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  1. 1. Zdeněk Klůc Portfolio
  2. 2. Webdesign Návrh layoutu redakčního systému a návrh logotypu
  3. 3. Webdesign Návrh layoutu a logotypu, Flashová grafika.
  4. 4. Webdesign & Grafická identita 0,25 mm 0,25 mm 25 mm 3,75 mm 3,75 mm 1,5 mm 26 mm 4 mm 4 mm 17 mm 8 mm 5,1 mm 1,95 mm Návrh layoutu, Flashová grafika, definice grafické identity
  5. 5. Webdesign Design jednotlivých sekcí, informační architektura, návrh ikon a tlačítek uživatelského rozhraní.
  6. 6. Webdesign verze 1 verze 2 Návrh layoutu stránek metalové kapely
  7. 7. Webdesign & Ilustrace Návrh layoutu stránek, Flashová grafika, ilustrace. Design stránek vychází z kresleného nápojového lístku a souvysejících propagačních materiálů kavárny.
  8. 8. Webdesign & Graphic user interface Návrh sady ikon a spashcreenů pro aplikace společnosti OKsystem
  9. 9. Webdesign Návrh webu Kompetenčního centra pro společnost OKsystem
  10. 10. Logotypy
  11. 11. Tiskoviny Booklety Design a příprava pro tisk Řada bookletů pro soukromou základní uměleckou školu.
  12. 12. Tiskoviny Plakáty Design loga, plakátů a dalších propagačních materiálů.
  13. 13. Tiskoviny Letáky Design a příprava pro tisk Práce na řadě periodik pro Congresové Centrum Praha (Realizováno ve studiu Machart)
  14. 14. Tiskoviny Letáky Design Návrhy tiskovin pro BESIP (Realizováno ve studiu Machart)
  15. 15. Tiskoviny Letáky Design Návrhy tiskovin pro Městskou Policii Praha (Realizováno ve studiu Machart)
  16. 16. Tiskoviny Inzerce As one of the world greatest so ware providers, Oracle is an excellent choice for a business career development. ORACLE offers a stimulating working environment for people who are seeking a business career and who are actively committed to achieving it. If vou committ to and join ORACLE, we will strive to develop your talents and potential within a company that is moving forward and is looking forward. Join the team of 70.000 professionals in more than 145 countries. SALES REPRESENTATIVE – TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS: Bosnia and Herzegovina e Sales Representative will raise the profile of Oracle in companies within assigned market sector. To win new Tech- nology business, either directly or through partners and to grow Oracle’s share of business in this sector. Scope of work: - Works on a defined set of customer accounts (Territory list) - Works with appropriate Oracle Partners - Works with other Lines of Business (LOBs) - Works towards an allocated Licence Sales Revenue target Responsibilities: - Winning new licence sales revenue in line with targets - Developing profiles of targeted accounts - Participates on implementation of sales and marketing campaigns - Generating and following up on leads - Qualifying leads and prioritising opportunities - Advises internal and Partner resources to conduct campaigns - Identifying and working with the appropriate inhouse and Customer people - Working with, and influencing the activities of Oracle Partners as appropriate - Maintaining an understanding of Oracle’s strategic direction and interpreting its relevance to the territory list - Maintaining an awareness of Oracle’s current and future technology products and services - Maintaining an understanding of competitive activity relevant to industry sector Accountabilities: - Research and communicate current industry trends, drivers and potential - Translate Oracle’s Strategy and Marketing Messages to the market - Create Value Propositions and communicate the benefits of these to the market - Design sales campaigns - Work with appriate people to co-ordinate marketing activities in order to generate leads - Produce an accurate monthly forecast and pipeline through Oracle Sales Online (OSO) - Build and maintain effective relationships with other Oracle LOBs to ensure resources are made available as and when required - Establish and maintain contractual agreements between Oracle and Customer - Maintain contact with accounts through technology implementation - Maintaining an awareness of Partner Competence and capability - Operate in line with Oracle’s business processes and procedures - Deliver and co-ordinate customer presentations and demonstrations Please apply directly to: illya.pavlov@oracle.com BE ADMIRED for being the best Name the position you are applying for in the subject of your e-mail. As part of Oracle’s employment process candidates will be required to complete a pre-employment screening process, prior to an offer being made. is will involve identity and employment verification, salary verification, professional references, education verification and professional qualifications and memberships (if applicable). Please note that only short listed candidates will be contacted. To find out mote about Oracle visit www.oracle.com. Zpracování novinové inzerce pro společnost Oracle