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Caption Writing for Choir/Band

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  1. 1. C A P T I O N - W R I T I N G : C H O I R / B A N D B Y: Z I A C R O S B Y I N C L A S S 2 B
  2. 2. – J O H N N Y A P P L E S E E D “Type a quote here.”
  3. 3. Kailey Rice, ( on the right), is a junior apart of the Varsity Women’s Choir. In this photo. Kailey Rice is practicing for the Winter Concert. Kailey states, “ I enjoyed getting to hear how well we sounded together afterwards”.
  4. 4. – J O H N N Y A P P L E S E E D “Type a quote here.”
  5. 5. Ruva Dzumbunu ( to the left of the instructor), is a junior in Varsity Women’s Choir. Ruva Dzumbunu was practicing for the Winter Concert and sang a song that she enjoyed. Ms. Dzumbunu states, “ I liked the songs we chose to sing”.