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Modernizing i5 Applications


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"PHP offers many opportunities and avenues to leverage existing i5 investments. One such area to leverage is the existing i5 applications and programs. This presentation will guide you through examples utilizing PHP to both invoke RPG/COBOL/CL programs web-enable 5250 applications."

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Modernizing i5 Applications

  1. 1. Extending RPG with PHP Exploiting RPG Applications in new ways Jon.Paris @
  2. 2. Topics Before we discuss the options ... • A quick look at what are other users doing with PHP in i land Updating business practices with new free/low-cost tools • Everything from Help Desk software to User Documentation Extending your RPG application set • Using PHP to do things RPG can't do - Or at least can't do as easily - e.g. E-mail, XML processing, Creating Spreadsheets, File Uploads • , etc. from new web applications Refacing 5250 with the latest option - Zend 5250 Bridge • A new option for putting 5250 applications to work in new ways - For example as Web Services - Or in a new quot;Web Facedquot; role
  3. 3. What are i Users Doing ? Consolidation: • Re-hosting PHP applications currently running on Windows or Linux that access data in DB2 • Speed up applications while reducing complexity and increasing reliability Modernization: • Using PHP to web-enable green screen applications. New application development: • Create new applications with PHP - Intranet, Extranet, Reporting, Websites, Wikis and ... Leveraging PHP portfolio: • Run commercial or open source PHP applications on i5/OS.
  4. 4. Cabel Background • Provide services for local banks - Strategy, organisation, management and IT consulting Requirement • Urgent need to web-enable core green screen applications • Allow customers to access information without forcing them to install software. • Reduce number of screens & modify application flow for ease of use Solution: • Zend Bridge + - Customized the 5250 PHP demo page to front-end the application • Provided connections to customers via web services • Integrated web data content Benefits • Rapidly deployment of a web solution • Leveraged green screen business logic and DB2/400 data • Extended and enhanced functionality (documents, images, etc.) • Integration with customers without affecting their systems
  5. 5. Ruger Background • Manufacturer of sporting and law enforcement firearms • i not viewed as part of future plans Requirement • Launch an on-line auction site - yesterday! - Solution • Purchased and deployed a low-cost PHP-based package • Four RPG developers with no PHP background customized and deployed it in a month Benefits • Implemented on time and on budget • Laid the foundation for integration of i into future plans
  6. 6. Parts Depot Background • One of the largest distributors and resellers of automotive aftermarket parts and paints in the U.S. Requirement • Update business partner applications ranging from price quotations to fulfillment to the reviewing of historical data. Solution • Three System i 520s support the business. - Production, Development and HA • Developed new web application with PHP integrating with backend RPG applications
  7. 7. Cremer Background • Distribute and manufacture disposable health care products in Brazil Requirement • Improve customer sat with a streamlined call center application - Inventory, prices, credit status, invoice details • Reduce software costs Solution • Developed new PHP web-based call center application which accesses DB2 on i5/OS V5R3 Benefits • Reduction in software costs • Rapid development – even though initially no in-house PHP skills • Faster access to DB2 information
  8. 8. Icon Fitness Background • World's largest home fitness manufacturer • Brands include NordicTrack, HealthRider, Reebok, and Pro-Form Requirement • Quickly develop fitness/nutrition web sites to meet January demand peak - and Solution • Developed new consumer web sites with PHP • Ties into existing WebSphere Commerce Server
  9. 9. Updating with new free/low-cost tools Customer Relationship Management Help Desk Portal Portal Portal Course Management System e-Commerce Wiki Bulletin Board Content Management System
