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Inside a gamer's mind & how brands can interact - Chris Liu


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As part of Zing Ads digital coffee chat event, Chris Liu from VNG's game development department showed the advertising industry the latest in online gaming trends, explained the motivation Vietnam's gamer's have for playing and discussed how brands can reach out to gamer's in the best possible place - in the games they love!

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Inside a gamer's mind & how brands can interact - Chris Liu

  1. 1. 01/08/2012Inside the Gamer’s MindHow Can Brands Interact?
  2. 2. An online Gamers Profile of net users 8% 1%57% have played in past 3 15 - 24 months 27% 25 - 34 & 35 - 44 64% 45 - 54 of those who haven’t plan to12% in the next 12 months of online gamers play daily GENDER M F 59% 41% & play games 90% play weekly 64% online with other people Source: Yahoo! & TNS Media’s Net Index 2011 based on internet users aged 15-54 in 4 key cities *SEL=Socio-Economic Level based on education and household and personal items owned
  3. 3. Numbers (World)• The report Online Game Market Forecast estimates worldwide revenue from online games to reach $35 billion by 2017, up from $19 billion in 2011.Strictly Confidential – Do Not Distribute 3
  4. 4. Numbers (Vietnam)• Vietnamese gaming industry is forecast to rake in about VND4.6 trillion/$219million USD in 2012• About 15 million/31,034,900 internet users in Vietnam participate in gaming every day• VNG holds 60% of market share of the Vietnamese online gaming market with 7.5 million gamers and 12.5 million general users.• Among Vietnamese SNS game, the highest grossing game is Sky Garden of VNG with monthly revenue of about VND6 billion.• Ad revenue in Vietnam for 2011 was about 30-35 million USD,Strictly Confidential – Do Not Distribute 4
  5. 5. History of Gaming
  6. 6. Non- developed Non- developed Developed
  7. 7. Strictly Confidential – Do Not Distribute 9
  8. 8. The Gunny Experience• Pay by time not impressions• With DAU (daily active users) of Gunny could get up to 40 million impressions a day and should have calculated with data – now with experience we can start to do this.• In game items with toothpaste-bullets, treasure, toothbrush/paste themed level• Gift codes from buy toothpaste (how does this benefit both parties? how can we improve?)• Why hasn’t there been future co-operation?Strictly Confidential – Do Not Distribute 10
  9. 9. Trends• SNS Games = game impact is multiplied by sharing• Shift from Client to Web to Micro-Client = can update contents to feature brand content• Shift from MMO to Casual = more friendly environment, longer play life because less win/lose focused, more grow, develop based.• Mobile = anywhere, anytime, location based. Watch this space!Strictly Confidential – Do Not Distribute 11
  10. 10. Thank you!