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Survey of students


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Erasmus+ project "The healthier - the happier" 2015.

Published in: Education
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Survey of students

  1. 1. The healthier the happier Kristijan Sabolčec October 2015 Survey – 55 students
  2. 2. 1. Do you like the panels decorated with information about healthy food items? If do, why? - All surveyed students liked the panels. Editorial, nicely decorated, instructive, beautiful,.. 2. Did you like the jogging campaign organized at Bundek last year? If yes why? - Most of the surveyed students liked jogging campaign organization. Encourages healthy living and sport, fun,... 3. What do you think about our ex student, today Dinamo's football hope Marko Pjaca visiting our school? Did you like the interview? - Most of the students liked the interview and they are glad Pjaca visited the school. Great player, football hope,... 4. How do you like having active breaks and football tournament in our school? - All students liked sport campaign in our school. Fun, active, soccer tournament ,..
  3. 3. 5. What do you think about presentations of sports that we did in order to show the sports that our students take part in and outside our school? - The students liked the presentation of sports. Excellent and well done, invested a lot of effort, multicolor,... 6. How did you like the participation in the play about the healthy food and do you think that it was educational? - The students that participated really liked it because it was instructive and fun. To other students who did not participate in a play it was interesting and instructive. 7. Did you enjoy working on the Works of art by using different techniques while presenting sports? - All students that were doing art works have enjoyed creating in various techniques. Pleasure of working, fun,...
  4. 4. 8. Did the leaflets and brochures about healthy life and prevention of addictions clarify the way of leading healthy life? What did you find there appealing? - All students liked the leaflets. Most of the students had learned something new out of flyers. Drugs, smoking, helping others,... 9. Did you like the exhibition about addictions that was on show at the end of the last school year? What was new or interesting to you? - Most students liked the exhibition in the lobby. In particular, about calendar addiction 10. Do you find the topic of GMO/organic food interesting? What have you learned about the subject? - Students think that the topic was very interesting. They learned a lot, the difference between organic and GMO food,...