body. MECHSOC
  3. 3. Our members are from many different backgrounds, countries and cultures. They are some of the best engineering talent in the world. They regularly deal with highly time-pressured environments as part of their course and many still maintain various and impressive extra-curricular activities. This is part of the reason why our members are so valuable and sought-after. 64.5% of our society is made up of undergraduates (June 2017). This is around 650 students. Our society is 18.6% females while the UK average in engineering quoted is to be 15.8%. Our incoming cohort for 2017 for undergraduate studies is quoted to be 19% female. We see that around one third of our students go into business and consultancy fields, one quarter go into finance and banking, around one third go into engineering or technical fields and the remaining enter public fields. Our members MECHSOC
  4. 4. Our vision Our vision is to make the lives of our members better, more enjoyable and more fulfilling. Our greatest focus is bringing people together. We believe that creating a positive work environment is the best way to achieve personal development. MECHSOC
  5. 5. We create detailed plans and schemes to ensure we achieve everything we set out to. The three areas we focus on to achieve this are the welfare, professional and social development of our members. We feel creating this type of community has several secondary effects, most notably creating strong connections between students for improved career opportunities and social development. Many of our students have different backgrounds and cultures that we tailor our programs to. Furthermore, a great proportion of our students face a lot of struggles during their time at Imperial, beyond academia. We want to help them with these problems and prepare them for life after university. Our strategy MECHSOC
  6. 6. Welfare We work hard to ensure our students are able to develop on a personal level. It’s extremely important that we are able to maintain the wellbeing of our students as their success is hugely reliant on their happiness during their studies. Studying is a large part of their lives due to the rigorous course. Caring about student’s welfare is important in helping students have the opportunities to develop skills necessary in life after university. These include soft skills such as effective communication. Mental health is a big issue within all departments at Imperial and we’re working hard to create innovative events to ensure we are the best at tackling this. There are many follow-on effects such as performance and personal development. MECHSOC
  7. 7. We believe in showcasing the achievements of everyone and have begun initiatives such as the “Enterprising students” program to exhibit some amazing things our students do which aren’t currently being recognised. Descriptions and photos showing our students achievements will be displayed on the main foyer area in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Enterprising students initiative
  8. 8. Engineering insight initiative We’re working on a targeted programme that gives students the opportunity to understand engineering in industry. In this initiative, we hope to widen the perspective on life in industry with the help of professional engineers that we have reached out to. The programme is structured to allow students to gain knowledge on engineering practices, professional communication, careers and key skills in industry. With this programme, we aim to bridge the gap between students and professionals in preparation for their future careers. MECHSOC
  9. 9. We’re currently working the Mechanical Engineering department to develop a “Reach Out” program. We want to make is easier for students to reach out to Mechanical Engineering Alumni and ask them for advice, have a day to see what it’s really like to work in a company, whether it’s engineering, consulting, banking or entrepreneurial. We also want alumni to want to come back and tell us their amazing experiences. Reach Out program MECHSOC
  10. 10. Welfare Mums and Dads Meeting Event This will be the first time that first year students meet their “parents”. Mums and Dads is a scheme for students in older years to support students in years below them. Typically two students (the parents) will have up to 4 “children”. Torque This event will give students the chance to present about something they are interested in to their peers. This gives a great opportunity for students to learn about subjects outside of engineering and gives a brief relief from work. Tea and Biscuits - regular We plan to hold events 2-3 times a term which are free for students to turn up to. These will be casual events, from tea and biscuits to drone racing and yoga, where students from different years are able to meet over tea, coffee and snacks. We believe creating a great environment by changing the culture of the department will help students have a more enjoyable experience at university outside of academia. Inter – University Event Forum Given by 3rd/4th Years Welfare Event (Yoga) MECHSOC
  11. 11. Professional We hold a wide range of career events to ensure we create a wide range of professional skills development opportunities. Our career events are there to ensure students can learn more about the partnering companies we work with (often those who want to recruit students) and meet representatives to ensure they make informed decisions when choosing to apply. We often achieve this through holding career event. Popular events include workshops and presentations. Our biggest career event is the speaker’s fair, to which we invite around 20 company representatives to inspire students with their story in a “speed-networking” type event. MECHSOC
  12. 12. Professional Women in Engineering We would like to hold a women in engineering event to encourage women in the department to discuss their problems with each other and hopefully develop a useful support network. Alumni Event We want to create a dialogue between current students and alumni to increase the professional development of the students. Speaker’s fair Our speaker's fair is our annual careers event where we try and inspire students with the stories of company representatives. The evening will last 2 around hours, consisting of speed-networking sessions (each around 10 minutes) and talks from some of our sponsors. Students often wonder, how did you end up at this company? How did your studies help you discover what your greatest strengths are? How do you apply your degree knowledge everyday? What made you choose this path? Private Presentation Session We allow sponsors to give talks in our lecture theatre and show our members what their company does and how students can get involved. Catering will be provided by our society and the presentations will be followed by a networking and drinks reception. Intimate Development Session/Workshop Company presentations to a small number of attendees, usually followed by some kind of workshop. Examples in the past have been: Mock interviews with industry professionals, an application and CV session or skills workshop. MECHSOC
  13. 13. Why our sponsoring partners work with us We make sure companies that sponsor us see significant results. Last year we were able to triple the number of students who applied to, received and accepted graduate offers from our highest sponsoring company.
