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ROI with Zirc and the Color Code System

  1. The Total Color Code System Good order is the foundation of all things -Edmund Burke Innovation. Quality. Efficiency.
  2. Innovation. Quality. Efficiency. According to Gary Kadi of Next Level Practice (a New York-based practice management consulting firm), approximately 3% to 5% of dental practices employ organizational systems and methodology effectively. The other 95%-97% of offices are at odds or still coming to terms with such management strategies.
  3. Time is everything... How many working hours do you think are spent... • Searching for instruments and materials? • Reprocessing/sterilizing hand, bur and endo instruments? • Managing inventory? Innovation. Quality. Efficiency.
  4. Introduction of Dr. Diether Reusch & Partner Dental practice, Westeburg, Germany Practice Management Analysis Dr. Diether Reusch identified weaknesses in the proper handling of materials and instruments and implemented the Zirc Color Code System Innovation. Quality. Efficiency. Overall benefits from implementing the Zirc Color Code System: • Improved productivity • Improved infection control • Reduced confusion for dental staff • Improved patient perception • Lowered inventory levels • Reduced stress
  5. Office Information 2 Locations 9 Operatories (total) 4 Doctors 1 Hygienist 4 Dental Assistants 8 Dental Aids/Help in Sterilization Innovation. Quality. Efficiency.
  6. Treatment Costs Dental Treatment Cost: $300/ hr = $5 / min. Hygiene Treatment: $120/ hr = $2 / min. Cost of Materials per Year In Total: $80,000 Employee Payroll In Total: $540,000 Innovation. Quality. Efficiency. More work on organization means less mistakes, less time wasted, more productivity and better representation of your practice.
  7. Innovation. Quality. Efficiency. Managing materials is time consuming Clinicians have a lot of funds tied up in excess inventory. Practices have to pay someone to go through each operatory and determine what needs to be restocked.
  8. Present Situation: Storing of instruments and materials In drawers located in operatory In cabinets located in operatory In cabinets located outside of operatory Time consuming process to sucessfully organize procedure specific instruments and materials Procedure interuptions due to unprepared operatory Chaos often arises while searching for and arranging the materials and instuments Disturbance during the procedure due to frequent opening/closing of the drawers. Contamination of stored materials and instruments due to aerosoles and contaminated hand gloves Unexperienced team members are often overwhelmed and in need of support by the trained colleagues Doctors are overwhelmed when not performing with usual instruments and materials Loss of time with unplanned/emergency procedures Special materials/accessories have to be brought out from another operatory or supply closet. Innovation. Quality. Efficiency.
  9. Present Situation (2) Disorganization and time-inefficiency in sterilization area causes delayed organization of instruments, polisher, etc. in the procedure rooms Time consuming training of new team members Due to lack of time, materials are improperly organized, used and often not re-ordered. Materials found in supply cabinet are exceeding the expiration date, because of improper first in-first out procedure. Inefficient inventory control Procedure pre time (before and after), interruptions and waiting time impact the procedure time ( $2-$5 per Minute). High practice operating cost due to increased material consumption, as well as additional person needed during the procedures, in the sterilization area and for inventory management. Patients observe dissorganization and interruptions = negative impact on practice perception Innovation. Quality. Efficiency.
  10. Ideal Situation Procedure room is used for patient treatment only No storing of unnecessary instruments and materials in the procedure room Systematized Workflow - Implementation of work protocol - Coordination of instruments and materials during multiple procedures - >>> Creates calm environment during the procedure process, efficiency and quality assurance  Set-up of the Procedure Trays and Tubs (portable drawers) from a central location in practice. ->>> Reduced preparation time: Everything is ready and within a reach – perfectly organized – complete, sanitarily prepared Innovation. Quality. Efficiency.
  11. Ideal-Situation (2) Even in case of an unplanned procedure, the instruments and materials are completely accessible and on-time -No searching -No gathering or assembly of instruments and materials -No stress ->>> Time-saving, efficient and calmer practice atmosphere A sanitary and efficient method to transport used instruments and materials from procedure room to sterilization room where they are stored before: disposing of contaminated materials, cleaining and sterilization Time-saving organization and restock of materials in Procedure Tubs. Simplified training of new team members. Simplified and cost-effective re-ordering of consumable materials. Innovation. Quality. Efficiency. Save Materials, maximize chair time, get organized and create new strategies!
  12. Time before Zirc Color Code System Time after Zirc Color Code System is implemented TIME – difference Time-Savings Set-up/Break-down of the procedure room 13 Minutes 7 Minutes 6 Minutes 6 min. x 24 Pat. X 200 days = 28.800 min./yr. Lost time during the procedure 18 Minutes 3 Minutes 15 Minutes 15 min. x 4 Proced. x 200 days = 12.000 min./yr. Sterilization and Storage 13 Minutes 8 Minutes 5 Minutes 5 min. x 24 Pat. X 200 days = 24.000 min./yr. Material Inventory 90 Minute 30 Minutes 60 Minutes 60 min. x 200 days = 12.000 min./yr. = 200hr (Dental Assistnat) Cost per month before the Zirc Color Code System Cost per month after the Zirc Color Code System Cost-diffrence per month Savings Material savings 10% $6,667 / Month $6,000 / Month $667 / Month $667 x 12 Months = $8,000 Additional human resource: $2,500 / Month $800 / Month $1,700 / Month $1.700 x 12 Months = $20,400 Savings Innovation. Quality. Efficiency.
  13. TIME-savings Savings/Profit in € Profit % rate in treatment time Set-up /Break-down of the procedure room 6 min. x 24 Pat. X 200 days = 28,800 min./yr. 28,800 min. x $5/min = $144,000 40 $57,600 Lost time during the procedure 15 min. x 4 Practicioner x 200 days = 12,000 min./yr. 12,000 min. x $5/min = $60,000 40 $24,000 Sterilization and storage 5 min. x 24 Pat. X 200 days= 24,000 min./yr. = 400hr. Spent on Sterilization 400 hr x $10/hr = $4,000 100 $4.000 Material Inventory 60 min. x 200 days = 12,000 min./yr. = 200hr of (Dental Assistant) 200 hr x $15/hr = $3,000 100 $3.000 Material savings 10% $667 x 12 Months = $8,000 $8,000 100 $8,000 Additional human resource: $1,700 x 12 Months = $20,400 $20,400 100 $20,400 TOTAL $117,000 Savings Innovation. Quality. Efficiency.
  14. Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short. -Adam Hochschild Innovation. Quality. Efficiency.