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Intention Broadcasting (Pragmatic Web Track) i-Semantic conference September 2009 by Zipipop


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Social media innovations, together with rapidly improving data sharing methodologies, are enabling individuals and groups to instantly disseminate, or ‘broadcast’, messages across many diverse networks. This phenomenon, combined with the growing use of social media services for sharing and coordinating intentions, led me to develop the concept of “intention broadcasting”.

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Intention Broadcasting (Pragmatic Web Track) i-Semantic conference September 2009 by Zipipop

  1. 1. aturday? a l l on t h u on s o ker o n saturda y footb rs t p ? d c er er on frida ay n tuesday? po k c on n mond go lu nch o ay y? in ? su n d a y Social Media Agency ? o ff ee on s u n k n co ? k on s un bi da c al da picni w y? y? tennis y tonight oda beer t A model for Computer-mediated Intention Sharing and Coordinating
  2. 2. Media Lab, University of Art & Design Helsinki We’re a social media agency
  3. 3. Culture and Civilization
  4. 4. Needs & Desires Goals INTENTIONS Actions
  5. 5. now What is happening is already past.
  6. 6. next What is happening is the future!
  7. 7. New ways to broadcast
  8. 8. Personal networks We can instantly reach out to multiple networks.
  9. 9. Social Intentions Share and coordinating plans Organize spontaneous get-togethers Going for One?
  10. 10. Entrepreneurship as Intention Nothing can happen without people first sharing their intentions.
  11. 11. Silence is golden Sharing travel destinations Second-hand goods exchange Freelance services, plumbers, baby-sitting, etc. Julija Raulas
  12. 12. Car sharing Intention: City A to City B, Sunday Crowdsourced: private drivers Collated: who, when, where, how + rating
  13. 13. Freelance work Intention: plumber, fix sink, Saturday Crowdsourced: freelancers and skilled hobbyists Collated: Info: cost, rating, availability
  14. 14. Not so smart A Google search of “red tricycle for sale in Helsinki” currently produces near useless results.
  15. 15. Practical Possibilities context “real-time” search push notifications
  16. 16. Intention: red tricycle, 50 euros, local area Crowdsourced: stores second-hand Collated: results come to you
  17. 17. Knowing Intentions is Power
  18. 18. Intention Ads Let’s breakfast at ... on ... at ... Search or add place * Dottie’s - crave homemade breakfast? Mama's on Washington Square Rose's Café 6 October Original Joe's You are in San Francisco, USA Change
  19. 19. IB-system Model Not every IB-system uses all these phases.
  20. 20. Problem with intentions Hard to automate Plans need to flexible Capturing of low-level spontaneous intentions
  21. 21. Manageable calling email SMS Twitter
  22. 22. Groups
  23. 23. Movement Patterns Yahoo’s
  24. 24. Sentiment Analysis
  25. 25. Intentions and the Pragmatic Web “The coordinating of meaning, context and intention to facilitate communication and cooperation in achieving desired outcomes.”
  26. 26. The Good Butler
  27. 27. Habits, quirks and intentions
  28. 28. Forewarned Faster More efficient More personal
  29. 29. Predictive Social Media Analytics The mining and analysis of social media data for self-reflection, pattern extrapolation and future forecasting. Jarno Koponene Jose Simoes Media Lab Helsinki, Fraunhofer FOKUS FutureSelf Exploring potential for advertising as a case-study
  30. 30. Thanks!
  31. 31.