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Disney's utopia


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Disney's Utopia

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Disney's utopia

  1. 1. National Institute of Business BACHELOR OF ART IN ENGLISH (FIELD: TEFL) ASSIGNMENT YEAR 3 SEMESTER 1 Class A19 Morning Topic: Celebration, Florida: Disney’s UtopiaSUBMITTED TO LECTURER: Marilou Dela Sierra SUBMITTED BY: Oum Vidasophea Ngi Vannak Seng Dara Raksmey In Seyha Noem Yang Academic Year: 2011- 2012
  2. 2. Unit 2Celebration, Florida Disney’s Utopia
  3. 3. Definition- Celebration : a gathering of any people for reasons that are usually happy where the people interact and generally have a good time. a celebration can be for a birthday, holiday, promotion. celebrations can be the act or occasion of doing something enjoyable because something good happened.- Utopia: a place or state that existed only in the imagination, where everything is perfect.
  4. 4. 1. Focus on the topicB. Predicting Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse and the founder of the Disney theme parks, also dreamed of creating the ideal American community, a utopian city where real people lived and worked.
  5. 5. + Here are the photos of Disney’s Utopia
  7. 7. Question – Think about life is like in this town. – Why so many people wanted to move there when it opened in 1996?
  8. 8. Disney’s Utopia is an ideal town in Florida. In1996 so many people wanted to move therebecause:- the town has been a dream destination forsome and a symbol of corporate power.- Many point to the cleanliness of the streets.- heavy construction that will continue for quitea while and the near-perfect architecture.- People can live their lives in a very nice place.- Everything built so far is within walkingdistance to business and recreational facilities.
  9. 9. - The trade-off is living in an orderly, safe environment with almost every need already anticipated and met.- However, homeowners cant paint their homes any color they want and are likely required to maintain their property for appearances.
  10. 10. B. Sharing the information In your opinion, what does an ideal community have to have?
  11. 11. C. Preparing for listen Reading on page 25
  12. 12. Vocabulary• Occupied : sth that being used.• Flee: escape from sth• visionary : having great plan for future.• Persecution : to treat sb in cruel and unfair way.• Abolish : to end a law or system officially.• Rigid: inflexible• Cooperative: working together.• Intimate: quite , friendly.• Self-sufficient: able to provide or produce everything that you need without any help.
  13. 13. • List the utopia which drove its creation.• Religious: In the early seventeenth century, the Pilgrim established a model society based on strict religious beliefs in the “New World”.• Community+ In the early nineteenth century, – Robert Owen established a beautiful, well planned, modern industrial town. – His group focused on social and labor reform. – The typical work day was shortened.+ In late nineteenth century – Member work on the farm so that the community could be fully independent.
  14. 14. + 1960 – 1975 – Hippie communes is an intimate communities. – Member grew their own food.+ 1995- present – Planners designed towns which re-create small town life in America. – Feature aimed at promoting a sense of the community are house close together, with garages behind the house – House with graceful front porches, tree-lined streets and sidewalks, schools, shopping, and parks all the within walking distance.
  15. 15. • Environment – Social class structure included inexpensive housing and free education and medical care. – People built own house more modern and up to date from one generation to another generation.• Education – In the early nineteenth century, Owen established the first kindergarten and first free public library in the United State. – In the late nineteenth century, Brook Farm was famous for outstanding school built on the progressive philosophy of “learning by doing” – 1960 – 1975 People learnt how to maintain their self- sufficient communities. – 1995- present: education is much better. People can react against the isolation and car-dominated culture of many suburbs.