PATENTED TECHNOLOGY                                                                                                       ...
FOR!COOLING!TOWERS                                                  ________________________________________              ...
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POWER/PULP/REFINERY                HEAVY!INDUSTRIAL!SYSTEMS                _______________________________________________...
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Capabilities Brochure

  2. 2. PATENTED TECHNOLOGY PATENTED!EQUIPMENT REVOLUTIONone TM _____________________________________ On 11/27/07 John Fleig was awarded a United States and Internationally recognized patent for his dilution work and system. This is the brains in The Solid Approach ,RV1 Dilution Board. What this means is Solid Approach distributors have access to quality water treatment products as well as access to the best solid dilution system on the planet (Yes,no kidding its the best) . While others may have boards that look good they overflow,leak and some fail to fill, leaving no treatment going into the equipment and leaving the equipment unprotected. The following are patented features that ensure your board will operate successfully. LOW!ALARM If the chemical tank is not filling due to water fill issues an alarm will sound.This guards against an empty tank and no residuals in your equipment that we are PATENTED TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTIONone trying to protect. HIGH!ALARM!!! If the level in the tank gets to high from possible back-flow of chemical injection system you will be alerted. SAFETY!SYSTEM!TIMER!!! The Solid Approach Float Assembly When normal fill up of tank is initiated a safety timer is activating, if floats act-up #3"%)67)#8"% 9)*+:)2 =.9>:)<+, 9*.0);* <&.*= -+?*:;*=);* safety timer will be active and turn fill off. .)"!"5!)@+& This protects unit against float failure. !"#$% !"!#$ &(&)! *+,-.&&/ C C +0* Float activates High Alarm and Secondary Safety Solenoid. SECONDARY!SAFETY!SOLENOID!! #"12$ !"!#$ &(&)# *+,-.&&/ +0* 8"5!5 !"!#$ Float activates closing of Primary Fill Solenoid 3"451 !"!#$ B !"!)-.A B upon rising,Timer TD1 light will deactivate, LL1 will activate . If the first solenoid allows too much fill &(&)5 $"5!5 !"!#$ *+,-.&&/ &(&)3 water to enter, a secondary solenoid +0* *+,-.&&/ B&+9C Float activates initiation of Primary Fill Solenoid upon lowering,light on LL1 goes off.Timer TD1 A A light comes on. If float continues to lower low alarm will come closes. This will automatically initiate the D+::+-)=,++( on. high alarm audible feature. This protects *+:)?9C "!"%)-.AEQUIPMENT ! ! ! "#$#%&!#(&$()* !"#$%& +,-."%!#%!$/!0.%#1#.%2!"#1-!(33!43.(1,!."%5 ()*$##$+),-#$./-0%& )))))1"021."120$!$&)30"-#%4)%#$,4)3/##/!54)60/1% against any tank overflow. 38983!< %. )))))-06.2!&)5-%7$# 8()"1$.-#/"!&)%$$)*/./!5)+/-5.-, 9(),-:/,;,)#$,1$.-#;.$&)<=!6 63(07 >(),-:/,;,)1.$%%;.$&)8?)1%/5 38983!: %. ?()30"-#)%1$6/3/6)5.-@/#2&)=(?= "-#18 0.)).%!1. A()%*/#6B).-#/!5&)9=)*-##)%1%# 3:!(%!3; C()*/.$)0$-+%&)8>)-*54)1@6)D-67$#$+4 $8 38983!; )))))?)6"!+;6#".)6-E0$ %. ) C ) 38983!= 6$."% 0.)).%!1. ) %0 3<!(%!3= -11."@-0%& ) &$88% 0.)).%!1. ) 3<!(%!3= ) ) )
  3. 3. FOR!COOLING!TOWERS ________________________________________ The Solid Approach has a variety of cooling treatments. Organic,Molybdenum, and Zinc based solid cooling treatments. Just one 10 lb canister will easily handle up to 250,000 gallons of the toughest water out there. Corrosion!Protection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our treatment system is unmatched in corrosion protection easily beating industry standards . Readily producing,industry leading rates such as 0.5-0.6 mpy for mild steel, 0.07-0.10 mpy for copper, 0.02-0.05 mpy for galvanized.There is a reason for this The Solid Approach uses a blend of Phosphonates as well as an unmatched azole ,perfectly balanced for optimum corrosion protection and unfazed by heavy oxidizers. Scale!Protection!!!!!! Cooling products are built around the Terpolymer technology producing far superior results than other products on the market. Our terpolymer contains 3 polymer groups for SUPERIOR scale control. Acrylic Acid(AA), Sulfonic Acid(SA) and Sodium Styrene PATENTED TECHNOLOGY Sulfonate(SSS). This group functions as deposit control REVOLUTIONone agents by several mechanisms including:ON OPTI-2410 TERPOLYMER THRESHOLD INHIBITION- whereby a few parts per million of terpolymer can effectively inhibit the precipitation of hundreds or thousand times as many scale-forming minerals. SEQUESTRATION,SOLUBILIZATION-whereby terpolymers maintain or extend the solubility of sparingly soluble minerals. CRYSTAL DISTORTION-whereby low terpolymer dosages distort or modify the crystal lattice structure of scale-forming minerals. The distorted crystals are less dense and do not adhere to heat transfer surfacesCOOLING Biological!Protection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ON COMPETITORS Smart biological protection starts with the use of environmentally friendly additives such as bio- dispersants that guard against any slime or bacteria agglomeration. Technology at its best to promote a healthy tower. A tower free of slime and bacterial growth.
