Five Cloud Backup Case Studies


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Five Cloud Backup Case Studies

  1. 1. WHITEPAPER Five Cloud Backup Case Studies FOR PRACTICAL IT BUYERS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY If cloud backup sounds too good to be true, then deployment will lead to disillusionment. That’s been the path of many IT organizations looking at cloud backup and DR-as-a-Service. This paper will provide tips – based on case studies from real IT organizations – for practical IT buyers on how to select and deploy the right cloud backup and DR solution for your environment. This paper’s goal is to cut through vendor fluff and focus on real life IT experiences.
  2. 2. THE FIVE FACTORS OF EVALUATING CLOUD BACKUP SOLUTIONS Practical IT buyers shopping for cloud backup face the challenge of finding a solution that has the right mix of performance, functionality, security, and cost for their specific environment among hundreds of vendors offering similar solutions. The reality is that cloud backup solutions vary widely, from enterprise-grade cloud-based services like to consumer-grade products and basic online storage. The case studies below show how IT managers successfully overcame the five real-world challenges of cloud backup vendor selection: Cloud Performance Rapidly growing data needs faster backup and recovery speeds to reduce downtime and to back up more data in established backup windows. Functionality vs. Price New technologies have introduced ways to significantly cut costs while adding functionality like archiving and DR. Server vs. Laptop Backup Backing up server data is significantly different from laptops. Servers typically have larger data sets, more OSs to support, more data types that require a unique backup approach (for example, SQL, Exchange, VMware, Hyper-V, and NetApp), have more critical data, less tolerance for data corruption, and higher priority during DR situations. Security What is the right amount of security for your environment? Enterprise data usually requires 256-bit encryption and SSAE 16 audits. Central & Remote Office Backup With the growing number of remote offices and branch locations, traditional backup software and appliances are rapidly becoming impractical in terms of complexity, costs, and IT resources. Enterprise-grade solutions that enable server backup to existing on-premise storage and a secure cloud—as well as archiving and DR without the need for appliances—deliver the right balance for organizations looking for complete data protection that can scale with them. Here are experiences from five organizations that chose to deploy enterprise-grade cloud backup, DR, and archiving in their environment to address these challenges. 2
  3. 3. CASE STUDY Performance: 2.7TB Server Recovered in Less Than 24 Hours Performance is the Achilles heel of practical cloud backup in the real world. “Fast backup” is a common PERFORMANCE TEST RESULTS* 150GB OF SQL DATA: claim in vendor materials, but the reality is different. Taking advantage of available free trial programs is the Zetta: 1 hour, 5 min. only way to evaluate the real performance of different cloud backup solutions. Mozy Pro: 3 hours, 18 min. Carbonite Business: 100+ hours The results of this performance test between Zetta, Mozy Pro, and Carbonite Business show that even for a * Performance test conducted in Zetta labs using identical data sets small dataset like 150GB of SQL data, the time until the backup job completes varies significantly. Cloud Backup Performance Makes a Difference: Group Photographers Association Quickly Recovers Critical Server CASE STUDY 3TB Server Recovery in 24 Hours Group Photographers Association (GPA) is a professional photo lab specializing in the manufacturing of products like trading cards, plaques, and posters for youth sport leagues. GPA has a lot of data. “In addition to email and SQL databases, we have product designs, office data, system images, and snapshots for both server and client machines.” says Randy Paul, GPA’s IT manager. “The SAN has ORGANIZATION: Group Photographers Association USE CASE: 40TB of disk array storage and a Microsoft Hyper-V server cluster sitting on top of it,” says Paul. “The images, which are the lifeblood of the company, are huge, and we get thousands of new images every day.” SQL server backup, laptop backup, disaster recovery GPA deployed Zetta’s 3-in-1 backup in their environment after losing 1TB of PERFORMANCE EXAMPLE: RAID storage in early 2012, and losing confidence in their existing D2D “We had a catastrophic failure on a line-of-business server involving 2.7TB of data. With Zetta the recovery took under 24 hours.” – IT Director, GPA See the Rest of This Case Study: backup solution. Then GPA experienced another disaster recovery event. “We had a catastrophic failure on a line-of-business server involving about 2.7TB of data,” recalls Paul. “Fortunately, we had begun protecting it with Zetta, and I had just built the new SAN infrastructure. So, we were able to put a new server there—and the actual restore downloading took just under 24 hours with a 100Mbps connection.” 3