  10. 10. SugarCRM
  11. 11. MANTIS Help Desk Software • Uses native DB2 under i5/OS • Data usable from RPG, Query, COBOL, SQL... Available under GNU GPL Open Source license • I.e. It is FREE FOREVER Create/manage Internal and External Support Issues • Any web browser, any client operating system • E-mail notification as Issues are progressed Supported by Curbstone Corporation • They have used it in-house to track problems for a number of years
  12. 12. Wikis - PMWiki (:table width=800 align=center:) (:table width=800 align=center:) (:cell:) (:cell:) http://localhost:8888/pmwiki/images/Partner400Logo31.jpg http://localhost:8888/pmwiki/images/Partner400Logo31.jpg (:cellnr:) (:cellnr:) !!Welcomeato Partner400's Sample Documentation Web Site QuickTime™ and to Partner400's Sample Documentation Web Site !!Welcome QuickTime™ and a (:cellnr:) picture. decompressor (:cellnr:) are needed decompressor to see this are needed to see this picture. - quot;Documentationquot;. Yes the D-word - quot;Documentationquot;. Yes the D-word Here you will find links to a number of web pages that will link you to Here you will find links to a number of web pages that will link you to articles that we have written, sample programs, and a few other bits articles that we have written, sample programs, and a few other bits and pieces such as travel guides and information for conference and pieces such as travel guides and information for conference planners. planners. *Click here for [[Articles ||a list of articles that we have written]] *Click here for [[Articles a list of articles that we have written]] *Here for [[Samples ||Sample programs]] *Here for [[Samples Sample programs]] *And here [[Other ||for all the other stuff]] *And here [[Other for all the other stuff]] (:tableend:) (:tableend:)
  13. 13. Extending your RPG application set In areas where RPG native support is weak or non-existent • e.g. XML, E-mail, Sockets, CGI - All of these can be done via native support (XML) - Or open source or third-party tool kits - But can be complex to use ¨ And for some people the lack of formal support is an inhibitor By providing new interfaces to native functions • I5 Toolkit and DB2 support provide comprehensive access • Integrate system functionality into: - Web services - New browser applications
  14. 14. Comparing XML Processing in RPG and PHP At first glance both programs look very similar • But all is not quite as it seems /Free /Free XML-INTO company %XML( XML_Input1: 'doc=file case=any' ); XML-INTO company %XML( XML_Input1: 'doc=file case=any' ); for i = 1 to xmlElements; for i = 1 to xmlElements; dsply company(i); dsply company(i); endfor; endfor; <?php <?php $Customers = simplexml_load_file(quot;Partner400Customers.xmlquot;); $Customers = simplexml_load_file(quot;Partner400Customers.xmlquot;); foreach ($Customers->Customer as $customer) { foreach ($Customers->Customer as $customer) { print quot;$customer->Company<br>quot;; print quot;$customer->Company<br>quot;; } ?> } ?>
  15. 15. The quot;Missingquot; Part of the Comparison The previous chart left out this part of the RPG version D progStatus SDS D• xmlElements SDS D RPG requires the data progStatus to be20i 0 Overlay(progStatus: 372) predefined D xmlElements 20i 0 Overlay(progStatus: 372) • PHP does for you dynamically 0 D i s 10i D i s 10i 0 D customers DS Qualified D customers DS Qualified D recordCount 3p 0 D recordCount 3p 0 D customer LikeDS(customer) Dim(99) D customer LikeDS(customer) Dim(99) D customer DS Qualified D customer DS Qualified D type 10a D type 10a D company 32a D company 32a D address LikeDS(address) D address LikeDS(address) D address DS D address DS D street 32a D street 32a D city 24a D city 24a D state 2a D state 2a D zip 5s 0 D zip 5s 0 D XML_Input1 256a Inz('/Partner400/Customers.xml') D XML_Input1 256a Inz('/Partner400/Customers.xml')
