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My Life


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Published in: Career, Education, Spiritual
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My Life

  1. 1. Zhujian Wang BUSN 210 7.23.2013 My Life
  2. 2. Cultural Differences I was born China. The environment I grew up in was vastly different than the part of my childhood in the United States. My parents always reminded to never forget my Chinese roots and now, I understand their meaning. To be able to have such a deep understanding of opposing cultures has allowed me to see situations differently than my peers who have stayed in one place their entire life. I moved a lot when I was a child, all over the US and Canada, and meeting all different kinds of people taught me to accept cultural differences and not judge a
  3. 3. Appreciated This was my first lasting volunteer experience. My parent’s company hosted annual picnics that attracted hundreds of people. There were a lot of little kids so I approached the event manager and inquired about me and a friend making balloon animals for there kids. The kids absolutely loved it. We had huge lines and it really made me feel that my work was being appreciated. Even though the event was only once a year, the manager invited me back year after
  4. 4. Moving Forward My high school graduation marked one of mine most important accomplishments as an young adult. It was the gateway that would lead me to higher education. At the time, I felt only relief that I was finally done. However, in retrospect, it was more than just an accomplishment. Graduating proved to me that I am capable of doing anything if I set my mind to it.
  5. 5. The Value of Work After 2 years of university, I quit for various reasons unrelated to education. At the time, I had the opportunity to live in Shanghai, China for 1 year. I planned that year to be a time where I could figure out what I wanted to do. Luckily for me, I found a job at Active Kidz Shanghai. During the summertime, I was a head coach at their summer camp. I was too naïve before and didn’t fully understand people working themselves to death for something they love, but I learnt that there. It was hard work under the burning sun everyday, but seeing the kids smile, getting gifts from them, and being thanked by their parents taught me that meaningful work is
  6. 6. Opening Doors Having had a taste of the real world for a year, I decided to resume my education. I felt so limited in my job searches without higher education. Starting at Centennial College will be the new challenge for me. After all I have learnt, I am sure I am ready for school this time and that I will endure until the end.