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  • Not only is technology the way of the future, but today more than ever, Children, Teenagers and even Adults are addicted to gaming. Why not take advantage of the situation!!!
  • Math games are a classic way to practice important concepts.
  • Most games are easy to learn and take up just the right amount of time for short class time sessions.
  • Here is something for more of the High School range and perhaps even College, but learning levels are not necessarily age based, but individually based. P.S. A Great Economy game out in the PC Market would be any of the Sim City simulations.
  • It’s not just about building cities, but it’s about strategy and planning. Investopeida has a near-life-like simulator. It is more for High School and College Level though.
  • When it comes to history, there’s a whole world to learn about, let alone a whole country. Why not provide them with games of equal multitude!
  • I have always loved Cid Meyers Civilization, but perhaps it may still promote violence which is not the goal of schools. Here are some less controversial choices.
  • Lately, social sciences and culture studies are a subgroup of science and history. It is a curriculum that is growing over time. Here are some great sites for those socioeconomic studies.
  • Learning geography never has been so much fun.
  • Science is one of the subjects, like math, where it is “Everywhere”. However, there are a few key gaming websites that obviously take home the legitimate award for quality education goals.
  • Learning Games is a great website for all subjects, but Fun School had some particularly interesting science games that kids will want to play even at home.
  • Today kids are learning computer languages even before reaching College. Here are some games and simulation resources for Jr. High Schoolers and High Schoolers.
  • Even Elementary Schools are teaching typing. These are for younger kids, so that is a tell-tale sign just how advanced technology is today compared to even ten years ago.
  • Even though playing games is technically not very athletic, why not encourage those gamers to be more interested in sports or encourage them to give it a try by putting the physical games into the sit down games. Maybe it will make them think, “Maybe I can make a hoop!”
  • It’s not just about physical activity though, it is also important these days to teach nutrition. There are a lot of chemicals and bad food products that may cause long term health problems. Why not get them interested early.
  • English Literature is another subject that is included in core curriculum, so the resources are endless, however, some of these are the very best. Starfall Camp is well known for making young readers excel way past their grade level. Excellent source for toddlers.
  • Vocabulary, Spelling and even Word usage are three things that need consistent practice in order for English and Written Language efficiency.
  • Let’s not forget the Second Language Learners.
  • Everyone knows Dora. She is also a favorite for adults to learn Spanish!
  • Culture studies are still under development, but there are simulation programs and game sites that try to put the learner in the shoes of those who come from different places around the world. This is a great way to encourage empathy and acceptance.
  • It is fun learning games from other cultures!
  • Creative writing is a popular subject. Kids jump at every opportunity to create and expand their creative knowledge. This is a great way to practice English skills as well as work out those Left Brain muscles.
  • More left-brain activities, but also something for the soul. Music is also a very dominant culture in our society. Why not teach students more thoroughly the concepts of music, that way they can more clearly understand the difference between commercialized music, and truly artistic and culture defining music.
  • Art is a subject that seems to be fading in some schools, but it doesn’t have to be so. The preschool age still has a lot of resources though.
  • That’s all for now!
  • The Websites at a quick glance and more generalized.
  • Learning games

    1. 1. Learning GamesPenelope MooreEDU352: Foundations of Educational Technology(CXG1316A)Instructor: Robin FinoraApril 21, 2013
    2. 2. Keeping Students Interested In A Digital WorldGrownups of today may or may nothave had experience in schools withtechnology, but in today’s world it is notjust a privilege as it once was, but now itis an essential part of a fast paced digitalworld.Here are some wonderful gaming websites thatwill help keep your students and childreninterested in learning the subjects in order toachieve their highest goals, their greatestachievements and biggest dreams of asuccessful future. If they are going to playgames anyways, it might as well beeducational!
    3. 3. Mathematicshttp://pbskids.org/games/math.html http://www.coolmath-games.com/Kids Play With Their Favorite PBS Friends! Great For Young Mathematicians
    4. 4. http://hoodamath.com/games/ http://www.mathplayground.com/games.htmlA Great Place to Find Classic Math GamesEasy To Navigate and Categorized by Subject
    5. 5. Economicshttp://virtonomics.com/ http://www.magnatemba.com/Young or Old, Practice Running a Buisness!Great for Group Class Projects!!!Easy to Learn!
    6. 6. http://www.miniconomy.com/ http://www.investopedia.com/simulator/Challenging and For Advanced Learnersand High SchoolersVirtual Stock Market SimulatorJUST LIKE REAL LIFE!!!
