Transmedia Project Reference Guide (bible)


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Empty template to be used by Transmedia Producers on their projects

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Transmedia Project Reference Guide (bible)

  1. 1. TITLE * Caps * MERGEFORMAT Project Reference Guide (Bible)<br /><br />Template 1.06th June 2010<br />Change Control<br />Document origin<br />NameJob TitleDate<br />Document HISTORY<br />VersionAmendmentIssued<br />Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u 1Management Summary PAGEREF _Toc283220724 h 62Project Definition PAGEREF _Toc283220725 h 62.1Goals PAGEREF _Toc283220726 h 62.2Scope PAGEREF _Toc283220727 h 62.3Success criteria PAGEREF _Toc283220728 h 62.4Target audience PAGEREF _Toc283220729 h 62.4.1Definition PAGEREF _Toc283220730 h 62.4.2Where they gather PAGEREF _Toc283220731 h 62.4.3Quality expectations PAGEREF _Toc283220732 h 62.4.4Engagement PAGEREF _Toc283220733 h 62.5Business case PAGEREF _Toc283220734 h 62.6Team PAGEREF _Toc283220735 h 63Project Development PAGEREF _Toc283220736 h 63.1Synopsis PAGEREF _Toc283220737 h 63.2Concept PAGEREF _Toc283220738 h 63.3Plot & premise PAGEREF _Toc283220739 h 73.4Principal characters & cast PAGEREF _Toc283220740 h 73.5Art direction PAGEREF _Toc283220741 h 73.6Platform Actionn Chart PAGEREF _Toc283220742 h 73.7Design summary PAGEREF _Toc283220743 h 73.8Bespoke technical development PAGEREF _Toc283220744 h 83.9Business model PAGEREF _Toc283220745 h 83.10Licensing & copyrights PAGEREF _Toc283220746 h 83.11Community management PAGEREF _Toc283220747 h 84Project Design PAGEREF _Toc283220748 h 84.1Timeline PAGEREF _Toc283220749 h 84.2Languages & geo-restrictions PAGEREF _Toc283220750 h 84.3Touchpoints PAGEREF _Toc283220751 h 84.3.1Offline PAGEREF _Toc283220752 h 84.3.2Online PAGEREF _Toc283220753 h 84.3.3Mobile PAGEREF _Toc283220754 h 84.4Calls to action PAGEREF _Toc283220755 h 84.5Scheduled content PAGEREF _Toc283220756 h 104.6Event-driven content PAGEREF _Toc283220757 h 104.7Interactivity PAGEREF _Toc283220758 h 104.7.1Desktop PAGEREF _Toc283220759 h 104.7.2Mobile PAGEREF _Toc283220760 h 104.7.3Performance PAGEREF _Toc283220761 h 104.8Gaming PAGEREF _Toc283220762 h 104.8.1Puzzles PAGEREF _Toc283220763 h 104.8.2Levels PAGEREF _Toc283220764 h 104.8.3Leaderboards PAGEREF _Toc283220765 h 104.8.4Rewards PAGEREF _Toc283220766 h 104.9Asset list PAGEREF _Toc283220767 h 104.10Platforms PAGEREF _Toc283220768 h 114.11Capacity planning PAGEREF _Toc283220769 h 114.12Merchandise PAGEREF _Toc283220770 h 114.13For brand clients: Integrated Marketing Communications PAGEREF _Toc283220771 h 114.13.1Advertising PAGEREF _Toc283220772 h 114.13.2Public relations PAGEREF _Toc283220773 h 114.13.3Direct marketing PAGEREF _Toc283220774 h 114.13.4Interactive PAGEREF _Toc283220775 h 114.13.5Social media PAGEREF _Toc283220776 h 114.13.6Sales promotion PAGEREF _Toc283220777 h 114.14For entertainment clients: Audience Building PAGEREF _Toc283220778 h 114.14.1Owned Media PAGEREF _Toc283220779 h 114.14.2Paid Media PAGEREF _Toc283220780 h 114.14.3Earned Media PAGEREF _Toc283220781 h 114.15Execution PAGEREF _Toc283220782 h 114.16Controls PAGEREF _Toc283220783 h 114.16.1Real-time analytics PAGEREF _Toc283220784 h 124.16.2Measurement PAGEREF _Toc283220785 h 124.16.3Escalation PAGEREF _Toc283220786 h 125Mythos PAGEREF _Toc283220787 h 125.1.1Characters PAGEREF _Toc283220788 h 125.1.2Timeline – events, wars, treaties PAGEREF _Toc283220789 h 125.1.3Topography & maps - locations/states/cities PAGEREF _Toc283220790 h 125.1.4Population PAGEREF _Toc283220791 h 125.1.5Culture PAGEREF _Toc283220792 h 125.1.6Religion PAGEREF _Toc283220793 h 125.1.7Language PAGEREF _Toc283220794 h 125.1.8Economy PAGEREF _Toc283220795 h 125.1.9Science & Technology PAGEREF _Toc283220796 h 125.2Series synopsis and arcs PAGEREF _Toc283220797 h 125.3Future stories PAGEREF _Toc283220798 h 126Project Delivery PAGEREF _Toc283220799 h 136.1Audience building PAGEREF _Toc283220800 h 136.2Production PAGEREF _Toc283220801 h 136.3Implementation PAGEREF _Toc283220802 h 136.4Testing PAGEREF _Toc283220803 h 136.5Launch PAGEREF _Toc283220804 h 136.6Operation PAGEREF _Toc283220805 h 136.7Measurement PAGEREF _Toc283220806 h 13<br />Management Summary<br />Project Definition<br />Goals <br />Scope <br />Success criteria <br />Target audience <br />Definition<br />Where they gather<br />Quality expectations<br />Engagement<br />Business case<br />Team<br />Project Development<br />Synopsis <br />Concept<br />Plot & premise <br />Principal characters & cast <br />Art direction <br />Description of director’s vision, mood boards and mise en scène.