  4. 4. Cloud Backup: Features That Drive Performance The performance GPA benefited from was generated by a mix of patent-pending technologies, and standard features in Zetta’s 3-in-1 backup, disaster recovery and archiving: WAN-traffic Optimization Zetta’s backup and recovery software uses a local backup catalog to make sure each file is sent to the cloud data centers only once. Multi-threaded Data Transfer Data is sent using parallel threads to eliminate the bottlenecks of single-threaded transport solutions. No Traffic Throttling Data transfer speeds are never throttled by Zetta data centers. SSD and RAM-based Storage Eighty percent of recoveries are handled by SSD or RAM memory that responds faster than disk drives. Another Zetta customer example that highlights the value of high-performance cloud backup is a Midwestern university that lowered their backup time—from 24 hours to 90 minutes—by switching to Zetta from a widely known backup software. Performance is a critical component of cloud backup that requires testing in the environment where it will be deployed to verify that it works as advertised. NEXT STEPS: See Zetta’s Performance in Your Environment Get access to all of’s backup and recovery functionality and customer-only resources. START FREE TRIAL 4
  5. 5. CASE STUDY Functionality vs. Price: Cloud Backup for NetApp Filer Saves $75k Practical cloud backup buyers are looking to balance complete functionality—on-premise backup, cloud backup, disaster recovery, and archiving—with the cost. Complete backup for the environment of a medium-sized company with SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V, VMware, and NetApp can cost $100,000 to $300,000 and require complicated, multi-vendor backup deployment and management projects. Cloud Backup Functionality: Nonprofit Adds NetApp Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery with No New Hardware CASE STUDY $75,000 Savings for HIPAA Compliant NetApp Backup Nonprofit organization Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) serves Alaska Native and American Indian people residing in Southcentral Alaska through support services including education, employment training, and support for individuals recovering from addiction and substance abuse. For CITC offsite, backup and disaster recovery are essential. In addition to the winter snow that frequently disrupts power and internet service, CITC is ORGANIZATION: subject to HIPAA regulations for offsite backup due to the health records Cook Inlet Tribal Council from treatment programs. USE CASE: SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V, VMWare, and NetApp backup, disaster recovery, and HIPAA compliance With about 2.5TB of email, databases, and files on their NetApp Filer, PERFORMANCE EXAMPLE: explains: “We can’t afford a Recovery Time Objective of weeks. We need “Provisioning a second NetApp Filer, including the data center hosting costs, and third-party software would have cost $75,000.” – IT Director, CITC See the Rest of This Case Study: CITC’s small IT group was stuck with expensive, cumbersome, and not-always-reliable choices for offsite backup and DR. IT Director Jerry Kung the financial data up as fast as possible. People are relying on us.” Provisioning a second NetApp Filer, including the data center hosting costs, third-party software, and a WAN traffic accelerator to minimize network bandwidth charges, would have cost $75,000. CITC System Administrator Luke Bair describes Zetta’s value to him: “Zetta is a software-based solution, so it didn't require any more hardware. And Zetta offers other software plug-ins that work well with SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V, VMware, and was able to talk to our SAN. These are the key attributes we are looking for.” 5
