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I N D IA                                          cc e i e                                          p o ession lism       ...
NLP Master Practitioner                                                     After the Practitioner      Whether you work i...
NLP Master Practitioner              PROGRAMME CONTENT PREVIEW MODULE 1: ADVANCED LANGUAGE                                ...
NLP Master Practitioner                            PROGRAMME CONTENT PREVIEW               MODULE              7:     N E ...
TRAINERS PROFILES   DR DAVID J LINCOLN                                                   SUSHIL MEHROTRA                  ...
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Zing NLP Master Practitioner


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The training aims to provide the skills for the integration and development of the techniques learned at Practitioner level, through an extended study of systems, modelling and advanced strategies.

Master Practitioner Training will take you to the level of mastery of the NLP patterns

Make a significant impact on your developing communication skills
Gain a richer understanding of NLP
Refine your thinking skills
Discover the patterns that drive people's personalities
Enhance and integrate your NLP Practitioner skills
Develop your abilities to Model and Replicate Talent
Move from technician to artist

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Zing NLP Master Practitioner

  1. 1. I N D IA cc e i e p o ession lism s n s in e ri y e hicsPresentsNEURO LINGUISTICORUENORUEN C TS UGN L C II T S II U G N II L PROGRAMMING GN MMARGORP G N II M M A R G O R P M asterPractit i oner workshop
  2. 2. NLP Master Practitioner After the Practitioner Whether you work in Sales, c o m e s t h e m a s t e r y. I n this course you will learn Management, coaching or the deeper secrets of counseling others, or simply NLP and the methods to want to be better at truly make you a master of NLP only available for managing and coaching those having taken a yourself, you’ll be amazed by r e c o g n i z e d N L P how quickly the Master Practitioner course. This program contains a Practitioner content unique combination of becomes an essential part advanced NLP models and practical coaching of everything you do. skills! PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTSCourse designed and written byMaster Trainers of NLP, it involvesamazing learning, insights anddiscoveries, applying and using allyour NLP Prac tools and techniques,practically adding to your skills baseand taking your NLP abilities up to the Master Practitionernext level, plus, adding all of thefollowing to your tool kit: of NLP & AdvancedAdvanced Language Patterns Life Skills CoachMeta ProgramsPresentation and Training SkillsValues and Clare Graves ModelSleight of MouthModelingNegotiation SkillsTimeline and advanced NLPChange TechniquesMeta States
  3. 3. NLP Master Practitioner PROGRAMME CONTENT PREVIEW MODULE 1: ADVANCED LANGUAGE participant activities and participant’s notes. PATTERNS Master Practitioners are masters of language. Learn MODULE 4: VALUES AND CLARE how to use language masterfully and at a higher level to G R AV E S M O D E L ( S P I R A L generate change, influence, persuade, and DYNAMICS) communicate with greater success. Learn how to word Following on from Meta Programs, where you learned adverts, write gripping speeches & spin, encourage, about character and personality patterns, we now add influence and persuade with more mastery. This helps the deep unconscious drivers and unconscious core you enormously with getting people motivated or values, our deepest programs and unconscious excited, convincing people, selling, negotiating, presuppositions. This enables you to do great person to marketing, life coaching and therapy practices. job fit, relationship building and strengthening, self Includes conversational/covert Coaching and understanding and corporate work in HR, Hypnosis. management, alignment and team building. MODULE 2: META PROGRAMS Learn the different automatic unconscious MODULE 5: SLEIGHT OF MOUTH programmed patterns, personality traits and character There are so many skilful ways to reframe. Increase traits that are running unconsciously and causing their your ability to reframe, comment on and change the preferences and inclinations. Learn to do personality direction on any debate, argument or situation. These and character assessments, personality profiling for distinctions make it easier to chunk up, down or careers, relationships, life coaching and in business. Fit sideways, throw doubt on the other persons position the right person to the right job and help people find the and know when to use Meta Model or Milton Model easiest way to achieve their goals by working to their when locked into a communication. It is great for natural strengths and tendencies. Knowing ‘profile winning arguments, for negotiating, a great aid in using types’ is a great help when you want to write sales and the Meta model more artfully to dispel dysfunctional or marketing pitches to a specific person type or person mad thinking. group and to target a particular audience. Help people choose the right partner too. MODULE 6: MODELING There are so many skilful ways to reframe. Increase MODULE 3: PRESENTATION AND your ability to reframe, comment on and change the TRAINING SKILLS direction on any debate, argument or situation. These Learn how to deliver exciting and gripping distinctions make it easier to chunk up, down or presentations and training, and be articulate, confident sideways, throw doubt on the other persons position and entertaining. You learn how to get yourself into the and know when to use Meta Model or Milton Model training state, how to lead your audience, create their when locked into a communication. It is great for states and keep their interest. You’ll get the best ways winning arguments, for negotiating, a great aid in using of how to sequence, chunk and prepare your the Meta model more artfully to dispel dysfunctional or presentations, including making flip charts, visuals, mad thinking.
