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Zimbra Roadmap 2015/2016


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Zimbra Road map 2015/2016

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Zimbra Roadmap 2015/2016

  1. 1. Contains  proprietary  and  confidential  information   owned  by  Synacor,  Inc.  ©  /  2015  Synacor,  Inc. Zimbra  Roadmap Brent  J.  Rhymes EVP,  Enterprise  Sales  &  Marketing 1
  2. 2. • Zimbra  Product  Roadmap  Update 2
  3. 3. ZIMBRA ROADMAP Contains  proprietary  and  confidential  information  owned  by  Synacor,  Inc.  ©  /  2015  Synacor,  Inc.
  4. 4. Contains  proprietary  and  confidential  information  owned  by  Synacor,  Inc.  ©  /  2015  Synacor,  Inc. Deliver an advanced, feature rich collaboration platform across all devices. Allowing for high levels of safety and security in communications. Services that can be scaled and managed easily, supporting the needs of the smallest mailbox environments to millions of mailboxes. A wide range of applications built into the platform to support collaboration. Advanced services augmenting the product. Zimbra Roadmap Vision & MISSION
  5. 5. Contains  proprietary  and  confidential  information  owned  by  Synacor,  Inc.  ©  /  2015  Synacor,  Inc. USER INTERFACE Enhanced  UI 5 New Webmail interfaces focusing on Usability • Existing Zimbra Interface designed around Enterprise and High Feature visibility • Next Generation Zimbra UI to be written using modern design standards and focus on usability over features • HTML5/Responsive – Desktop UI as well as touch based tablet and phone based
  6. 6. Contains  proprietary  and  confidential  information  owned  by  Synacor,  Inc.  ©  /  2015  Synacor,  Inc. Privacy & SECURITY Encrypted  Email Encrypted email key aspect of business email • Various commercial and free add-ons exist to try to fill this gap • Many are flawed • Adoption is fairly low Provide a robust, but easy to use, encryption platform • Enterprise Key Management • Data at Rest Encryption • Full end to end encryption
  7. 7. Contains  proprietary  and  confidential  information  owned  by  Synacor,  Inc.  ©  /  2015  Synacor,  Inc. Scalability & Manageability Updated  Management  Console Existing Management Console has gaps • Customers using Third-party options to fill the gaps • Many Service Providers build out their own tools Zimbra has a robust CLI/API for management • Update the web console to better leverage those existing management interfaces • Have the existing gaps filled with Zimbra core console options
  8. 8. Contains  proprietary  and  confidential  information  owned  by  Synacor,  Inc.  ©  /  2015  Synacor,  Inc. Scalability & Manageability Zimbra  24x7 Goals • Decouple mailboxes and provide infrastructure fault tolerance • Enable rolling upgrades to minimize or eliminate customer service disruptions Approach • Release incremental improvements to the system to avoid risk • Address the most difficult problems first • Focus on distributed architecture and reducing complexity Implementation • New Core component to Zimbra Server • Framework for Distributed Cluster Services (based on Raft Consensus) • Allows for concurrent and asynchronous interaction w/ Mailbox resources
  9. 9. Contains  proprietary  and  confidential  information  owned  by  Synacor,  Inc.  ©  /  2015  Synacor,  Inc. APPLICATIONS & SERVICES Zimbra Chat   Rich chat experience integrated in the ZCS web client • Embedded Click-to-chat in contact cards • Integrated presence throughout email experience • Pin a conversation to favorites list • Search for contacts to initiate conversations • Custom status messages Supports popular XMPP servers – v1 • Ejabberd, OpenFire, mongooseIM • Peer to peer chat • Chat with any XMPP enabled user • View chat history and missed chats Built in Zimbra Secure Chat Service – v2
  10. 10. Contains  proprietary  and  confidential  information  owned  by  Synacor,  Inc.  ©  /  2015  Synacor,  Inc. APPLICATIONS & SERVICES Rest  API Updated RESTFUL API • Provide an easy to develop against API • Turn the Zimbra mail server into a easily accessible data source for application integrations • Consumer UI built on top of REST API
  11. 11. Contains  proprietary  and  confidential  information  owned  by  Synacor,  Inc.  ©  /  2015  Synacor,  Inc. 1H 2016 CHAT & MOBILITY • Integrated Chat Client • Native Mobile Apps (iOS & Android) • Open Source Packaging Zimbra  Collaboration  Roadmap v8.7 vNext vFuture
  12. 12. Contains  proprietary  and  confidential  information  owned  by  Synacor,  Inc.  ©  /  2015  Synacor,  Inc. 12 2016 USER INTERFACE • New Consumer/Modern Desktop UI Option • Mobile App – Tablet PRIVACY & SECURITY • Two-Factor Authentication • Advanced Anti-Spam Protection • Enterprise Encryption Key Management SCALABILITY & MANAGEABILITY • HA Reference Architecture • Zimbra 24x7 – Phase 1 • Improved Multitenant Management Console APPLICATIONS & SERVICES • Secure Chat Server • Social Media Integration Full REST APIs ZIMBRA COLLABORATION ROADMAP vNext vFuture v8.7
  13. 13. Contains  proprietary  and  confidential  information  owned  by  Synacor,  Inc.  ©  /  2015  Synacor,  Inc. 13 2017 USER INTERFACE • Productivity UI Updates PRIVACY & SECURITY • Data at Rest Encryption • End to End Email Encryption • Improved Security and Compliance Logging SCALABILITY & MANAGEABILITY • Zimbra 24x7 – Phase 2 • New Backup and Recovery APPLICATIONS & SERVICES • Improved Briefcase • Zimlet SDK • Productivity Improvements – Message priority and relevant data surfacing Unified, Open Source Code ZIMBRA COLLABORATION ROADMAP vNext vFuture v8.7
  14. 14. ©2015  Zimbra,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.  Zimbra  and  its   symbol  are  registered  trademarks  of  Zimbra,  Inc.  Other   company  and  product  names  mentioned  are  property  of   their  respective  owners.  The  contents  of  this  publication   are  subject  to  change  without  notification,   are  the  property   of  Zimbra,  and  cannot  be  reproduced  without  Zimbra’s   written  permission.  The  contents  of  this  publication  are   not  a  commitment   by  Zimbra  to  provide  the  features  and   benefits  described. Zimbra 3000  Internet  Blvd.,  Suite  200   Frisco,   TX  75034  USA   Main:  +1  972-­‐‑407-­‐‑0688   Main  US  toll-­‐‑free:  877-­‐‑492-­‐‑9484   Sales:  +1  972-­‐‑407-­‐‑0688 14