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BPO Operations Management


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BPO Operations Management can be a daunting task. Here's a primer on some of the most basic management methods for effective operations management.

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BPO Operations Management

  1. 1. BPO OPERATIONS MANAGEMENTA primer on managing BPO staff-Santosh Singh
  2. 2. Set the toneGet the commitment
  3. 3. SETTING THE TONEA few ground realities you have to live with• You have to WORK HARD• LEARN continuously• There will be COMPETITION• NIGHT shift• OVERTIME can’t be avoided• Sacrifice a few LEAVE/HOLIDAYS• MANAGER is not your friend• GROWTH is slow• No one can MOTIVATE you
  4. 4. COMMITMENT FROM ALL• Team must understand and commit to co- operate• Commitment must be honored• Applies to managers too
  5. 5. ConnectHave Fun
  6. 6. CONNECT- Communicate business performance- Review individual performance monthly- Encourage ideas/suggestions for improvement- Listen and empathize- Coach, Mentor, Delegate- Focus on strengths rather than weaknesses- Recognize contribution- Have a cup of coffee over…nothing
  7. 7. FUN• Create a conducive and energetic environment• Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries & holidays• Play hard
  8. 8. Thanx!