    7. 7. HISTORYhttp://www.studenthandouts.com/World-History.htmlhttp://www.kidspast.com/history-games/Something for Everyone! For Younger Students
    8. 8. http://www.123-games.net/online/civilization-gameshttp://www.history.com/games/Both Educational and for Leisure For Those Who Watch the Channel
    9. 9. Social Studies/Social Scienceshttp://www.primarygames.com/social_studies.phphttp://www.schooltimegames.com/Social_studies.htmlGreat Social Studies Games andAlso Great Games for Other SubjectsEasy To Navigate, For All Ages
    10. 10. http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/social_studies_games.htmlhttp://kids.usa.gov/social-studies/Elementary Level and Other AcademicSubjects TooGovernment Provided and High Quality
    11. 11. Sciencehttp://www.sciencekids.co.nz/gamesactivities.htmlhttp://pbskids.org/games/science.htmlExcellent Teacher or Classroom Aide Another PBS Kids Specialty
    12. 12. http://www.primarygames.com/science.php http://funschool.kaboose.com/arcade/science/Another one from Primary Games Lots of Topic Specific Games
    13. 13. Computer Sciencehttp://www.codecademy.com/#!/exercises/0 http://www.computingatschool.org.uk/Practice Coding Even Before College!!! The Face of the Future
    14. 14. http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/keyboarding_games.htmlhttp://www.funtotype.com/typinggames/As Always, A Very Thorough Website Typing Games
    15. 15. Health/Physical Educationhttp://kids.aol.com/games/sports-games/ http://www.nick.com/games/sports-games/Great For Coordination and Physical EducationNick and Nick Jr. Always Makes YourKid a Winner
    16. 16. http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/health_games.htmlhttp://www.nourishinteractive.com/kids/healthy-gamesLearning Games Provides Again! Games That Promote Healthy Eating Choices,A Much Needed Resource For Today’s Society
    17. 17. English Literaturehttp://www.starfall.com/ http://pbskids.org/games/reading.htmlThe Best of the Best of the Best!!!Excellent Pre-School and K4 SourcePBS Specialty, They Have AlwaysExcelled at Encouraging Reading!
    18. 18. http://www.vocabulary.co.il/literature-games/http://www.poetry4kids.com/gamesGreat Language Practice and ComprhensionPracticePoetry Fun and Word Practice
    19. 19. English Language Learners and L2 Studentshttp://www.vocabulary.co.il/english-language-games/http://www.avatargeneration.com/2012/08/25-terrific-online-games-for-english-language-learners/Great for English Language Learners Great ESL Game and Activity Resource
    20. 20. http://www.nickjr.com/kids-games/dora-alphabet-forest-adventure.htmlhttp://www.eslgamesworld.com/members/games/index.htmlFun With Dora! Always a Kid Favorite! Most Thorough and Educational
    21. 21. Culture Studieshttp://www.educationalsimulations.com/ http://www.wilderdom.com/games/MulticulturalExperientialActivities.htmlCulture and Diversity Encouragement Truly Educational!
    22. 22. http://www.coedu.usf.edu/culture/activity.htm http://www.wartgames.com/themes/diversity.htmlIncredible Resource for Culture Studies! Great For Teaching Acceptance and Kindness
    23. 23. Creative Writinghttp://www.scholastic.com/teachers/story-starters/http://www.kidsonthenet.org.uk/create/A Most Legitimate and Reliable Resource Lots of Options and Choices
    24. 24. Musichttp://www.musictechteacher.com/music_quizzes/music_quizzes.htmhttp://www.zzounds.com/edu--musicgamesforkidsMusic Theory and Instrument ExposureMultiple Sources on Music Theory and Practice
    25. 25. Arthttp://funschool.kaboose.com/arcade/arts-music/http://www.colorwithleo.com/art-drawanim.phpCreativity and Passion Building Important Art, Color and Shape Knowledge
    26. 26. Goodbye• Now you will have a lot of fun resources forkids.• They are going to play games anyways, whynot encourage them to play mostlyeducational games• A great way to avoid violence and adultthemes from console games• Fun for even adults!
    27. 27. Resources• http://pbskids.org• http://www.coolmath-games.com/• http://hoodamath.com/games/• http://www.mathplayground.com/games.html• http://virtonomics.com/• http://www.magnatemba.com/• http://www.miniconomy.com/• http://www.investopedia.com//• http://www.studenthandouts.com/• http://www.kidspast.com/• http://www.123-games.net/• http://www.history.com/• http://www.primarygames.com/• http://www.schooltimegames.com/• http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/• http://kids.usa.gov/• http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/• http://www.musictechteacher.com/• http://www.colorwithleo.com/http://funschool.kaboose.com/http://www.poetry4kids.com/http://www.codecademy.com/http://www.computingatschool.org.uk/http://www.funtotype.com/http://kids.aol.com/http://www.nick.com/http://www.nourishinteractive.com/http://www.starfall.com/http://www.vocabulary.co.il/http://www.avatargeneration.com/http://www.eslgamesworld.com/http://www.educationalsimulations.com/http://www.wilderdom.com/http://www.coedu.usf.edu/http://www.wartgames.com/http://www.scholastic.com/http://www.kidsonthenet.org.uk/http://www.zzounds.com/