  4. 4. NLP Master Practitioner PROGRAMME CONTENT PREVIEW MODULE 7: N E G O T I AT I O N into deeper routed problems with more art, sorting them SKILLS with greater ease and efficiency, leaving your client in a Learn how to run fair, ethical, win/win negotiations, and wonderfully great and happy state. how to prevent or avoid being manipulated, bullied or tricked in a negotiation. Understanding “Hard Ball”, soft MODULE 9: META STATES ball and win/win negotiations allows you to recognize States about states, thoughts about thoughts and the game the other is playing so you can adjust feelings about feeling. A higher meta position take on accordingly. Being familiar with the various tactics and experience. States that override other states, for maneuvers some negotiators use helps us to be fore example one can feel frustrated about being depressed warned in order to ensure negotiations run smoothly, or feel angry about feeling shy. We have certain ethically and win/win. “theme” states that can habituate and override the expected feelings relevant to a certain stimulus or MODULE 8: TIMELINE AND situation. A D VA N C E D NLP CHANGE TECHNIQUES MODULE 10: MODELING Program recap, advanced Timeline techniques, sub- Presenting your modeling projects modality shifts and other therapeutic interventions. Life Coaching Practice Take your therapy skills to a whole new level and get Certification Call to Action! NLP DiplomaTrainings offered We hope this brochure has given you a greater understanding of NLP Practitioner NLP Master Practitioner and what it can offer you. If you have NLP Master Practitioner further questions about NLP, we would be pleased to hear from you. NLP Trainers Training Give us a call! Hypnosis training NLP is very much about taking action and learning from the results Psychotherapy DIPLOMA to improve what you do. Its the door to many exciting things. We look forward to your taking and enjoying the first step with NLP. If you are ready for positive change in your life now, what will your first We also offer a number of step be? other trainings both in groups and for individuals and In the spirit of NLP, whatever you do next, companies. These include : do something! Leadership, Contact us on Public Speaking, 9167092999 or write to Sales Training, and a range of other programs VISIT US ON
  5. 5. TRAINERS PROFILES DR DAVID J LINCOLN SUSHIL MEHROTRA P S Y C H O L O G I S T, I N T E R N AT I O N A L MASTER INTERNATIONAL TRAINER OF NLP TRAINER OF NLP PRINCIPAL OF GOANLP An electronics engineer by education and certified practitioner of A psychologist and naturopathic, he specializes in the mind body NLP, and with over 24 years of experience in training and service delivery domain; Sushil has worked with industry leaders like connection. David is also an international Master Trainer of NLP Xerox, Canon, Ricoh and vCustomer. His experience spreads and head of accreditation for the premier and only accreditation from setting up training function to Service Delivery and Quality. organization for NLP in India, the ANLP, India. He is an He is passionate about training and human excellence. Firm international business coach and advisor to individuals, believer of the phrase “Nothing is impossible”; Sushil is now companies and governments. David has offices in London (UK), working incessantly in the field of personal excellence. Kaunas (Lithuania), Marbella (Spain) and Goa (India). With over Recognizing his efforts in Training domain, Institute of Training & 40 years of experience in the domain of NLP and hypnosis, he Occupational Learning (London) has accorded Fellow has experience in all aspects of HR and the people business from membership to him, and he is also trustee of the Association of individuals to large groups to 5000 plus people. David can also Neuro Linguistic Programming, India. deal with extremely difficult problems and ones that others have given up on. He takes a completely Holistic and systemic view to UMESH SOMAN all problems. INTERNATIONAL TRAINER AND COACH PERSONAL COUNSELLOR AND THERAPIST RALPH WATSON In behavioural and soft skills, along with expertise in classroom INTERNATIONAL MASTER TRAINER OF NLP training, Umesh is highly effective in the experiential format of WRITER AND INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER training. He has extensive experience with psychometric tools, Ralph is an Inspirational Speaker and Motivational Trainer with and has successfully handled all areas of organisational an impressive track record for success. An accomplished development and human resources. Personal counselling and business consultant, he has worked with organisations and therapy are also areas where Umesh has been highly sought individuals from over 30 countries including the UK, Western and after. Within the arena of behavioural changes, strategic planning and leadership, he is a highly successful facilitator and coach. Northern Europe, China, India, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and the USA. Ralph is a respected and acclaimed Master Trainer Umesh is an internationally Certified Professional Behavioural of NLP and Master Coach and has taught NLP and NLP-based Analyst, Certified Professional Values Analyst, Trimetrix Index business programmes across a number of cultures. Ralph’s Certified and an International Master Trainer for all of these book, “Countermove – a guide to the art of negotiating” is already certifications. He is also an internationally certified Practitioner, a must-read with many multi-national organisations and was Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic recently presented to all Middle and Senior Managers by a major Programming, Hypnotherapy and Time Based Techniques, and corporate client in the Middle East. holds a Diploma in NLP Psychotherapy. Currently, he also teaches at the India Europe International Business School in DR. DORIS GREENWOOD Mumbai, and is a trustee of the Association of Neuro Linguistic INTERNATIONAL MASTER TRAINER OF NLP Programming, India. An expert in leadership and communication; she has 28 years of experience in coaching and training. Is Director, NLP Training RICHARD WALKER Institute Conscious Solutions, USA, and certifies in NLP A SENIOR TRAINER OF NLP Trainings since 22 years. Her expertise is custom designing Known internationally as the developer of "The Physics Of programs on the basis of NLP for various organizations in the US Wellbeing", Richard is a rare combination - a physicist, and internationally. Her background in naturopathic medicine and businessman and a specialist in human behavioural change. He therapy and her love for people cause her to continuously is a Master Practitioner and certified Trainer in NLP and Time develop new trainings and invent and boost patterns for training LineTherapy; lecturer and trainer in Clinical Hypnotherapy both success. Her highest commitment is to behavioral and through his own training company and for other colleges and measurable results. Her presentations offer practical interactive institutes (including the London College of Clinical Hypnosis), tools in a fun and experiential way. and qualified as a Life Coach with the Life Coach Group (member of the CIPD).