  16. 16. Easy Extensions - Web Services This example uses two web services • One to obtain the price of a stock in US$ • The other to obtain the current US$ -> Cdn$ exchange rate All you need to know is the name of the method • All the underlying work is done for you <?php <?php $QuoteClient = new SoapClient( $QuoteClient = new SoapClient( quot;;); quot;;); $CurrencyClient = new SoapClient( $CurrencyClient = new SoapClient( quot;;); quot;;); $IBM_Price = $QuoteClient->getQuote(quot;ibmquot;); $IBM_Price = $QuoteClient->getQuote(quot;ibmquot;); $US_Cdn_Rate = $CurrencyClient->getRate(quot;usaquot;, quot;canadaquot;); $US_Cdn_Rate = $CurrencyClient->getRate(quot;usaquot;, quot;canadaquot;); print(quot;IBM stock price is $$IBM_Price - that is $quot; print(quot;IBM stock price is $$IBM_Price - that is $quot; . ($IBM_Price * $US_Cdn_Rate) . quot; in Cdn$quot;); . ($IBM_Price * $US_Cdn_Rate) . quot; in Cdn$quot;); ?> ?>
  17. 17. Easy Extensions - Web Services This example uses one of the Google web services • The spelling suggestion The Google related logic is all on this page • The next page simply shows the input form <?php <?php if (isset($_POST['submit'])) { if (isset($_POST['submit'])) { $input = $_POST['input']; $input = $_POST['input']; $signature = quot;oJ+6HjxQFHKudrUwGI99RrEjLmQ5jrv1quot;; $signature = quot;oJ+6HjxQFHKudrUwGI99RrEjLmQ5jrv1quot;; $google = new SoapClient(quot;GoogleSearch.wsdlquot;); $google = new SoapClient(quot;GoogleSearch.wsdlquot;); $response = $google->doSpellingSuggestion($signature, $input); $response = $google->doSpellingSuggestion($signature, $input); If (!$response) $response = quot;Google hasn't a clue what you mean!quot;; If (!$response) $response = quot;Google hasn't a clue what you mean!quot;; } else { // This is just a form request so set field defaults } else { // This is just a form request so set field defaults $input = ''; $input = ''; $response = ''; $response = ''; } } ?> ?>
  18. 18. Easy Extensions - Google (contd) It is possible to do this in RPG using Scott Klement's HTTPAPI • Or one of the other libraries But the amount of code required is substantially greater <html> <html> <head> <head> Google Spelling API Test Page! Google Spelling API Test Page! <br><br> <br><br> Enter your test string and press Submit to see Enter your test string and press Submit to see what Google thinks of it<br><br> what Google thinks of it<br><br> <form action=quot;<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] ?>quot; method=quot;postquot;> <form action=quot;<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] ?>quot; method=quot;postquot;> Input String: <input type=quot;textquot; name=quot;inputquot; value=quot;<?php echo $input ?>quot; /> Input String: <input type=quot;textquot; name=quot;inputquot; value=quot;<?php echo $input ?>quot; /> <br> <br> <br><br>Google responds <b><?php echo $response;?></b> <br><br>Google responds <b><?php echo $response;?></b> <br><br> <br><br> <input type=quot;submitquot; name=quot;submitquot; value=quot;submitquot; /> <input type=quot;submitquot; name=quot;submitquot; value=quot;submitquot; /> </form> </form> </head> </head>
  19. 19. Business Application Framework ATK has an interesting approach to Frameworks • It focuses on business applications There is now an i5 specific version (i.e. DB2 enabled) • But the web site is only in Dutch at present ( Ivo Jansch is presenting on the topic on Thursday • quot;PHP in the Enterprisequot;
  20. 20. ATK Demo/Teaching Application
  21. 21. i5/OS Extensions and Toolkit Connection Management Connect, change user, close…. DB2 UDB access via SQL and Record level I/O Fetch as array, get field lengths, field type, ... Create records, update, set ranges, ... Command, Program and Procedure calls Supports return values Data Areas, Data Queues, Message Queues Create, read, write, delete... Many examples Many examples System values available in the available in the manuals, forums, and manuals, forums, and Including date, time, … other on-line sources other on-line sources Spool Queues and files List, Read, ...
  22. 22. i5 Specific Functions - V1.5 Connection Management Data retrieval • i5_connect ** • i5_close • i5_fetch_array • i5_adopt_authority • i5_fetch_assoc • i5_error • i5_fetch_object • i5_errormsg CL calls • i5_fetch_row • i5_command • i5_info • i5_cmdget • i5_field_len Program Calls • i5_program_prepare • i5_field_name • i5_program_call • i5_field_scale • i5_program_close • i5_field_type ** Latest release adds permanent connections • i5_list_fields via i5_pconnect and the corresponding • i5_num_fields i5_pclose • i5_result Significantly better performance BUT ...
