Brainstorming solutions


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Brainstorming solutions

  1. 1. Brainstorming Solutions to:Sleepwalking 1 Metal case 2 Cover them in bronze 3 Iron Maiden 4 Suitcase 5 Louis Viutton Luggage 6 Create a machine that holds them down 7 Anchor under water 8 Anchor to bed 9 Tie down with string 10 Tie down with vine 11 Tie down with gum 12 Leave in quicksand 13 Tie up with twisties 14 Use handcuffs 15 Legcuffs 16 Wrap with elastic bands 17 Mummify 18 Leather ties 19 Get someone to hold them down 20 Chain them to someone really heavy 21 Tie them to an elephant leg 22 Chain them to a tree 23 Cover them in protoplasm/Slime 24 Pour slime around them – too slippery 25 Pour oil around them – too slippery 26 Light a ring of fire around them – catch on fire 27 Put large blades/glass around them 28 Station attack dogs around them 29 Suspend them in gauze 30 Lock them in the pilot seat of a moving aircraft 31 Drop them from a parachute 32 Float them on a tiny boat 33 Strap them to a surfboard 34 Bury them in the sand 35 Bury them under the earth 36 Hang from a tree upside down 37 Suspend from a skyscraper 38 Sail in a hot air balloon 39 Give paralysis drug 40 Sever spinal cord 41 Cut off legs 42 Cut off feet 43 Put them in a pedicure chair and have attendant giving pedicure
  2. 2. 44 Paste them on a billboard45 Attach motion sensors in the room and shoot arrows if it goes off46 Have a whale swallow the sleeper47 Cut hole in elephant and sew person inside48 Put on skates (sleep skating)49 Put on ice-skates (sleep ice-skating)50 Strap to sled51 Strap to rocket52 Strap to back of Bengal tiger53 Strap to back of Razorback gorilla54 Deep freeze55 Suspended animation56 Strap to pterodactyl57 Perch in an eagle’s nest Cliffside58 Tie legs together59 Tie lower body in a burlap sack60 Tie one leg to someone else’s leg61 Amputate leg62 Inject leg with botox63 Pith64 Lobotomy65 Electric shock treatment
  3. 3. Sleep Talking: 1 Muzzle 2 Cut out tongue 3 Ball gag 4 Botox tongue 5 Botox larynx 6 Cut out voicebox 7 Disable vocoder 8 Turn down sound of vocoder 9 Live in foreign country 10 Live with animals 11 Live with wolves 12 Live in Himalayan cave 13 Live in outer space 14 Live on a space station 15 Free float in a space suit 16 Rat trap on tongue 17 Keep head in a sound proof box 18 Sleep with face underwater 19 Sleep with head in ant hill 20 Chew a giant chunk of steak 21 Store nuts in your mouth 22 Machine that stuns you if you talk 23 Machine that shocks your heart if you talk 24 Machine that releases toxic gas if you talk 25 Machine that poisons you IV 26 Trap that drops into pool of alligators 27 Voice disguise machine 28 Voice scramble machine 29 Voice – song converter 30 Voice – gamma ray converter 31 Voice – animal sound converter 32 Voice – drum beat converter 33 Voice – power tool sound converter 34 Shove towels in mouth 35 Have assistant put hand in your mouth 36 Have surgery attaching hand to roof of mouth 37 Cut off head 38 Sew mouth shut 39 Turn mouth into bird habitat 40 Have assistant cover mouth with soundproof scarf 41 Superglue lips together 42 Have surgical buttons attached to mouth 43 Sew zipper to mouth 44 Shrink head until voice so tiny that not audible
  4. 4. 45 Live alone in Antartica 46 Have partner slap you when you talk 47 Have partner kiss you 48 Put snails in your mouth 49 Put slugs in your mouth 50 Attach rifle trigger to tongueSleep eating 1 Hide food 2 Poison food 3 Lock refrigerator 4 Live in famine 5 Eat to full capacity before bed End of first brainstorm: Team Cherry Blossom