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Creating an Earned Value System for the Department of Defense


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Learn how to display "earned value" financial and schedule information for the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy contracts with the system that the government called a "best practice in the industry", making your government client sing your company's praises, your praises and the praises of PHP!

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Creating an Earned Value System for the Department of Defense

  1. 1. Creating an Earned Value Reporting System with PHP Tim West Scott Hathaway Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.
  2. 2. About Us  More than 28 years of combined industry experience  Created intuitive, easy to use delivery methods (including dashboards, spreadsheets, reports, and graphs) for many companies and universities, highlighting many different kinds of information, including cost and schedule information  Supported thousands of users  Earned a living with PHP for 10 years plus  Automated many tasks and reports, saving millions of $
  3. 3. Bell Helicopter Goodies to Give Away This is our shameless attempt to get you to give us good evaluations :) Speaking of evaluations, please be sure to fill out the evaluation card and turn it in at the back.
  4. 4. What is Earned Value Management?  Have a Plan – What did I say I was going to do?  Execute Your Plan – What did I actually get done?  Cost – How much did I spend to do what I did?  Used by Department of Defense, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, NASA, and others to manage government contracts
  5. 5. What Was The Need?  Application that would show data from many data sources all in one place (MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Mainframe, SAP, Excel, Text files, MS Access databases, etc)  Easy to use  Provide users all they need to manage their work, all in one place (one-stop-shop)  Provide for the needs of Executives down to Engineers  Allow Government access into the data as appropriate to help them manage the investment that the US Government makes in our products
  6. 6. Need (continued)  Have reports that show data at all levels from various sources that run reasonably quickly  Show important and relevant information in a dashboard that is meaningful and sexy
  7. 7. Why PHP?  No cost to get going  In house expertise existed (no need to involve IT)  Fast development time (up and running in 6 weeks)  Minimal staff required  Highly scalable  Less resources needed than IT's current solution (Java)
  8. 8. Challenges with using PHP  Open source not widely accepted in the defense industry ✔ Legal issues of Intellectual Property ✔ No company supporting it ✔ Fear factor ✔ Not invented here syndrome  IT Roadblocks ✔ Lack of cooperation ✔ Lack of access to data
  9. 9. Why IT Does Not Like Our Application This does not help them take over the world
  10. 10. Where Are We Now?  Named our application Premier  Up and running for almost 2 years now with no downtime  1,500 plus users with 4 million hits per month (average of about 133 hits per user per day)  Received Textron's Finance Best Practice Award from the Textron CFO  At Aviation Week's Schedule Risk Conference, Premier was voted the best application for tracking schedule risks  Soon will expand to all of Textron
  11. 11. Premier Demo • Detailed demo of the Premier Website
  12. 12. Questions? Contact Information: Give Aways
  13. 13. We’re Hiring PHP Developers Qualifications: - PHP 5.x - SQL (MySQL and Oracle knowledge preferred) - HTML - Javascript - Ability to work on a team Send Resumes to: