Adventure Games in Public Spaces and Conducttr


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Presentation to the Adventure Design Group in San Francisco. The audience was practitioners who make pervasive games.

Conducttr Conference


Adventure Design Group

Conducttr experience for Game of Thrones

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Adventure Games in Public Spaces and Conducttr

  1. 1. Long-term engagement demands: • Good story • Participation/Interaction • Social aspect – fan-to-fan and/or fan-to-character
  2. 2. Story Participation
  3. 3. Interactive Layer IF this happens THEN… Narrative Layer JOHN is very ANGRY Content Layer SEND a TEXT message Experience Layer OMG! I can’t believe that!! @robpratten
  4. 4. Main Website Registration minutes minutes Graphic novel (PDF) lunchtime the day after Live event Flyer Text a character Graphic novel (PDF) 5 mins to 1 day lunchtime the day afterminutesminutes
  5. 5. Twitter ChatBack Personal Content Locker SMS Voting Behavioral targetingFacebook Characters CRM CMS
  6. 6. Location-based game with monthly serialized blog content? You got it! CMS Audience Database Behavioral targeting
  7. 7. Characters Events Content
  8. 8. Schedule Interactive No Yes NoYes Public On Demand Scheduled Limited Availability On Demand
  9. 9. Directly through interaction Formally via a website (signup widget)
  10. 10. Facebook Gaming and Interactive Story Engine Content Management System Audience Management Metrics & Reporting YOU YouTube SMS Email Twitter Mobile Apps Web Apps Devices (e.g. RFID) AUDIENCE SaaS Multi-platform entertainment invisible to audience Publishing System Event Monitoring Collaborative Authoring Environment visible to audience
  11. 11. Individual Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Team 1 Team 2 Everyone
  12. 12. Weapon Drink Revolver AK47 BeerVodka MOORE CONNERY CRAIG BROSNAN
  13. 13. Parent Children
  14. 14. Mutually exclusive
  15. 15. 4 minutes #Government Twitter: @desinovadescent Facebook: Desinova Descent
  16. 16. This is the game This is NOT the game
  17. 17. This is the game This is the metagame
  18. 18. Dude! I’m dying here! @medic #repair MyCharacter Earlier that day… Later
  19. 19. Social Media, Email, Phone Sensor network Game network Live events
  20. 20. The AirPi is an automatic air quality & weather monitoring device powered by a Raspberry Pi  temperature, humidity, air pressure, light levels, UV levels, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and smoke level
  21. 21. CO affects • character’s mood • tone of tweets & blog posts • game difficulty?