  6. 6. Cloud Backup Costs: Reducing Backup Costs by 60% Avoiding the large capital costs of new hardware made a difference for CITC’s budget. Backup costs for 3TB of data are compared here, with a real-world example from a current Zetta customer. One-year costs for Zetta’s service is 60% lower than a replacement LTO-5 tape system. Zetta costs 31% less per month and eliminates $17K in new hardware costs. 1-YEAR COSTS SPREADSHEET COMPARISON $41,019.52 ZETTA.NET RECURRING MONTHLY EXPENSES 3TB Volume TOTAL CAPITAL REQUIRED –– TOTAL $16,588.80 TOTAL COSTS Total Monthly Cost Total Capital ZETTA.NET NEW TAPE SYSTEM NEW TAPE SYSTEM $1,382.40 $1,382.40 $0.00 $0.00 $1,382.40 $0.00 31% LOWER MONTHLY COSTS WITH ZETTA.NET RECURRING MONTHLY EXPENSES Iron Mountain IT Weekly hours touching/moving tapes Symantec Netbackup software maintenance IBM Hardware server maintenance LTO Tape drive maintenance TOTAL CAPITAL REQUIRED New Tape Drive New Server and Windows Server OS for Tape Drive 50 new LTO-5 tapes TOTAL TOTAL COSTS Total Monthly Cost Total Capital $750.00 $960.00 $165.79 $115.67 $150.00 $2,141.46 $9,922.00 $5,200.00 $2,000.00 $17,122.00 $1,991.46 $17,122.00 SAVED $17K IN CAPEX WITH ZETTA.NET Cloud Backup – Functionality vs. Price: Get Both Enterprise-grade cloud backup delivers on-premise backup, cloud backup, disaster recovery, and archiving for a simple, all-inclusive price that starts at $225 per month and includes: Software licenses for unlimited number of servers/endpoints All functionality included (Backup, DR, archiving) Supports: SQL, Exchange, VMWare, Hyper-V, NetApp, System State, Files, Network Shares 500GB of secure online storage 24x7 U.S.-based support NEXT STEPS: Get Custom Pricing Request custom pricing from Zetta for your organization’s environment GET CUSTOM PRICING 6
  7. 7. CASE STUDY Server Backup: Virtual + Physical Server Backup With One Solution The mixed physical and virtual server environments that are common in enterprises have seen rapid adoption by smaller organizations. Adding Hyper-V and VMware backup requirements to the list of physical servers—SQL, Exchange, Linux, Mac, and NetApp—has lead some companies to deploy multiple backup products for different server types, significantly increasing management complexity and cost. Cloud Server Backup: College Saves $200,000 in Hardware and Software Costs for VMs and Windows, Linux, and Mac Server Backup CASE STUDY $200,000 Saved in 95 Server + 500 Laptop Deployment Merced College's IT environment includes 30 physical servers, including Windows, Linux, and Mac, and 65 VMware virtual servers. Data includes Exchange and SQL databases, other applications' data, and the home directories of the college's employees and faculty. Merced’s IT Director Don Peterson chose Zetta’s solution after pricing out a ORGANIZATION: D2D2T system, “With Zetta we won't spend nearly as much on tape Merced College hardware, backup software, or implementation which would have USE CASE: cost $200,000.” 30 physical servers, 65 VMs, and 500 faculty laptops PERFORMANCE EXAMPLE: “Zetta keeps our backups online, in a secure, redundant, and available way.” Not only has Merced lowered their cost for server backup, but also made backup simpler to manage. “Using Zetta takes a lot less of our time—no more tapes running out of space before a backup finished,” says Merced’s Network Administrator Arlis Bortner. – IT Director, Merced College See the Rest of This Case Study: 7
  8. 8. CASE STUDY Security: Massachusetts Town Protects 377 Years of Records From Disaster Data security is a critical component of the decision to use a cloud-based solution for offsite backup. Zetta uses 256-bit SSL and Salsa20 data encryption—both in flight and at rest in the data center—together with SSAE-16 audited data centers and service to deliver enterprise-grade cloud security that meets requirements for regulatory compliance. Cloud Backup Security: 55TB of Secure Government Data CASE STUDY Online Backup Secures town of Dedham From Disaster The town of Dedham, first settled in 1635, is located about 12 miles southwest of Boston. Following a series of natural disasters, including flooding and major storms in surrounding areas, the town's IT staff decided that a better solution was needed to safeguard its 377 years of data. Dedham is now using Zetta to backup 60 VMs with 55TB of data, after ORGANIZATION: migrating from an older tape backup solution. The town of Dedham, MA USE CASE: The town’s Technology Director, Veronica Barnes, views the result this way: 65 VMs “Zetta has made us so much better prepared in the event of a disaster, PERFORMANCE EXAMPLE: enabling us to retrieve data more readily. If necessary, we