  23. 23. i5 Specific Functions - V1.5 Native file access Native file access (contd.) • i5_open • i5_free_file • i5_addnew • i5_new_record • I5_edit • i5_delete_record • I5_delete • i5_update_record • i5_cancel_edit • i5_setvalue • i5_get_keys • i5_update System Values • i5_range_from • i5_get_system_value • i5_range_to Data Areas • i5_range_clear • i5_data_area_create • i5_data_seek • i5_data_area_read • i5_seek • i5_bookmark • i5_data_area_write • i5_data_area_delete
  24. 24. i5 Specific Functions - V1.5 Data Queues Output Queues • i5_dtaq_open • i5_outq_open • i5_dtaq_put • i5_outq_read • i5_outq_close • i5_dtaq_read Spool File • i5_dtaq_close • i5_spool_open Jobs • i5_spool_get_data • i5_jobs_joblog • i5_spool_from_data • i5_jobs_joblog_close • i5_spool_from_file • i5_jobs_list_start • i5_spool_close • i5_jobs_list_close User Space Message Queues • i5_userspace_create • i5_userspace_get • i5_messageq_open • i5_userspace_delete • i5_messageq_close
  25. 25. Using Native Record Level I/O Dynamically accessing fields just cannot be done in RPG // Get input data // Get input data $dbfile = $_POST['tbl']; $dbfile = $_POST['tbl']; $dblib = $_POST['lib']; $dblib = $_POST['lib']; if ($dbfile == '') $dbfile = quot;JONSDEMOSquot;; if ($dbfile == '') $dbfile = quot;JONSDEMOSquot;; if ($dblib == '') $dblib = quot;CUSTOMERSquot;; if ($dblib == '') $dblib = quot;CUSTOMERSquot;; $conn = i5_connect(quot;localhostquot;, quot;PARTNER400quot;, quot;PASSWORDquot;); $conn = i5_connect(quot;localhostquot;, quot;PARTNER400quot;, quot;PASSWORDquot;); // Open the file // Open the file $file = i5_open(quot;$dblib/$dbfilequot;, I5_OPEN_READ | I5_OPEN_SHRRD); $file = i5_open(quot;$dblib/$dbfilequot;, I5_OPEN_READ | I5_OPEN_SHRRD); if (!$file) if (!$file) die(quot;Error while attempting to open file mode=READ $i5_error()quot;); die(quot;Error while attempting to open file mode=READ $i5_error()quot;); // Print header row using field names // Print header row using field names $fields = i5_list_fields($file);// returns an array $fields = i5_list_fields($file);// returns an array print quot;<table border=1 cellpadding=3><tr bgcolor=#CCCCCC>quot;; print quot;<table border=1 cellpadding=3><tr bgcolor=#CCCCCC>quot;; // Parse the array // Parse the array foreach ($fields as $value) foreach ($fields as $value) { print quot;<th>$value</th>quot;; { print quot;<th>$value</th>quot;; } }
  26. 26. Using Native Record Level I/O (cont.) This works beautifully and doesn't annoy the SQL phobic! // Print records // Print records $rec = i5_fetch_row($file, I5_READ_FIRST); // get array $rec = i5_fetch_row($file, I5_READ_FIRST); // get array while ($rec) // while there is a record... while ($rec) // while there is a record... { { ?> ?> <!-- Print each record --> <!-- Print each record --> <tr> <tr> <td><?php echo $rec[0]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $rec[0]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $rec[1]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $rec[1]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $rec[2]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $rec[2]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $rec[3]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $rec[3]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $rec[4]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $rec[4]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $rec[5]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $rec[5]; ?></td> </tr> </tr> <?php <?php $rec = i5_fetch_row($file, I5_READ_NEXT); $rec = i5_fetch_row($file, I5_READ_NEXT); } // loop } // loop print quot;</table>quot;;// finish off the table print quot;</table>quot;;// finish off the table ?> ?>
  27. 27. i5 Function Sample - WRKSPLF Originally released via the i5 Zend Core forum • Find it by Googling with quot;php wrksplf site:zend.comquot; Simple simulation of WRKSPLF built with i5 APIs • Adds the ability to email or convert to PDF a spool file entry The basic process it uses is: • i5_connect( ) to connect • i5_spool_list( ) to build list of spool files for the requested user • i5_spool_list_read( ) to read the entries in the spool queue • i5_spool_list_close( ) to close the spool link • i5_close( ) to close the connection If a spool file is selected for display: • i5_spool_get_data( ) retrieves the spool records
  28. 28. PHP WRKSPLF Output
  29. 29. Using RPG programs in new ways The latest option - Zend 5250 Bridge • A new approach for putting Green-screen applications to work in new ways - For example as Web Services - In a new quot;Web Facedquot; role - Via Portals and Mash Ups What is the quot;Bridgequot; • How do you get it • Technical Overview of components The Bridge Demonstration Programs • Green Screen Emulator • Simple Web Interface • AJAX style Web Interface A brief example of the basic procedural APIs • A different kind of 5250 Programming! The Bridge is a Toolkit of possibilities • Not a Silver Bullet quot;Solutionquot; • Where might the future take us?
