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Case study magazine

  1. 1.  This is a monthly published magazine that consist of acoustic music. “THE UK‟S ONLY DEDICATED GUITAR MAGAZINE” This magazine targets both male and female who are interested in acoustic music. It also targets mostly the younger generation including young adults and teenagers
  2. 2. •Type/focus magazine –The music genre that consist in this magazine is all acoustic music, bandsand artist. For Example It conveys well known acoustic artist such as BenHoward.•Publishing company –The publishing company of this magazine is „ACOUSTIC‟ as it enhancesand create straight to the point impression towards the audience thatthis is an acoustic based magazine.•Editor’s name -Guy Little•Date of first published -It was firs published at July/August 1990.•Frequency of publication –This magazine is published monthly.•Price –This magazine cost £4.25•Distribution –HMV, music stores and concert venues
  3. 3. Fonts are all in capitals – Background coloureasy to read and emphasis behind cover lines tothe importance of its make the text standscontents out and for audience to be easier to be read.Main star/icon is included.It is centralised and taken Barcode is alsoin a long shot. This image is included like aalso covers a little bit of normal andthe mast head which most professionalmagazine does. magazineCove lines are included Mast head is included –that link in to the article bold and easy to read.that will be featured in The colour for it isthis magazine. They look white which thereforesimple and formal – look stands out from theprofessional. Some are background colour ofbold to highlight the magazine frontimportant features. cover.
  4. 4. Sub headings has a backgroundLarge page numbers in colour to highlight the fact that Images are alsophotos link to features it is a separate article. included to reflect on theLarge photo at top presentedlinks to cover feature feature.Contents arearrange in columns Font size areto make it more consistent –organised. sub headings have theSub headings to same fontintroduce the features size and stylethat will be covered in which isthis magazine – its also bigger thanwritten in bigger font thesize information below to enhance thePage numbers are Issue number on the Issue date on the fact that it iseasily recognisable top – also written in top a new and capital letters and separate in bold. feature
  5. 5. Simple and professional useSub heading on the top Lines were used to of background colouron both pages. highlight the pull quote – (white) – easy for readers to makes it more stands out. read.Big picture in the Issue date onmiddle of the artist the bottom ofthat the article is both pages.featuring. Consistent type face all through outThe image look fits the double pagein with the themeof acoustic as the A “pull quote” isimage gives an highlighted in largeindie/alternative font centre of pagekind of impression.Lighting is quite low Texts are small A smaller image on Text wraps the right hand topspecially on the artist to around thecreate shadow Texts are separated in corner to break up photos and the page and to also pull quote three columns reflect on the article
  6. 6. •This is a weekly publishedmagazine that consist ofmany types of music genresuch as rock, indie, rap andhip-hop•This magazine targets bothmale and female who areinterested in rock, indie,rap and hip-hop music. Italso targets mostly theyounger generationincluding young adults andteenagers•“ THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TOTHE WEEK IN MUSIC”
  7. 7. •Type/focus magazine – The music genre that consist in thismagazine are rock, indie, rap and hip-hop music bands and artist. ForExample It conveys well known acoustic artist such as Florence and theMachine.•Publishing company – the publishing company of this magazine isNME which stand for The New Musical Express.•Editor’s name – Mike Williams was named as NME editor on 31 May2012, taking over from Krissi Murison on 25 June 2012•Date of first published – March 1952•Frequency of publication – this magazine is publishedweekly•Price – £2.30•Distribution – HMV, music stores and concert venues
  8. 8. Fonts are all in capitals – Barcode is alsoeasy to read and emphasis included like athe importance of its normal andcontents professional magazineMain stars/icon is included. Mast head isIt is centralised and taken included. Itsin a medium long shot. This bold and easilyimage is also covers a little read. It alsobit of the mast head which follows themost magazine does. The colour schememain singer of this band is of this front of all the othermembers making him the Puff is includedmain focus of the photo. which is a sphere shape toCove lines are included attractthat link in to the article audience.that will be featured inthis magazine. They look Background colours aresimple and formal – look black and white whichprofessional. They are all makes the cover linesmostly bold to highlight more stand out as theyimportant features. have used different colours to the text.
  9. 9. Large photo at top links to cover feature Contents are arrange in columns Sub headings to to make it more introduce the features organised. that will be covered in this magazine – its also Page numbers are written in bigger font easily recognisable as size and has a they are in different background colour to colour than the other make it more stand texts. out. Advertisements are also in Issue date on the the content page. topFont size are consistent – Use of colours are blackssub headings have the and white which gives ansame font size and style professional impression.which is bigger than theinformation below toenhance the fact that it isa new and separatefeature
  10. 10. Big main image is spread Bigger letter to start the across the two pages. Has 6 columns in total. columnPull quote isalso included Texts are written in a small font size. Consiste nt use of font style. Background colour are Quotes are used on the white, making the page right top hand side of the Mast head is also included, looks clean and page and also to the which is written in white professional. bottom of the image. to contrast the background colour making it more noticeable.