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Digging Through The Guts Of Enterprise Php


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BM Rational Build Forge started out as a small start-up company offering process automation software, most commonly used for automating software builds. As its customer base grew, its user interface made the change from a relatively simple PHP 4 web application to the Ajax-driven PHP 5 web application used today. During the migration to PHP 5 and a redesigned interface, IBM acquired the Austin-based company and introduced its own requirements and software standards.

In the journey to internationalization, scalability, performance tuning, and platform/database independence, the user interface used more and more of the language features and built-in functionality offered by PHP 5. The web application contains real world examples of how to use design patterns, class inheritance, interfaces, and Iterators in order to accelerate development while keeping functionality as reliable, maintainable, and fast as possible. This talk will explore how IBM Rational Build Forge uses PHP, looking at specific uses in the product today and coming in version 7.1.

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Digging Through The Guts Of Enterprise Php

  1. 1. Digging Through the Guts of Enterprise PHP 9/19/08 10:58 AM 1. Digging Through the Guts of Enterprise PHP A Case Study Shawn Lauriat IBM Rational Build Forge 2. Introductions Me Advisory Engineer, Lead UI/G11N Developer @ IBM Rational Build Forge Author, Advanced Ajax: Architectures and Best Practices Build Forge quot;It automates and accelerates build and release processes through server pooling and fault tolerance for Agile development and streamlined software delivery.quot; a.k.a. process automation tool 3. Disclaimer The views expressed in this commentary are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect those of IBM. 4. Overview I will not: Teach you to use PHP5 features I will: Show PHP5 features' usefulness Show PHP5 features in code Show PHP5 features in action 5. Interfaces http://localhost/enterpriseguts/ Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. Digging Through the Guts of Enterprise PHP 9/19/08 10:58 AM class -> Instance Definition interface -> Instance Requirements Definition interface + type hinting = more stable code with less effort 6. BuildForge_Services_Serializable /** Used for object transportation */ interface BuildForge_Services_Serializable { /** @param array|null $data */ public function fromArray(array $data = null); /** @return array */ public function toArray(); } 7. BuildForge_Services_DBO_Snapshottable /** Create snapshot metadata */ $snapshot = BuildForge_Services_DBO_Snapshot::createSnapshot( $services, quot;My New Snapshotquot;, quot;A Comment about My New Snapshotquot; ); /** Get a new snapshot of the $originalOne */ return $originalOne->snapshot( $snapshot->getUuid(), new BuildForge_Services_DBO_SnapshotRequest(true), false ); 8. Inheritance BuildForge_Services_DBO_Project http://localhost/enterpriseguts/ Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. Digging Through the Guts of Enterprise PHP 9/19/08 10:58 AM Fields Custom Methods implements BuildForge_Services_DBO_Snapshottable extends BuildForge_Services_UUIDDBO ::getUuid() ::isLive() extends BuildForge_Services_DBO implements BuildForge_Services_Serializable ::__construct() 9. Iterators interface Iterator extends Traversable { function rewind(); function current(); function key(); function next(); function valid(); } 10. Using Iterators for scalability The Class Tree Iterator OuterIterator BuildForge_Services_Iterator BuildForge_Services_ProjectIterator Iterator BuildForge_Services_ValueIterator 11. Using Iterators for Scalability The Code http://localhost/enterpriseguts/ Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. Digging Through the Guts of Enterprise PHP 9/19/08 10:58 AM class BuildForge_Services_DBO_ProjectIterator extends BuildForge_Services_Iterator { public function current() { $current = parent::current(); if (empty($current)) return $current; $project = new BuildForge_Services_DBO_Project($this->conn); $project->fromArray($current); return $project; } } // Elsewhere in the app... $projects = BuildForge_Services_DBO_Project::iterateAll($services); foreach ($projects as $project) { // Do stuff } 12. Design Patterns 13. Model-View-Controller Code class Projects { public function render() { $projects = BuildForge_Services_DBO_Project http://localhost/enterpriseguts/ Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. Digging Through the Guts of Enterprise PHP 9/19/08 10:58 AM ::iterateFiltered( $this->services, $filter ); $this->view->register_object('listing', $projects); } } <tbody id=quot;listingquot;> <?php try { foreach ($_['listing'] as $project_instance) { print '<tr>'; // etc. print '</tr>'; } } catch (Exception $e) { /* do something */ } ?> </tbody> 14. Observer to Track State class BuildForge_ServicesConnection implements BuildForge_Strings_Localizer { protected function createResponse() { $this->mode = BUILDFORGE_SERVICES_MODE_READ; $response = new BuildForge_Services_JSONResponse($this); $response->attach($this); return $response; } public function update(SplSubject $subject) { $this->mode = BUILDFORGE_SERVICES_MODE_IDLE; } } 15. Observer to Track State class BuildForge_Services_Response extends BuildForge_Utilities_Observable { public function __destruct() { $this->readRemaining(); $this->notify(); } } http://localhost/enterpriseguts/ Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. Digging Through the Guts of Enterprise PHP 9/19/08 10:58 AM 16. Other PHP-Specific Additions __toString() for all DBOs print $project; /* prints: Project[projectId=5bd405d70c3f1000d081238b009625ac, level=6, name=Project One, class=58BB01F0-836A-11DD-A3D4- 8B1B7F9F254D, selectorId=5bd403da0c3f100086e8238b0043b5da, tag=BUILD_$B, envId=, active=1, snotify=0, pnotify=0, fnotify=0, maxThread=0, runLimit=0, tagSync=, sticky=, passChainId=, failChainId=, geoId=, isDefaultSnapshot=1, snapshotUuid=!Snapshot, snapshotSetUuid=5bd405d30c3f1000d080238b009625ac, parentUuid=, steps= <Step[stepUuid=5bd405de0c3f1000d082238b009625ac, projectId=5bd405d70c3f1000d081238b009625ac, stepId=1, envId=, filterId=, inlineChainId=, description=Step one, stepType=REGULAR, dir=/, passNotify=0, failNotify=0, onFail=HALT, selectorId=, threaded=NO, absolute=, timeout=300, maxIterations=100, level=0, broadcast=, commandText=echo quot;hiquot;, elseCommandText=, conditionText=, passChainId=, failChainId=, elseInlineId=, active=1, passWait=, failWait=]>] */ __clone() for clone keyword support $projectTwo = clone $projectOne; $projectTwo->setName('Look, a new Project!'); $projectTwo->create(); 17. These make my life easier Object-Oriented Inheritance Interfaces Type hinting Exceptions Iterators 18. What I can't wait to use next Namespaces Unicode Late Static Bindings Closures try { } catch { } finally { } (Please?) 19. Questions? http://localhost/enterpriseguts/ Page 6 of 6