<br />Platform Actionn Chart<br />Design summary <br />STORYAUDIENCEPLATFORMSBUSINESS MODELEXECUTION<br />Bespoke technical development<br />Business model<br />Licensing & copyrights <br />Community management <br />Project Design <br />If project is in several phases then consider creating new Level 1headings such as <br />4. Project Design: Phase 1<br />5. Project Design: Phase 2<br />Timeline <br />Languages & geo-restrictions <br />Touchpoints<br />This should list all the places that the audience will interface with the entertainment. It should include URLs, addresses and maps, local contact or event organizer, dates and times when the touchpoint is to be available.<br />Offline<br />Online<br />Mobile<br />Calls to action <br />Insert table like this example.<br />Audience ExperienceCall To ActionReward1John and fellow Rainbow Freedom Fighters perform spontaneous dance performances around the country in public spaces such as shopping malls and precincts.John hands out business cards containing a URL to the History of Colour Wars website.And Twitter ID with #RFF tag?Arrive at (2)2The History of Colour Wars website contains:VideosOur videos of dance performanceUploaded user-generated videosOffer of prize for the best videoWhat’s the prize and who’s providing it?Rabbit holes:The Rainbow Fighters Call to ArmsHow is this URL provided from the HoC website?Arrive at (3)A Hacked Government Website with the Leader’s Mission and his targets (3)How is this URL provided from the HoC website?Arrive at (4)MythosThe Rainbow CauseHow-to informationHow to create your own flash dance eventRebel TVuStream embedded player for broadcasting of live events (see 6. and possibly 1. Where possible)Social media sitesFacebookStandard logo?MySpaceStandard logo?YouTubeStandard logoOther people’s videos?Twitter (for which charaters?)Special graphic?Why follow? Updates? Specials?3Rainbow Fighters Call to Arms website contains:Mission to crack the Government’s securityHow is this mission revealed/ presented?Mission destroy John and his Gang’s identity recordsHow is this mission revealed/ presented?Mission disrupt the Government’s plans for their next attackHow is this mission revealed/ presented?4Government website that must be hackedSecurity hackedWhat’s the puzzle?Graphic novel #1Identity destroyedWhat’s the puzzle?Graphic novel #2Plans disrupted What’s the puzzle?Graphic novel #35Graphic novelsNovel #1 contains story about…??Final panel of novel contains longitude of cinema (6)LongitudeNovel #2 contains story about…??Final panel of novel contains date and time of cinema screening (6)Date & timeNovel #3 contains story about…??Final panel of novel contains latitude of cinema (6)Latitude: all information for next event now available.6Cinema screening of “Fight or Flight” which is also broadcast across web (see 2.5)END<br />Scheduled content<br />This is content for which you can give dates and times. Each item should have a date & time for publication, a project deadline for when they need to be ready and a person responsible for making it happen.<br />Event-driven content <br />This is content made available at no specific date and time but instead when a particular “event” happens such as the solving of a puzzle or when a video reaches x number of views or when the community website has x members.<br />Each item should have the trigger details (what makes this content available), a project deadline for when they need to be ready and a person responsible for making it happen.<br />Interactivity <br />Desktop<br />Mobile<br />Performance<br />Gaming<br />Puzzles<br />Levels<br />Leaderboards<br />Rewards<br />Asset list<br />Platforms<br />Capacity planning <br />What are the requirements for websites in terms of number of simultaneous streams and for physical spaces the occupancy needed or expected. Document typical capacity and any peaks expected including date & time of peaks and expected causes.<br />Merchandise <br />For brand clients: Integrated Marketing Communications<br />Advertising<br />Public relations<br />Direct marketing<br />Interactive<br />Social media<br />Sales promotion<br />For entertainment clients: Audience Building<br />Owned Media<br />Paid Media<br />Earned Media<br />Execution <br />Controls <br />Real-time analytics<br />Measurement<br />Escalation<br />Mythos <br />Characters<br />Timeline – events, wars, treaties<br />Topography & maps - locations/states/cities<br />Population<br />Culture<br />Religion<br />Language<br />Economy<br />Science & Technology<br />Series synopsis and arcs<br />Future stories <br />Project Delivery<br />Audience building <br />Production <br />Implementation <br />Testing <br />Launch <br />Operation <br />Measurement <br />