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Creating Raving Fans


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Presentation from Storyworld 2013. Includes the work of Robert Pratten, Jan Libby, Yomi Ayeni & Evan Jones

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Creating Raving Fans

  1. 1. Participatory Storytelling – Creating Raving Fans Jan Libby Yomi Ayeni Evan Jones Moderator: Robert Pratten
  2. 2. Conducttr brings your story to life
  3. 3. Incit BUY THIS BOOK!Consumers as advocates
  4. 4. Careers can be built from raving fans
  5. 5. Raving fans don’t behave?
  6. 6. Your 1 Million Facebook fans?
  8. 8. A desire to get closer, to dive deeper Attribution:
  9. 9. Human needs• Significance (special, important, unique)• Certainty (comfort & control)• Variety (surprise)• Connection (love)• Growth (learning, mastery)• Contribution (giving back)
  10. 10. Storyworld Comfort Comfort Growth Growth Learning Learning Surprise Surprise Fan Fan Community Significance ContributionSell this to create raving fans
  11. 11. A fan-servicing business?• A new sales funnel – $8 book/movie – $32 annual subscription – $100 online role-play (mixed reality immersive experience) – $240 convention pass – $500 LARP
  12. 12. Participatory framework FEEL Companion Actor Moral dilemmas, Role-play, meaningful choices provide building blocks Outsider Observer Reflection, consideration Exploring, discovering THINK DO What will the audience do? How will they be engaged?
  13. 13. Participation can be the reward