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Law factories act


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Law factories act

  1. 1. FACTORIES ACT, 1948
  2. 2. HEAL VentilationTH Cleanliness Dust and fumesPR ArtificialO humidificationVI Spittoons Latrines, urinalsSION Disposal of wastes & effluentsS
  3. 3. WELFAREP DryingR Creches Canteen clothesOVISIONS Sitting Shelters First aid
  4. 4. PROVISIONS REGARDING SAFETY: Fencing of Machinery Work on or near Machinery in motion Employment of Young Persons on Dangerous Machines Striking Gear and Devices for cutting off power Self Acting Machines Casing of New Machinery Prohibition of Employment of Women & Children near Cotton openers Hoists, lifts, Lifting Machines and others Revolving Machinery Pressure Plant
  5. 5. (CONTINUED…) Floors, Stairs & Means or Access Pits, Sumps, Opening in Floors and others Excessive Weights Protection of Eyesprecautions against Dangerous Fumes, Gases & others Precautions Regarding use of portable electric light Explosive or Inflammable Dust, Gas Precautions in case of fire Specifications of Defective Parts or Tests of Stability Safety of Buildings and machines Safety officers
  6. 6. WORKING HOURS OF ADULTS:• Weekly Hours: < 48 hours• Weekly Holidays :• at least 1 holiday in a week ,• substitute holidays• Compensatory Holidays• Daily Hours : < 9 hours• Intervals for rest : at least half an hour• Spread Over• Night Shifts
  7. 7. (CONTINUED…)• No of Overlapping Shifts : not more than 2 continuous shift• Extra wages for overtime : wages at the rate of twice at his ordinary rate of wages for overtime• Notice of period of work
  8. 8. RESTRICTION ON EMPLOYMENT OF WOMEN & CHILDREN:• Work between 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. only• Strictly restriction for women for employment between 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.• Employment of women in night shift is permitted only in the case of fish-curing and fish-canning
  9. 9. LEAVE WITH WAGES Annual leave with wages Wages during leave period Payment in advance in certain cases Mode of Recovery of unpaid wages For an adult, 1 day leave for every 20 days work performed & for a child, 1 day leave for every 15days work performed
  10. 10. OFFENCES & PENALTIESI.1)If occupier of factory Imprisonment to each upto 2yrs orcontravenes any provisions or fine upto Rs.1 lakh or bothrules[S.92]2)If such offence continues after Further fine upto Rs.1000 forconviction[S.92] each day on which offense continues3)On subsequent conviction of Imprisonment upto 3yrs or finesame offense[S.94] upto Rs.2 lakh(min. fine Rs.10000)or bothII)Any person who willfully Imprisonment upto 6mths or fineobstructs inspector or fails to upto Rs.1 lakh or bothproduce before himIII)Any person who publishes or Imprisonment upto 6mths or finediscloses result of analysis of upto Rs.1 lakh or bothsample made[S.11]
  11. 11. (CONTINUED…)IV)Any person who sells or lets on hire Imprisonment upto 3mths orany machine driven by power, not fine upto Rs.500 or botheffectively guardedV)Any person who spits within premises Fine upto Rs.5of factory except spittoonsVI)Medical practioner who attends Fine upto Rs.1000worker of factory who is found to besuffering from occupationaldiseasesfails to report to chiefinspector[S.89(4)]VII)Any worker contravenes any Fine upto Rs.500provisions of act or rules[S.97]VIII)Any worker acts in contravention of Imprisonment upto 3mths oremployees with regard to safety of fine upto Rs.100 or bothappliances[S.III]