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Badges and rewards in transmedia


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Presentation looks at when, why and how badges and rewards might be used in transmedia storytelling experiences.

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine

Badges and rewards in transmedia

  1. 1. • Signal – What’s possible – How to get best experience – What’s expected • Incentivize – Good behaviour (community & personal) • Reward – Loyalty • Long-term • Frequency • Volume – “Personal development” • Hard work • Excellence • Multiplatform Engagement • Quest completion • Social standing • Community contribution Especially important in transmedia when “how to play” might not be known
  2. 2. • Experience will be unfamiliar to some audiences – can use badges to • signal things to try, steps to take • Incentivize experimentation • reward effort • Social • Participatory Want to encourage good community behaviours (which can be at odds with personal achievement rewards)
  3. 3. Achievers SocializersExplorers Killers Bartle types
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Express: create, upload, tweet, post; Collaborate: comment, like, help, curate, vote, rate Explore: collect, interact; Compete: win (Express & Collaborate) IndividualCommunity Things people like to do Signalling Points table, Fanfare (public awards) Activity Badge Tree; Character Development Map; Locked badge list Our Goal Strengthen the community Deliver better personal experience
  6. 6. • There are three badge categories: – Hotel badges reward loyalty and community contribution – Character badges reward community contribution and multi- platform engagement – Game badges reward quest completion, activity, achievement and excellence.
  7. 7. Need to cap at one interaction per day to prevent spammy behaviours. Want this to be a reward, not a challenge.
  8. 8. This signals a “hidden” delight Signal that there’s avenues to explore without giving away the story
  9. 9. • Be careful what you wish for – Choose your incentives wisely • Balance the economy – Reward without effort leads to spam