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HOW ZENO WORKS... Zeno is a full service, outsourced marketing team.

We're your marketing team, so you'll have a marketing manager and access to our experienced team of marketing professionals, including graphic and web designers, digital marketers, PR managers, events planners and more.

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Zeno Marketing - How It Works

  2. 2. Get ready, this is whereyour marketing starts making a difference... The Marketing Guys Contents WELCOME TO ZENO 3 The Problem 4 The Solution 5 Zeno is Different 6 How Zeno Works • The Zeno Process • Support Structure 9 Service Overview • Marketing Management & Planning • Campaign Delivery • Social & Digital Marketing • Event Management 11 Price Plan 12 Contact Us WWW.ZENO-MARKETING.CO.UK
  3. 3. g of buildin The risk ent g deaprtm a marketin ... bit scary can be a The Problem THE MARKETING GAP It is widely recognised in the world of small and medium sized business Yet, many potentially great businesses fail spectacularly because they havethat successful marketing plays a major role in making the big brands undervalued and under-invested in marketing. become big and stay big. Since the importance of marketing is so widely recognised, how does this happen? Put simply, it comes back to one key factor – risk. Setting up an effective marketing department and employing the right people doesn’t come cheap and many companies cant access the finance, or dont want to expose themselves to risk. A productive marketing department isnt just about people, its about technology, systems, processes, measurement and management. Getting all these elements right is beyond the reach of many medium and small businesses... until now, that is. The Marketing Guys WWW.ZENO-MARKETING.CO.UK
  4. 4. “lets ma W e said, marketin ke big b g more a rand so ccessible ” thats w hat wev e done! back, enjoy So you can sit ve the a cuppa and lea ’ us... creative stuff to The Solution LEAVE IT TO US There is a very simple solution to this a complex problem. Why not let We are Zeno, a full service outsourced marketing team, also known as, The Marketing Guys. We have invested in people, systems, processes, technology someone else deal with the financial risk and management complexities and training so you dont have to. We are all set up ready to go, hit the groundof setting up a fully functional marketing team that will deliver results? running and make an impact for your business as soon as you push the button. Zeno is your marketing team, so youll have a marketing manager and access Then steal them. Its not as ridiculous as it sounds... to our experienced team of marketing professionals, including graphic and web designers, digital marketers, PR managers, events planners and more. As with employing your own in-house team your marketing manager will be in constant communication with you, getting feedback on ideas, relaying results and refining your marketing activity and realigning marketing with your wider business strategy. It really is that simple. The Marketing Guys WWW.ZENO-MARKETING.CO.UK
  5. 5. IS TIVITY EVERY AC RTED, ND REPO SURED A OW MEA S KNOW H SO Y OU ALWAY NG. RFORMI WELL WE’RE PE ES Y AGENCI NOT MAN THAT! CAN SAY Zeno is DifferentEXTEND YOUR BUSINESSMany companies choose to use a design, web or PR agency to provide all Essentially discipline specialists are biased towards their specialist area of marketing, this is compounded by a factory business model, make it, ship of their marketing needs. We dont believe this approach is the best it, get paid. But what if the product isnt any good? Your agency certainly approach for achieving the best results. wont suffer. On the flip side, at Zeno we work as an extension of your business. Were driven by your objectives. Were measured against your objectives. Its fair to say, your marketing objectives are pretty damn important to us. The Marketing Guys WWW.ZENO-MARKETING.CO.UK
  6. 6. YOUR GENIUS ACTION PLAN How Zeno W orksA PLAN FOR EVERYONE When our clients push the button the first thing we do is Your Zeno Action Plan includes a marketing plan and contact plan, which ties together business and marketing information, channel strategies and create a Zeno Action Plan. scheduled activity. These documents provide the foundations of your planned marketing activity and the criteria to measure your marketing performance. They are both included as part of the initial Zeno set up. The Marketing Guys WWW.ZENO-MARKETING.CO.UK
  7. 7. Zeno Set UpMarketing Internal Production Set Up Monthly Action Production Audit Brief Brief Production Report Plan Sign Off Schedule Central Activity Activity Marketing Marketing Plan Activity Activity Planning Production Activity Calendar Contact Brand Plan Planning Production Resource Sign Off Sign Off Folder Action Sign Off How Zeno W orks THE ZENO PROCESS Having stressed the importance of a sound process, youll be glad to know weve developed a ’KEY pretty good one ourselves. Designed to ensure our service is transparent and our performance can be managed against your objectives, this is how we work:Process Process External Internal(ZENO) (SHARED) Document Document The Marketing Guys WWW.ZENO-MARKETING.CO.UK
