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Mobile apps recap_brian moore

  1. 1. mobilezapp Mobile Apps and Facility Management Radically Change Your Facilities Management The Mobilezapp team understands the unique needs of facilities management. We offer the ability to greatly assist your organization’s senior management and facility managers with a wide array of functions previously unavailable. The apps we create bring the power of your desktop and servers directly into the pockets of your facility management team. They can review photos, review and execute contracts, review bids for capital purchases such as desks, copiers, computer equipment and much more. We start the process to create a mobile app for your facilities management team by working with your mobile stakeholders to gain a very clear understanding of the primary and secondary objectives. From beginning to end takes roughly 120 days. Our mobile app prototype program allows your team to see exactly how your app will look and function. The applications we will create for your team are based upon your own unique needs and requirements. We deliver a series of story-boards as well as a clickable PDF or HTML file. Once your team has approved the prototype we begin writing your mobile app. From start-to-finish generally takes ninety days. We will take care of all of the paperwork in order for your app to be approved by Apple, Google, Microsoft and BlackBerry and be prominently featured in the appropriate online store. We offer the capability for your facility managers and staff to have immediate notifications of any additions, changes or even movement of your physical assets. Document facility problems with photos Integration with corporate servers Ability to instantly make decisions Real-time tracking of physical assets Control of lighting, power and computers Ground management control Green energy efficiency reports Plumbing and restroom monitoring Fire safety improvement/directions OSHA reporting systems Property inspection support Emergency Preparedness assistance Superior and Revolutionary Facilities Management Full control of facility from your pocket Strict adherence with government regulations Assistance with design and construction Greater control over recurring and one-time costs Emergency evacuation procedures are clearly defined Benefits of Mobile Apps for Facility Managers We offer facility managers and executives alike the ability to control a wide range of functions directly from their pocket. We support all smartphone and tablet devices. 100 South Congress Avenue, Twentieth Floor Austin, Texas, USA 78732 512.879.9989 Brian Moore Vice President of Sales
  2. 2. mobilezapp Mobile Apps and Healthcare Solutions We excel at healthcare mobile apps: We understand the needs of physicians and hospital administrators to obtain immediate information via mobile devices. We understand HIPAA laws as well as the rigid fair balance guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry. Our expertise lies in the ability to take backend database information such as patient records and provide them in real-time on the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPad and other tablets. We understand the needs of physician, nursing staff and office and hospital administrators. The Mobilezapp team will create a sensational looking and highly functional mobile app for your organization. Our apps improve the patient, physician, hospital experience. We improve the ability to collect faster for procedures and patient consultations from all major insurance companies. Patients can use their smartphones and tablet devices to speed up processing time at physicians offices as well as receive wait times at clinics and hospitals. We bring the power of the laboratory to the pockets of healthcare professionals. The Corvel app provides the ability to find PPO’s, process claims, identify physicians covered under specific insurance policies and much more. Write prescriptions Approve medications Review patient charts Insurance retrieval Payment processing Access patient records View sonograms Transfer records Monitor patients Analyze metabolic rates Emergency info Access patient files Receive lab results Monitor meds Translation services Medical app reviews Emergency information Murmur monitors Google glasses Electrocardiograms Patient alerts OCR capabilities Heart rate monitors Safe dose anesthetics ACCP Radiology cases CDC Contraception Blood pressure Patient profiles Hospital directions Post-surgery info Pre-surgery info Drug references Medical education Operational notes Dosage information Medical phrase translation Asthma monitoring PT/INR monitoring’ Symptom analysis 3D Human anatomy Surgical oncology ER/ED wait times Our healthcare experience is quite unique and benefits a wide variety of industries. Our healthcare expertise includes: Select a network Search method Maximum distance Provider name Provider tax ID Find Providers Corvel PPO Lookup 100 South Congress Avenue, Twentieth Floor Austin, Texas, USA 78732 512.879.9989 Brian Moore Vice President of Sales
  3. 3. mobilezapp Mobile Apps and Logistics We Understand Logistics Mobilezapp can assist your organization with a wide range of mobility and logistics management for people and goods. These include rail, sea, air and ground automation, infrastructure logistics, intelligent traffic and transportation systems along with all electro-mobility and infrastructure activities. Smartphones and tablet devices such as the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPad and Android tablets empower your organization with the ability to better track shipments and provide immediate information to everyone within the entire logistics chain. We focus on products that are easy to use for anyone regardless of their technology prowess. Our mobile logistics solutions offer a seamless, highly efficient and reliable transport of goods and information. We can assist with mail and parcel logistics and automation, airport logistics with baggage handling, air cargo handling, and IT solutions that can support your organization with your daily operations. We will work closely with your team to create a working prototype that allows your organization to “see” how your application will function. We create the graphical user interface (GUI) in a storyboard fashion, with all of the screens customized to your organizations unique needs. Our smartphone and tablet logistics apps empower your team without any additional hardware purchases - leveraging each employees own device. Track packages to pockets Improve management info RFID tag support Individual package tracking Ability for comments from delivery team Interactive communication from customers Complete back-end integration services Turnkey mobility solution Air, Land, Sea transport integration Process payments through smartphones Instant access to tracking information Schedule pickups and check pricing Transportation and Logistics Mobile Apps Minimal to no hardware investment Extremely low cost to build customized apps Improve information delivered to all employees & customers Real-time management reporting Immediate return-on-investment Benefits of Mobile Apps mobilezapp mobilezapp obilezapp The Mobilezapp team will create a multiplatform mobile application solution for your organization including iPhones, Androids, iPads and BlackBerry devices. 100 South Congress Avenue, Twentieth Floor Austin, Texas, USA 78732 512.879.9989 Brian Moore Vice President of Sales
  4. 4. mobilezapp Mobile Apps and Retail Mobile is the Future of Retail Retail customers are relying more and more on their smartphone or tablet devices - while in retail locations. Rather than asking a store clerk questions regarding a particular product, counting on the sticker price to be the cheapest price or trying to find a product on the shelves - smartphone users are using their devices to obtain same. We can create the QR code information for your organization’s inventory - whether it be five hundred, or five hundred million products. We will work closely with your team to cross-sell, up- sell and quite simply “sell” the goods, products and services your store is offering. We can leverage geo-fence technology to promote your goods. If one of your customers has “opted-in” to receive notifications, we have the authorization to send text messages and even call the individuals to promote products they are interested in. The opportunities are limitless. We have the technology, expertise and mobile experience in order to combine brick and mortar with next-generation mobile technology. We provide the ability to proactively promote individual products or entire brands through SMS push notifications based on geo-fence technology. Directions to stores Find products on shelves Barcode scanning Price comparisons Coupon delivery Special discounts Shopper loyalty cards Checkout capabilities Facebook integration Geo-fence capabilities Location based offers Remember purchases Restroom information Lay away capabilities Pay with mobile device Store hours Management information Customer surveys Groupon integration Opt-in SMS messages Wedding registries QR code recognition QR code creative Twitter integration Voice recognition Data encryption Customer loyalty programs Charting functions Paypal support Credit card integration Interest rate summaries Friend invites Full multimedia support Gift card support Browser integration Advertising modules Employee log-ins Staff sick-leave policies Staff work hours display Enterprise communications Our retails apps leverage payments, photos, GPS locations, coupons and much more. We can create and promote your retail apps to: User Name RSC Equipment Rental We bring the power of a desktop computer directly into the pockets of your consumers. Password 100 South Congress Avenue, Twentieth Floor Austin, Texas, USA 78732 512.879.9989 Brian Moore Vice President of Sales