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Participatory storytelling


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Presentation given to Toronto 101 to introduce Conducttr and explain how to build a participatory story around traditional linear media.

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Participatory storytelling

  1. 1. Participatory Storytelling Transmedia 101 Toronto, Canada July 25th 2012 Robert Pratten CEO & Founder, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd @robpratten
  2. 2. Robert PrattenCEO & Founder, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd
  3. 3. Transmedia Storyteller Ltd“be remarkable”
  4. 4. Storytelling with Conducttr Narrative Gaming Rewards Levels Collaboration CompetitionCharactersPlotEventsThings Social Networking Participation, Conversation
  5. 5. 30-min participatory story
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Decision points… Straw Sticks Bricks 9 mins 18 mins 28 mins Pig1 < Wolf? Pig 2 < Wolf? Pig 3 < Wolf? Pig1 >= Wolf? Pig 2>= Wolf? Pig 3>= Wolf?
  8. 8. Choose a side! @1st_little_pig RUN @bigbadwolf_2011 BLOW @2nd_little_pig RUN @3rd_little_pig RUN
  9. 9. Stay informed of results? Text STATUS to (563) 219-7088
  10. 10. Content released over 15 day period
  11. 11. Game accessed via blogs – used realand custom websites to set challenges
  12. 12. Lowlifes 2.0
  13. 13. Story-in-the-Cloud Character’s live 24/7 in the cloud
  14. 14. Characters connect experience .. with online .. with mobile ..between product releases
  15. 15. Conducttr – Under the HoodConducttr: Pervasive Entertainment Platform Broadcast & reply emails, Tweets, SMS Content Layer Publish blog posts, videos, images, Facebook updates Events – when “stuff” should happen Control Layer Actions – personalization of experience Real World Audience
  16. 16. Under The Hood - AudienceAudience Audience is viewed as: • individual (just you) • community (everyone)Individual Community • group (segments of everyone) Individual Groups Everyone
  17. 17. Audience variables Email Contact Details Twitter Mobile Language? Community-level Groups Level? personalization Trait? Health? Individual –level Custom Fields Stamina? personalization Power NB: Custom Fields also available for other entities such as Characters and Touchpoints
  18. 18. Alien encounter readiness (SMS) (575) 208 5005TEST your readiness for alien encounters!Reply TEST to answer two questions that willreveal more about yourself than you knew! – Q1: You suffer an alien abduction but are returned to Earth. What do you do? Reply keep SECRET or GO PUBLIC – Q2: You find yourself impregnated with an an alien child. What do you do? Reply give BIRTH or KILL it.
  19. 19. Results create personalizeexperience SECRET PUBLIC You are a PERFECT HOST for alien You are an EXHIBITIONIST whoBIRTH explorers. Your willingness to seeks celebrity in two solar keep an alien lovechild and tell systems. We are wary of you but nobody has been noted and will we may use you if it suits our be rewarded. cause. You are an EARTH WARRIOR - KILL You are a SILENT RECLUSE. You ready to make a stand against crave alien attention but are alien invasion and exploration. afraid to show your affection. You are not to be trusted.
  20. 20. EngagementGoal: delight each individual with personalized, surprising, evolving contentConducttr Audience call to action Content Layer call to action Individual Community action Control Layer Real World community action personalization community-driven story evolution
  21. 21. Welcome to our Worlds
  22. 22. Connected experience Your Story/ExperienceNative cross-platform experience writtenwithout code to run from the cloud on socialnetworks (and on other sites such as tabletapps, social games, consoles, forums etc. viaConducttr API with coding) Audience
  23. 23. Invite the world into your World Trailer or Website Description Date & time information The platforms the World lives on
  24. 24. XP Progress & Achievements ,
  25. 25. Mobile app
  26. 26. Conducttr Ecosystem• Cloud-based intelligence• Mobile app• API• Authored via any web browser with no coding.
  27. 27. Linear story
  28. 28. Branching narrative decision point alternative endings A B C
  29. 29. Open storyworld Exposition plot point character detail
  31. 31. Open storyworld + TV/Web Series MANCHESTER
  32. 32. Facebook Participatory Story
  33. 33. Goal• Avoid another genre story ;)• Demonstrate that participation is not “giving up control to the crowd”• Solution: Short story about family relationships
  34. 34. The Brothers
  35. 35. The Story• A day with two brothers whose father’s funeral is the day before Mother’s Day.• Three “episodes”: – Funeral – The night between – Mother’s Day lunch
  36. 36. Participation• Audience can read either or both brothers on Facebook• Brothers twice ask Facebook friends for help – What to do that evening after the funeral – Whether to go to the Mother’s Day lunch
  37. 37. Timing & pacing• Decision: Campaign or Re-playable? – Play out over specific date & times or… – Play out based on repeatable trigger event• Decide scene and decision timing Funeral Night before Mother’s Day Monday Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Date & time 9am Noon 5pm 9am Noon Event + Event + Event + Event + Event + Event + relative time Time=0 Time=3hrs Time=8hrs Time=1day Time=1day, 3hrs
  38. 38. Jargon• Community = the whole audience• Person = only one member of the audience
  39. 39. Personalization• Community-driven story – Comments on Facebook decide what each brother does the night after the funeral – Although both brothers will go to the lunch, comments on Facebook decide how the scene plays out• Personalized story – Each brother’s reaction to individual Facebook friends (e.g. the audience) is determined by comparing that person’s recommendation/suggestion with the community-driven decision
  40. 40. Characters & relationships Audience COMMUNITY EFFECTS of INTERACTION How the character relationships change over time Brian Richard is affected by the audience interaction. That is, audience interaction causes an action by Richard that cause a reaction from the other people in his life. PERSONAL EFFECTS of INTERACTION Mum Wife The characters also change their relationship with the audience member. For example if a person gave good advice, was supportive or negative etc.
  41. 41. Mother’s Day scene Four possible ways for a. the scene to play out Forrest A B based on CommunityRICHARD decision b. to interact with audience member based on Beach C D comments they made Younger Older woman woman BRIAN The scenes with the brothers reveal different information about them and hence changes the relationship between the brothers and the audience. That’s why the Mother’s Day scene has four possible endings – the scene is written knowing what the audience knows and what it doesn’t New parameter: Which mother’s day card?
  42. 42. 16 end points! Mother’s Day Lunch Mother’s Day Lunch Plain card Plain card Old Beach Strange Strange card card Forrest Young Plain card Plain card Young Forrest Strange Strange card cardRichard Brian Plain card Plain card Old Strange Beach card Strange Beach card Old Plain card Plain card Young Strange Forrest card Strange card
  43. 43. Information revealed? Tony Forrest A B RICHARD Car Beach C D Fly Apples Younger Older BRIAN
  44. 44. Open story? Richard Forrest Beach Lunch Young Old Brian Tony Car Fly Apples Richard Brian
  45. 45. 4 end points Tony Car Plain card Brian Strange card Fly Apples Plain card Richard Strange card
  46. 46. Events in conclusion have new significanceTony Car Tony Plain card Brian Fly Strange card Fly Apples Apples Car Plain card Richard Strange card
  48. 48. Facebook + TV/Web series Tony Car Fly Apples Richard Brian Script Tony Fly Old Car Episode 1 : Funeral Episode 2 : Mother’s Day
  49. 49. Engagement plain strange ?Episode 1 : Funeral Episode 2 : Mother’s Day
  50. 50. Companion mobile app
  51. 51. The End Robert Pratten @robpratten USA: +1 415 287 4150 Europe: +44 207 193 4567