  30. 30. What is the quot;Bridgequot; Three sets of APIs that allow a PHP script to drive a 5250 session • Tow sets of APIs - Object Oriented - Procedural - these are the ones we will be focusing on Multiple 5250 sessions can be connected to a single script • So you could combine the data from several green screen applications in a single browser window! • You could also include data from another system's 5250 application by using a Telnet connection Bridge is available as part of Zend Platform • Or as a quot;sandboxquot; single session version in a unlicensed version of Platform (i.e. One for which the trial period has expired)
  31. 31. Product Advantages Doesn't require WebSphere Application Server • So CPW requirements are lower No 5250 workload • Use batch for green screen programs instead of interactive Easy to install • No application source required – works on display file objects No charge for one connection • Play in the sandbox until you can convince the boss to purchase Modernize the application • Using AJAX and other advanced web based technologies Telnet enabled • Can be used to telnet to other systems and blend results into a single interface
  32. 32. Technical Overview Supplied as a PHP library • Contains a set of PHP functions/classes to access 5250 data • Includes a number of demonstration programs Allows you to run any 5250 applications under PHP control • Utilizes IBM's WebFacing server • Part of i5/OS TCP/IP All screen data available ... • Input and Output fields, positions and attributes
  33. 33. The Supplied Demo programs
  34. 34. 5250 Bridge - quot;GreenScreenquot; Demo quot;Green Screenquot; quot;Green Screenquot; demo now uses demo now uses hover help to show hover help to show number and type of number and type of field field inputField 0 This is the default appearance
  35. 35. 5250 Bridge - quot;GreenScreenquot; Demo CUSTOMIZE STYLE . But add a little style(sheet) ...
  36. 36. Subfile Demonstration Program
  37. 37. Subfile Demonstration Programs Basic quot;vanillaquot; Basic quot;vanillaquot; version uses version uses procedural functions procedural functions quot;Fancyquot; version uses quot;Fancyquot; version uses Object interface Object interface
  38. 38. Very Simple Bridge Demo Script (1) <?php set_include_path('/usr/local/Zend/5250/API/'); require_once('Zend/ProceduralApi.php'); // Open a connection to the Zend 5250 Bridge, for a job with id 'simple' $bridge = zend_5250_open('simple'); $response = @zend_5250_connect($bridge); Can be used as a Can be used as a standard quot;What's on the standard quot;What's on the $inpfields = zend_5250_get_input_fields($response); screen?quot; routine to be screen?quot; routine to be plugged in where needed plugged in where needed $outfields = zend_5250_get_output_fields($response); during development during development print quot;<table width='800'><th>id<th>row<th>column<th>length <th>value<th>color<th>type<th>font<th>formatquot;; foreach ($inpfields as $field) { print quot;<tr align='center'><td>$field[id]</td><td>$field[row]</td> <td>$field[column]</td><td>$field[length]</td> <td>$field[value]</td><td>$field[color]</td> <td>$field[type]</td><td>$field[font]</td> <td>$field[format]</td></tr>quot;; }
  39. 39. Very Simple Bridge Demo Script (2) print '<tr><td align=quot;centerquot; colspan=quot;9quot;><h3>Output Fields</h3></td></tr>'; foreach ($outfields as $field) { print quot;<tr align='center'><td>$field[id]</td><td>$field[row]</td> <td>$field[column]</td><td>$field[length]</td> <td>$field[value]</td><td>$field[color]</td> <td colspan='3'>&nbsp;</td></tr>quot;; } print quot;</table>quot;; print quot;nn<h3>Var_Dump of $inpfields</h3>nnquot;; var_dump($inpfields); print quot;nn<h3>Var_Dump of $outfields</h3>nnquot;; var_dump($outfields); zend_5250_disconnect($bridge); ?>
  40. 40. Display from Simple Bridge Demo Each field on the screen is returned as an array element: • Each element is in turn an array containing: - Field id, Position (Row and Column), Length, Value, Color, type, etc.
