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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. IIIII Underlined III Italic IIIII III Bold Tally Do you prefer the Masthead to be; IIIII Black IIIII Yellow I Purple I Orange Red II Green II Blue Tally What colour do you prefer the Masthead to be;
  2. 2. IIIII Go for it! III Be the best! IIIII III The harder you work, the higher the achieve! Tally Which slogan do you prefer III 4+ IIIII IIII 2-3 IIII 1 How many pictures would suit you?
  3. 3. IIIII IIIII Language college III Science college III Sports college Do you prefer a… IIII Black I Red II Purple IIIII Yellow I Blue I Orange II Green Tally What colour background do you prefer