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Jour203 Week1 Introduction to Multimedia


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Jour203 Week1 Introduction to Multimedia

  1. 1. Introduction toMultimedia Skills Jour203, Fall 2012 Week 1
  2. 2. What is a Multimedia Story? A multimedia story is some combination of text, still photographs, video clips, audio, graphics and interactivity presented on a Web site in a nonlinear format in which the information in each medium is complementary, not redundant. Knight Digital Media Center, U.C. Berkeley
  3. 3. What does that mean? “Nonlinear means that rather than reading a rigidly structured single narrative, the user chooses how to navigate through the elements of a story.” “Not redundant means that rather than having a text version of a story accompanied by a video clip that essentially tells the same story, different parts of a story are told using different media. The key is using the media form - video, audio, photos, text, animation - that will present a segment of a story in the most compelling and informative way.” Knight Digital Media Center, U.C. Berkeley
  4. 4. What is Multimedia? Kim Grinfeder, University of Miami School of Communication – “Multimedia journalism is journalism… it’s just got richer than it was before.” Andrew deVigal, New York Times: “Let’s call it interactive narratives.”
  5. 5. More industry leaders Brian Storm, MediaStorm: “Some people say multimedia is a way for one person to do the work of several… to me, that’s not a good direction for journalism. And I don’t think that’s really what we’re talking about.” Keith Jenkins, NPR: It’s telling a good story with the tools that are right for telling that story.
  6. 6. What makes a good multimedia story? Pamela Chen, Open Society Institute-NY: “The core of good multimedia is good content.” Andrew deVigal, NYT: “Are there characters that people can relate to?” Tom Kennedy, Ex-Washington Post: “The visual narrative can be constructed in some meaningful way to make the story compelling.”
  7. 7. Is this good multimedia? If you’re covering a breaking news story, you might be asked by your editor to take a camera and audio recorder (DSLRsdon’t get great audio) with you to gather multimedia. Here’s an example of what you might produce as a multimedia clip for a rapidly evolving breaking news story.
  8. 8. Good multimedia? The paper updated the story as the news evolved.
  9. 9. Did multimedia enhance that story?How could you improve it?
  10. 10. Did multimedia enhance that story? How could you improve it?Include B-roll.
  11. 11. Did multimedia enhance that story? How could you improve it? Include B-roll. Interview a few passersby.
  12. 12. Did multimedia enhance that story?  How could you improve it? Include B-roll. Interview a few passersbWhen you have more time, you could add a graphic, such as a mapof crime in the neighborhood, or do a timeline that includes the twoaudio interviews with the police officer.
  13. 13. Another day, another story This is another story that your editor might send you out on. It’s not a breaking news story. As you watch this, note down (mentally or on paper) some of this multimedia story’s features.
  14. 14. A few things about that story There were sound glitches. It may have been shot on a DSLR with sound recorded separately. The journalist then has to match the two tracks (audio and video). It’s a nat-sound video. No narration by the reporter.
  15. 15. Another thing The text story is about customers at a bakery, and the video is about how to make cannoli.The video does not repeat the same story as the text story, which is one of the rules of a good multimedia story. No redundancy. Remember that during the semester.
  16. 16. Decide which media suits your story… … and the tools you have to hand. It might be a video, it might be a slideshow with audio, it might be an interactive graphic, it might be all of the above. We’ll be focusing on producing the raw materials for multimedia storytelling or interactive narration – audio, video and photo – and on the basics of how to put them together to make a good multimedia story.
  17. 17. Award-winning multimedia This audio slideshow won second prize in the News Story – Multimedia category of the Pictures of the Year International competition in 2009. This one was awarded the Prize of Excellence. Both are by the same NPR photographer. The winner was a video.
  18. 18. Back in the day Twelve years before those multimedia packages were produced, this package was considered prize-winning multimedia.
  19. 19. Interactivity predates the Internet The BBC launched Ceefax, a teletext news service, in 1974. Teletext still exists today, even in developed countries like Singapore.
  20. 20. The future of interactive storytelling? “It’s not some massive reinvention of the storytelling process… it’s more around the tools and distribution. The big change is that we can all report and publish to a global audience with incredibly kickass tools.”  Brian Storm, MediaStorm
  21. 21. Mediastorm’s Crisis Guide to Pakistan