  41. 41. Extract From Zend's Basic Subfile Demo <?php $status = zend_5250_get_output_field_value($response, 15); if ($status == 1) { echo quot;User is active<br />nquot;; } elseif ($status == 2) { echo quot;User is inactive<br />nquot;; } ?> Serial number: <?php echo zend_5250_get_output_field_value($response, 11); ?> <br /> Application name: <?php echo zend_5250_get_output_field_value($response, 13); ?> <br /><br /> Number of sign on: <?php echo zend_5250_get_output_field_value($response, 20); ?> <br /> <?php $lang = zend_5250_get_output_field_value($response, 27); if ($lang == 'E') { $lang = 'English'; Convert single Convert single elseif ($lang == 'F') { character response to character response to $lang = 'Francais'; } else { full text full text $lang = 'Unknown'; } echo quot;Preffered language: $lang<br />nquot;; ?>
  42. 42. Early Lessons Learned Input and Output seem backwards • quot;Inputquot; is the data you send to the 5250 application - What you receive as input from the browser you will send on as input to the 5250 application • quot;Outputquot; is what you receive from the 5250 application - You may or may not pass it on as-is to the browser user Remember that the 5250 application won't directly see the input • Your script must pass it on You need to be able to identify screen layouts in some way • Or you won't have a clue which screen is quot;talkingquot; to you • The data from the bridge API does not include any format information - You get the whole screen content - regardless of which format originated it
  43. 43. Early Lessons Learned (contd.) Additional tools to determine field Id numbers are needed • Latest modification to Zend's 5250 demo screen is helpful • I am looking at the possibility of using a DSPFFD Outfile - Build a database associated with each screen that uses row/column coordinates to associates field names and the sequence identifier ¨ Subfiles and overlapping fields are a nuisance - Result could be queried to map data to field name in script - Using Outfile because corresponding API is really ugly • Until there are more tools var_dump( ) and print_r( ) are your friends Large scale projects are not for the faint hearted • If we learnt nothing else from the early days of WebFacing ... Remember that you will have to adapt to buffer layout changes • But level checks should protect you from harm!
  44. 44. Procedural Bridge Functions (1) zend_5250_open() • Starts a session for the provided job id zend_5250_connect() • Creates a connection to the 5250 bridge using user name, password etc. zend_5250_is_connected() • Returns true if bridge is already connected zend_5250_set_input_field() • Sets data into an input field - I.e It does the keyboard entry! zend_5250_submit() • Sends request to the 5250 bridge with a key (Enter, F keys, page up, etc.) • Call after all input field values have been set
  45. 45. Procedural Bridge Functions (2) zend_5250_disconnect() • Disconnects the 5250 bridge zend_5250_set_focused_field() • Sets the focus of the page to a specific field zend_5250_get_focused_field() • Returns the field currently in focus zend_5250_get_input_fields() and zend_5250_get_output_fields() • Returns all input or output fields available zend_5250_get_input_field() and zend_5250_get_output_field() • Returns a specific input or output field by ID
  46. 46. Procedural Bridge Functions (3) zend_5250_get_input_fields_count() and zend_5250_get_output_fields_count() • Returns the count of input or output fields available zend_5250_get_application_error() • Returns information about an application error if one has occurred zend_5250_get_error() • Returns a function error if it occurred zend_5250_get_screen_size() • Returns the size of the screen (width x height) zend_5250_get_color_palette() • Returns an array containing the i5 5250 Bridge color palette
  47. 47. Where Might The Future Take Us? Think of Bridge is a quot;Toolkit of Possibilitiesquot; • You could experiment with a web front end to an existing application • Combine multiple applications into a single view - Or subset the functionality of an application as in the subfile demo • Use a portion of a 5250 application as a web service • Build a different kind of 5250 application - One that was never intended to drive a green screen! - It certainly simplifies session persistence issues What about tool builders? • Zend and other parties may use the toolkit as a foundation for new web enablement tools - Perhaps an Open-Source project? • Perhaps a starting point for a new web enabled RPG
  48. 48. Questions - Thoughts - Lunch ? There will be tables at lunch for quot;iquot; folks to meet and greet each other and the quot;iquot; Zend team members ?