Zing Corporate Consulting - A Quick Overview


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Zing offers training & consulting in Mumbai, India & many certifications including NLP. We also offer personal counselling & therapy for individuals.

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Zing Corporate Consulting - A Quick Overview

  1. 1. www.zcc.co.inZing Corporate ConsultingGET ZING BACK IN YOUR LIFE !!
  2. 2. www.zcc.co.inAbout Zing Corporate Consulting• Zing is more than just a word, an idea, adream, a quest or a passion• Conceptualized by Umesh Soman, a newgeneration ‘change facilitator’, the termZing now represents a completely newphilosophy, a new way of life• Our core purpose is to re-introducefun, happiness and passion in the lives ofpeople we touch and create anincreasingly productive life for everyonewe interact with
  3. 3. www.zcc.co.inAbout Zing Corporate Consulting• We are committed to creating valuewhile celebrating potential andassisting people in learning to leadtheir lives passionately and fill everymoment with fun• Zing envisions a future where peoplework only in areas that they trulyenjoy and yet are able to sustain thelifestyle they want
  4. 4. www.zcc.co.inWhy Consulting ?• Do you want a Powerful organisationthat has control over its market andemployees?• Do you want a team that workstogether, with great relationshipsbetween you, your people and yourcustomers?• Do you want to achieve the best ofawards and do you want to achieveexcellence?
  5. 5. www.zcc.co.inWhy Zing ?• When people & organisations haveZING, they get back control over their own &others destinies! They gain the power toturn around to their own advantagewhatever fate bestows upon them• Most other people respect them & want tobe with them. They have great relationshipsall around. Investors, customers andsuppliers - all want to be dealing with them!• These people & organisations receivecitations, awards, meritorious certificates, &their achievements are recorded in history!
  6. 6. www.zcc.co.inWhy Zing ?• When Zing is missing, people &organisations become powerless to changetheir fate, they are helpless & have nocontrol• Peers, investors, suppliers and in facteveryone else forsakes them. No one wantsto be with them. Most people dont treatthem well, dont want them around and areafraid to be seen with them• These people & organisations have noaccolades to show, hardly any certificates toboast of and no achievements to feel
  7. 7. www.zcc.co.inWhy Zing ?• You can choose to be the secondgroup... or CHOOSE US, and BE part ofTHE 1st !
  8. 8. www.zcc.co.inOur Capabilities• Offer Business Consulting services to assistyou in growing from where you are to whereyou want to be• Offer Training to build skills and behavioursin your team that will help it achieve morethan the set goals• Offer Strategic services to assist you makethe organisation more profitable and happyAs a strategic consulting organisation, wepossess a vast depth of consultants who believein the Zing philosophy and incorporate it to:
  9. 9. www.zcc.co.inOur Capabilities• Establish Quality Benchmarks and Standards• Establish high performance Process and Systems• Nurture high performance Leadership teams• Organizational Climate Surveys, CustomerSurveys and Organizational Culture Studies• Performance Management & Appraisal Systems• Design Standard Operating Procedures &Mechanisms• Define and Prepare Competency ModelsAs a strategic consulting organisation, wepossess a vast depth of consultants who believein the Zing philosophy and incorporate it to:
  10. 10. www.zcc.co.inOur CapabilitiesAs a strategic consulting organisation, wepossess a vast depth of consultants who believein the Zing philosophy and incorporate it to:• Preparation of Personal Development Plan• Assessments• Audit and Training Need Analysis• Develop Customized DevelopmentalInterventions• Certifications• Coaching and Mentoring• Outbound Experiential Workshops• Strategy Building• Establish Recruitment System and Methodology
  11. 11. www.zcc.co.inHow do we do all this ?– Behaviouralscience– Experientiallearning– Neuro LinguisticProgramming– Hypnotherapy– Time basedTechniques– Mind Mapping– Traditionalpsychology– TraditionalManagementtechniques– Peak Performancetechniques– AcceleratedLearningmethodologiesThe Zing team uses the best of all worlds, usingstate of the art technologies and tools from :
  12. 12. www.zcc.co.inThe Zing Team• The Zing team is made of people who notonly believe but actually live the Zingphilosophy• These are people who have come togetherwith a common goal of introducing Zingback into the lives of people andorganisations, partnering them in leading farmore fruitful and fulfilling lives• The Zing team has facilitated over 10000successful workshops, training, consultingand counselling over 350000 people acrosslevels, functions and industries
  13. 13. www.zcc.co.inThe Zing Team– CRISIL– ICICI Prudential– HDFC Life Insurance– Hindustan Unilever– Unilever Bangladesh– L.G.– Prudential– JP Morgan Chase– Tata Sky– Deutsche Bank– HDFC Bank– Axis Bank– Dawnay Day– Kellogs– Pfizer– Bayer– Johnson & Johnson– Writer Corporation– You Telecom– Reliance Web World– Adecco– Institute of CharteredAccountants of India– UBL Sales– Efkon Technologies– IMS Learning Resources– Excel Labs– Power n ProcessControls– Creative Rubber– HQ Watertech– Staunch Technologies– Quantum– Modicare– Vibgyor High School– Aga Khan EducationalServices– Saint Peters School– Somaiya College– Bhavans College– Rajiv Gandhi Institute ofTechnology– India EuropeInternational BusinessSchoolIn the organisational and business world, our facilitatorshave worked with lots of private as well as non-profitorganisations, and a random few of the entire list are:
  14. 14. www.zcc.co.inThe way ahead…• To ensure an effective partnership, ZCCwill custom design the project for yourorganisation• ZCC will have detailed discussions withHR, Functional Managers, Top Leadersand a sample group of employees• The proposal will then be prepared toinclude investments required, along withthe broad project design which might berefined or changed based on thefindings, analysis & conclusion
  15. 15. www.zcc.co.inThe way ahead…• Zing is… Change. Passion. Fun. Better.• Zing is more… Power. Relationships.Achievements. Money. Business. Satisfaction.• Zing is living to the full… Happily. Experience it.See it, Hear it, Feel it and Know for yourself !• Now that you have a feel about us, and youhear us, you will see value in the proposal, andthink of the immense benefits we offer you !!
  16. 16. www.zcc.co.inThank You !!Create ZING in your Organisation!!POOJA KANKONKARPOOJA@ZCC.CO.IN +91 916 709 2999