could literally “The town is implementing new financial systems and will use Zetta to back those up from the start.” – IT Director, Town of Dedham rebuild all the town’s data in a couple of hours compared to days with our previous system. You are only as good as your last backup, and with Zetta we don't even have to think about our data. We simply know it's protected." See the Rest of This Case Study: Cloud Backup Security: Baseline Criteria to Trust Cloud Backup With Enterprise Data There are certain baseline security/privacy criteria that must be met prior to trusting a cloud storage solution with enterprise data: In-flight Encryption Encrypted web-optimized file transfer protocols: SFTP, FTPS, and Secure WebDAV run over HTTPS. 8
  9. 9. At-rest Encryption Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) backed by FIPS 140-2 compliant key repositories, advanced bit encryption, and a robust key rotation scheme. Partitioning Each customer’s mount point is a unique URI in distinct file system. Zetta was built specifically to back up enterprise data in the cloud and these security requirements helped drive the design of the solution. CASE STUDY Security: Remote Offices: Back Up the London Office From New York As organizations grow and establish new offices and locations, it becomes increasingly hard to maintain an integrated IT infrastructure. Zetta enables remote office backup and recovery management from a single browser tab. Remote Office Cloud Backup: Manage Backups at the London Office Remotely CASE STUDY Painless Remote Office Backup & DR With two data center locations, in New York and London, Acupay enables investors in international companies to reduce excess foreign taxes on their holdings. Thorpe Thompson is Acupay's director of technology and was challenged to maintain backups in both offices. “In New York, we were doing nightly ORGANIZATION: Acupay incremental backups to tape with weekly full system backups. We were spending a lot of money on tape media and the offsite service,” he says. USE CASE: Remote Office Server Backup PERFORMANCE EXAMPLE: “All of our offsite backup is now with Zetta.” – Director of Technology, Acupay See the Rest of This Case Study: In addition, backups at the London office were difficult to oversee remotely since the London office was managed by different staff onsite and a separate offsite storage vendor. After deploying Zetta to both offices, Thompson boasted, “We implemented Zetta and got better reliability. I spend less time and attention on backup, it takes less time for data recovery, and we added the London office to the process.” 9
  10. 10. Remote Office Cloud Backup: Zetta Delivers Scalable Remote Office Backup Enterprise-grade, cloud-based offsite server backup can scale up or down quickly and doesn’t require rebuilding storage systems. Zetta’s 3-in-1 integrated solution enables managing different locations through a “single pane of glass,” with full visibility to back up data from each office and secure web-based access for immediate recovery during server or data center downtime. FINAL THOUGHTS: Cloud Backup for the Practical IT Buyer Speed is the most glaring weak point of cloud backup and DR-as-a-Service solutions today. Vendors put in a lot of effort on sales fluff, trying to sugarcoat the inherent limitations of appliance-based or consumer-grade solutions. The reality, however, is that too many deployment project ends in disappointment and migration to a different solution—with wasted IT budgets and resources left behind. The common denominator among the IT organizations we profiled for this paper was trying a backup and DR solution in their environment, before buying. Most reputable vendors offer free trials, and if they don’t—that should be a red flag. Deploy a free trial in your environment with your data and see how it really works. If you have any questions or issues, contact the vendor. This should also be a test on the vendor’s responsiveness and customer support. After all, these are among the most critical things you will need if you ever encounter a disaster recovery situation. We also encourage you to try Zetta’s 3-in-1 enterprise-grade backup and DR solution to see how Zetta can improve performance and lower the cost of backup in your environment. Of course, you can start a free trial today at: CONTACT US For more information, contact Zetta: or call 877-Go-Zetta (650-590-0950) Zetta Inc. is an award-winning provider of enterprise-grade 3-in-1 backup, disaster recovery, and archiving. WWW.ZETTA.NET