  14. 14. Speaker’s fair Our biggest career event of the year Last year we had 200 student attendees to hear our 25company representatives. Our sponsoring companies get a private room for presentations
  15. 15. Social We believe that creating a community within our students has numerous benefits. It also aids the way we work with sponsoring companies. Effective communication is key to ensuring our students hear clearly what our sponsors want. We aim to create a community within different years and also across undergraduate and PhD students. MECHSOC
  16. 16. End of year dinner This is the most popular event of the year. We want attendance to be as high as possible so that everybody is able to take part in the speeches from staff in the department and the committee. At this event, students have made links in different years and have also made links with staff, making their support network in the department much greater. Also, students and staff have really enjoyed the event in the past. Holiday Mince Pies in Concourse We will give out mince pies and crackers in the concourse on a day near the end of the autumn term. This is aimed to make the department feel more festive and to be a mingling point for people to meet, chat and hopefully relieve some deadline stress. Staff Dinner Towards the end of first term/beginning of second term we are planning to host a semi- formal dinner focused on making staff/student relationships better. Staff have enjoyed the other dinners in the past, but we believe if we are able to make the dinners less drinking- focused and more conversation-focused we could increase the dialogue between staff and students. This dinner will have speeches/small talks from the staff members talking about the work and experiences, and also have a higher staff/student ratio. Social MECHSOC
  17. 17. How we integrate with the department We work with the departmental representatives within the mechanical engineering department to further promote development of a student community and a positive atmosphere. We do this through social events, integration and communication with the student-staff committee, and a strong focus on student welfare. Departmental representatives work directly with staff to help our students maintain high levels of academic standards. MECHSOC
  18. 18. Mechnet We also work alongside Mechnet. Mechnet is a student-led team that has developed a platform designed to help students learn the content of the course alongside traditional lectures and tutorials by the department. The platforms used currently help store and edit documents which are used as a learning aid. Documents are supplementary to course notes, lecture slides and tutorials. The documents created are entirely by the students and continually improved through the collaboration of all the students. The only goal of this platform is to create a greater community within our department. The idea of collaborating to help each other learn has been extremely effective and the year we ran it in has the most cohesion between students and academic achievements.
  19. 19. We believe we operate differently to other societies mostly due to the incredible care we have in everything we do. We really believe that our members are incredible students that have well-rounded qualities which we encourage them to grow. We ensure that we outperform other societies by running so many initiatives and events. Not only that, we ensure our hard work remains with students that have left. Our care starts when students first come to study, and we continues throughout their PhD and after their degree. Our team is stronger than ever, we have a larger committee than before to manage so many members with 75% of our committee having been part of student committees before. We want to see ourselves as a small company, we’re extremely keen to be organised and efficient and create a society that is more successful than other with a professional approach. We’re student orientated and results focussed. How we are different MECHSOC
  20. 20. Chair Zixuan Wang +44 7533 519 111 MECHSOC External Relations Officer For Partnerships Former chair 2015-2016 Oscar Peace +44 7590 295 369 Industrial Liaisons Officer For Sponsorships Former chair 2016 - 2017 Reece Whitehead +44 7999 254 638 Meet our highly qualified management team
  21. 21. Website Facebook LinkedIn Twitter (society) Twitter (department) Flickr Instagram YouTube General enquires: Make sure you're up to date on all our events by bookmarking these pages (ticket sales and additional information on our website). Feel free to come speak to us if you have any questions or just want to have a quick chat. We're always available to reply any emails with queries. We have some great plans for the coming year. Contact us if you want to find out more. Social Media MECHSOC
  22. 22. We’re just about to release our promotional video. Hear from the students and sponsors themselves!