A gateway to the stars


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A gateway to the stars

  2. 2. Hayu Marca is 35 kilometres away from the city of Puno, situated by Lake Titicaca. Hayu March has been long worshipped by the Indians as the City of Gods. Despite there were no ruins found, many of the rocks is similar in their shape to the buildings and artificial formations.
  3. 3. The Gateway from the Dream. Puerta de Hayu Marca (which stands for the Gates of Gods/Spirits) is a huge gateway, cut out long time ago in the natural, seven meters sized block of stone. The gateway is 7 meters high and is the same in width. There is a smaller „alcove” in the middle, being almost 2 meters high, about half a meter in depth and 1 meter in width. The Gateway to the Stars were described for the first time by the journalist Paul Damon in a report for the English magazine „Truth Seekers International Review" .
  4. 4. The strange gate was discovered by a guide Jose Luis Delgado Mamani, who was seeking the interesting climbing sites for tourists. He almost fainted from excitement. It was because he had been dreaming for many years of such a discovery of the alike gates. However, in his dreams the pathway leading to them was tiled with pink marble, and there were marble statues on both sides of the way.
  5. 5. In his dream he saw also that the smaller door are open and there is a bright blue light coming out of the twinkling tunnel. He was describing this dream to his family repeatedly. Mamani informed the archaeologists from Puno, La Paz and Lima about the discovery. Soon, in the vicinity of Puerto de Hayu Marca the archaeologists and specialists of the history of the Inca Empire started to appear.
  6. 6. The centuries' old legends The local Indians preserved the stories about "the pathway to the country of gods". Long, long ago, the great heroes decided to join their deities and passed through the gateway to start a great new life as immortals. From time to time these people were coming back by the gates, along with the gods to control all the lands of the Kingdom... Another legend tells the story of the times when Peru was invaded by the Spanish, who plundered gold and expensive stones belonging to the Inca tribes. It was then, when the priest Aramu Mam from the Temple of "the seven Rays" left it, taking the Golden disk, known as the key of the gods of seven rays. He was hiding in the mountains of Hayu Marca for some time, and finally he reached the stone gateway, which was guarded by shamans. He showed them the key of gods, they performed the secret ceremonies, and at the end of them the gates opened. The light burst out of the bright blue tunnel. Aramu Mam gave the disc to shamans and he went inside. He has never been seen again!
  7. 7. Mysterious properties A fairy tale? The archaeologists have discovered a small spherical depression (roughly the size of a hand), on the right side of the smaller gates. Maybe this was the place were the golden disc were supposed to be installed... Some people touching the smaller gates with their palms experienced a feeling of the energetic arousal, had visions of stars, columns of fire and heard the unusual rhythmic music. The other saw the tunnel in the rock, though even the smallest crack in the rock suggesting the existence of the entry has not been discovered. On the contrary, the researchers found that the large gate and the "alcove" are carved in the same block.
  8. 8. It is interesting that Puerta de Hayu Marca is linked with the so called ley lines (the lines of Earth energy) from the ancient city of Tiwanaku and the five other places of excavations. They intersect in the surroundings of Lake Titicaca. And just in these areas for the past 20 years, the frequent emergence of ... UFO was observed! These were usually the shining blue balls and white "saucers". The Indian legends foretell that one day the gates of gods will open ("much larger than today") and the gods will return in their solar ships.
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