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Fun Font Facts: Avant Garde

Did you know Avant Garde started as a magazine, and not a font? It had a peppy, and a joyous and thoughtful tone, designed to attract people ahead of their time. The idea for the Avant Garde magazine was conceived in the mid-1960s, and amid several controversies about the copyright protection in the years since, the font became famous around the world.

Soon afterwards, this font became the face for contemporary communication, and truly reflected the spirit of the era. However, I would definitely caution restraint in case you are thinking of over-using this digital font.

Find out interesting facts and information about Avant Garde font through this infographic.

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Fun Font Facts: Avant Garde

  1. 1. FUN FONT FACTS San-serif category Characteristics of Avant Garde • More geometric in shape • Flat end points TYPE FAMILY • Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase designed this font in 1970 CREATOR USAGE • Adidas logo ORIGIN • Lubalin first used this font in the logo of ‘Avant Garde’ Magazine FUN FACT • Typeface with two versions • One for the body text and other for the headlines • Only ‘Text design’ could make it to the digital world SIMILAR FONT • Century Gothic • Futura The Elusive Avant Garde + +ZILLIONDESIGNS /COMPANY/ZILLIONDESIGNS@ZILLIONDESIGNS/ZILLIONDESIGNS KERNING • Tight not touching (TNT) “The only place Avant Garde looks good is in the words Avant Garde. Everybody ruins it. They lean the letters the wrong way." Ed Benguiat Tony DiSpigna, said, "The first time Avant Garde was used was one of the few times it was used correctly. It's become the most abused typeface in the world." WHAT DESIGNERS SAY?