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Developing an open storyworld


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Developing an open storyworld

  1. 1. Developing an Open Storyworld
  2. 2. For full explanation see blog post at: http:/
  3. 3. From Linear Story to Open World Linear Story Open World A Initial concept B D F Expand each character’s Decide on media/channel bio as story develops (email, SMS, twitter etc) Create story as though writing for linear telling E G Diagram character Write character dialog & connections character thoughts as (relationships, events, inspiration comes artifacts - Powerpoint) C H I Write the introduction: Decide which triggers for Diagram the characters, set the scene, player which characters unlock triggers, plot reveals objectives, initial which parts of story (Excel spreadsheet) characters & leads/clues J Implement in Conducttr
  4. 4. The Story Through Line Girlfriend Keisha (Jenny) The Guard Ortega Morton Where- necklace (Sutton) (PI + Forensics) (the fence) abouts Card Game Gary Motive Johnny Latte (biz partner) Ortega Murder Crime Scene (PI + Forensics) Weapon Victim The Boss (Paul Lazzard) (Weiss/Chef)
  5. 5. Story = Character + Trigger trigger Character new information that reveals story Use multi-tap delay to add surprises ;) 10 min delay first response trigger Character 50 min delay “I don’t remember” second response “actually, maybe I do…”
  6. 6. Relationship diagram A CHARACTERS Jenna Latte B TRIGGERS Lizard Cards C STORY Lizard used the kitchens at night while his boss was at a weekly card game Lizard was a nice guy
  7. 7. Using Excel
  8. 8. Anatomy of a Murder ? Relationship Motive Psychological Relationships to victim profile Victim History History Weapon PossessionsMurder DNA evidence Genetics Killer Location Date & Time Whereabouts Eye Witness Reports Physical description of Physical attributes killer Other evidence (CCTV?)
  9. 9. The End Robert Pratten CEO Transmedia Storyteller @robpratten