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Zhijun yan's mcdonald's final prsentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Zhijun yan's mcdonald's final prsentation

  1. 1. i’m lovin it
  2. 2. Company Profile• Founded in 1940• The world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurant.• Now serving 68 million customers in 119 countries.• Offers hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken, French fries, breakfast, breakfast items, soft drinks, coffee, shakes and desserts.• Free wi-fi.
  3. 3. Challenges & GoalsMcDonald’s has been increasing its sales for a connective 35 quarters since2003. Even during the world wide economy recession.The goals of the Golden Arches remain to be• Profitability• Quality Service• Customer Satisfaction• Reputable Image• Community OutreachAt the mean time, McDonald’s has to facechallenges like:• Maintain current price strategy with rising of raw materials• Return on investment• Competition
  4. 4. Digital Media StrategiesTarget audience: Children, teenagers, young people, and theirparents.Objectives: Social media plays an important role whencustomers are engaged. Therefore, the digital media goal for real interaction withMcDonald’s is to haveits customers. Moreover, the campaignsMcDonald’s initiate must be socially good, which canbenefit brand image. Last but not least,McDonald’s digital media objective should be linkingcustomers in a VIRTUAL to the REALworld.
  5. 5. Digital Media ChannelsFacebook: Currently McDonald’s official fan page enjoys 18 .7 million fans.The company should use the page to promote the latest campaigns.Twitter: McDonald’s USA official Twitter account has 427,220 followers.The company first should try to boost their fan base, and should updatethe information related to the campaigns.McChronicles: It seems that the company has given upon the official blog website. The blog should belinked with its Facebook fan page and Twitteraccount. With enough followers, the blog will beable to promote the campaigns.Others: As a company is themed young andenergetic, McDonald’s should utilize all channels ofsocial media, like YouTube, email, Pinterest, G+, etc.And McDonald’s will need Google Ad to promotethe campaign.
  6. 6. Digital Media ChannelsMobile App: To connect customers from the virtual world and the real world, Mobileapps are going to play an important role here. McDonald’s new mobile app will1. Help customers to locate the nearest store.2. Send push to cell phone users about the latest coupons.3. Enable users to check-in at stores, and tag friends, share stories.
  7. 7. Digital Media MixAfter all the social media channels are launched, McDonald’s will launch a“My McCup” campaign, promoted through its all media channels.The campaign aims at:1. Saving the environment. Customers who bring their own beverage cups will be tagged on McDonald’s official Facebook Wall. Customers can share their fun experience at McDonald’s with their friends.2. Drive more focus from customers on McDonald’s Social Media Channels. Customers who check- in at the store and brings their own cup, will be awarded an ice cream cone.3. Generate buzz and a better brand image.
  8. 8. Time LineThe whole campaign will last one year. From June 1, 2012 until May 31, 2013.April 2012 ~ May 31 2012 The company will have one and a half months to boost its fan baseon social network sites, Facebook and Twitter especially.June 1 2012 ~ August 31 2012 The beginning of campaign. Need TV commercial, Facebook andtwitter’s help to promote the campaign.September 1 2012 ~ May 31 After a big promotion from TV ads,Google Ads, social network sites, the campaignshould undergo smoothly.
  9. 9. BudgetMcDonald’s has a $2 million budget on marketing, advertising and PublicRelations. The “My McCup” campaign will be the major campaign for thecoming year. The budget for the campaign accounts $1.5 million. Social Media, 0.1 Mobile SEO, 0.35 App, 0.65 Google Ad, 0.4
  10. 10. Evaluation1.Boost of fan base on social network sites.2.Customers’ fun stories & pictures shared via multiple channels.3.In-store traffic with cups increase drastically.