  8. 8. specialists The cra ck team of up every are here t o back you way... step of the How Zeno W orks SUPPORT STRUCTURE Its not just about companies without marketing resource, we also Outsourced Marketing Teamsupport solo marketing managers and small marketing teams. We have We have much to contribute to companies with no internal marketing resource. We employ all the skills and service you would need in your business to create aan agile team with experience across many different sectors. Our diverse full marketing department, giving you the big brand marketing department at skill set and experience, provides the agility and creativity to develop less than the cost of a single full-time marketing manager. This service comes unique and effective solutions to marketing challenges. without the HR headaches of employing a team and without the investment risk of salaries, technology, software, processes and management. Supporting Marketing Managers We also support solo marketing managers and directors, who often have a long list of objectives with little resource available to achieve them. There are often skill gaps within small marketing teams, and sometimes in larger teams. Zeno can fill those gaps with the appropriate skills or experience. When we are working within existing marketing teams, we work as part of your team, reinforcing the value of having an established internal marketer. The Marketing Guys WWW.ZENO-MARKETING.CO.UK
  9. 9. Get access to some of the fin est marketing minds arou nd Our Services OVERVIEWOur team of marketing professionals range from marketing consultants, Zenos service include: planners and managers, through to designers, copy writers and • Marketing Strategy, Planning & Management photographers, providing your business with instant access to an • Campaign Delivery established marketing team that will deliver against performance targets, • Public Relations month in, month out. • Digital & Social Marketing • Events Management • Additional Support The Marketing Guys WWW.ZENO-MARKETING.CO.UK
  10. 10. Our Services IN DETAILIn many ways, the Zeno service is like a pick- and - mix display with lots Marketing Management & Planning of enticing products to choose from. We provide input on strategy and planning as standard. In most cases we provide a marketing plan and contact plan, we wrap these up in your Zeno Our service options are designed to satisfy your marketing needs. Action Plan, which includes context on your business and markets, as well as channel strategies and scheduled marketing activity. • Marketing strategy • Marketing planning • Contact planningHMMM... Campaign Delivery (including) • Campaign strategy & planning • Direct mail • Email marketing • Newsletters SO MANY • Outdoor advertising • Press advertising ...OPTIONS PR (including) • PR strategy & planning • Crisis management • Press release writing & distribution Social & Digital Marketing (including) • Digital strategy & planning • Online advertising • Google campaign management • Link building • Twitter engagement programmes • Social media management • Facebook page design & management Event Management (including) • Event planning • Exhibition design • Promotional product design • Production Additional Support We realise that not everything can fit in a box, so when you have a marketing or design task which falls outside your Zeno plan, the give us a call. We will already have an acute understanding of your company, target market, services and objectives, making us well-suited to create a solution that hits the right spot. • Branding and identity • Business cards & stationery • Brochure & literature design • Web design • Signage The Marketing Guys WWW.ZENO-MARKETING.CO.UK
  11. 11. ... r g plan is clea Y our mo nthly pricin es! so no n asty surpris Price PlanGIVE YOURSELF CREDITThere are a lot of options open to your business, email marketing, direct We conduct a free audit to assess how many credits your business requires to meet its marketing objectives, you can tweak the plan to make it fit your mail, social media, online marketing, the list goes on. budget expectations. Credits are spread evenly across the year, so you alwaysFor this very reason there isnt a one size fits all pricing structure. Zeno know what your bill is going to be from month to month. It really is that simple. works on a credit system. If youre looking for a ball park... Typically Zeno is much more cost-effective than adding internal marketing resource to your business, or outsourcing to an agency. This is especially true if you factor the saving in agency fees over the course of the year. Our monthly fees range from £400 to £4,000. As a guide, popular Zeno packages are in the region of £650 - £2,000 per month. When compared to a marketing role and the additional agency fees over the year, there is no comparison in value. The Marketing Guys WWW.ZENO-MARKETING.CO.UK
  12. 12. The Marketing Guys Contact Us SO LET’S TALK... ...about your business. We want to show what we can do for your business. We offer a free, no obligation Zeno Audit, which identifies what you need and how much it will cost. To book your free audit just pick up the phone or drop us an email. T: 029 2000 4396 E: marketme@zeno - marketing.co.uk TWEETS: @zenoteamWWW.NUANCEANDFATHOM.CO.UK WWW.ZENO-MARKETING.CO.UK