  4. 4. FOR!STEAM!BOILERS _____________________________________ The Solid Approach has a variety of boiler treatments designed to protect boilers from pitting,maximize heat transfer and maximize the life of steam traps. Our products consist of Phosphate based treatments,to oxygen scavengers, to highly acclaimed phosphonates that produce a fine non- adherant sludge that reduces blowdown requirments. Oxygen!Pitting!Protection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! Promoting an oxygen free environment is a key component of the solid system. This is achieved by the use of quality oxygen scavengers. Catalysed Sodium Sulfite, Deha, Bisulfite as well as Molybdenum based boiler treatments. Scale!Protection!!!!!! Our sludge conditioner program is highly guarded as one of the best in the industry. By the use of low- PATENTED TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTIONone molecular weight Polymers,specialized Phosphonates and Terpolymers ,the solid can keep any boiler clean and maximizing heat transfer. In todays world its not about just keeping a boiler spotless,its about how to maximize efficiency when doing it. Our products help reduce blowdown to help save valuable BTUs for your customer. Return!Line!Treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Systems may require variety due to the steam distribution system. While others have utilized a lot of morpholine in their solid blend. Chemenergy has engineered a system of a specialized blend of DEAE and CYC giving excellent coverage in a variety ofRETURN!LINE! TREATMENT! runs. We also offer Morpholine,TREATMENTS INJECTION Deae,Cyclohexlamine and other return system blends. These help promote a healthy return system, STEAMCan be injected directly Main treatments can be while minimizing any Iron return. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!into steam lines or boilers. injected into Da Tanks,They are available as part or Make-up Tanks,Boilers.of a Multi-Purpose Most likely the sameproduct or as a separate injection points as withfeed. liquids.Both maximize steam trapprotection and promoteEnergy Efficiency
  5. 5. POWER/PULP/REFINERY HEAVY!INDUSTRIAL!SYSTEMS _________________________________________________ In this specialized field of high pressure boilers and high volume cooling water The Solid Approach has a great fit. The Solid Approach will allow you never to transfer a drum or handle hazardous material again. Imagine no more drums or no more drums to transfer to totes. The Solid Approach offers a large volume dilution center to keep with the demands of these industrial systems. For Cooling our solid technology encompasses such products as Zinc Chloride, Zinc Sulfate, Monomethylamine, Terpolymer , Azoles all solid but in a larger format for larger systems. For Boilers our solid technology includes Low solids formulas such as DEHA ,Carbohydrazide and other specialized materials for protection against scale and corrosion. If you are currently utilizing a transfer system or drums No Drums The Solid Approach can optimize your Time, Safety and Equipment Efficiency. Please e-mail a survey sheet of the system to be quoted a customized program will be e-mailed back. If a survey sheet is needed please request one. !!!!email!to: johnfleig1@optimizenow.org No Transfer RHINO Industrial BrandPOWER-PULP-REFINERY
  6. 6. Manufactured by: “every customer is our only customer” 491 South Pearl St. Albany,NY 12202 Office 518-432-4282 Fax 518-426-1324 email : johnfleig1@optimizenow.orgRegistered trademarks belonging to Chemenergy . These cannot be reproduced without written authorization from Chemenergy .All product names and numbers are property of Chemenergy and may not be reproduced without written permission.All patents belong to Chemenergy , equipment or formulas may not be reproduced under patent laws. PATENTED TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTIONone TM Industrial Brand RHINO Trade Associations we belong to:CONTACT