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ITEP Blog_Hands-On Book-Closed_Sweet Ilm_Tatiana Coloso

hands on activities for Islamic Education and Arabic class,

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ITEP Blog_Hands-On Book-Closed_Sweet Ilm_Tatiana Coloso

  1. 1. Tab Fold Step #1: Fold the paper in half vertically. Step #2: On the left side of the fold cut as many tabs needed for the activity. Tabs
  2. 2. The Tab Fold Transformed… Step #1: Fold paper horizontally. Step #2: Open & then fold the left and right edges to the center fold to create two side by side tab folds. Step #3: cut as many tabs needed for the activity
  3. 3. Open each tab to reveal information!
  4. 4. Another Example Step #1: Turn the paper horizontal & fold the left side over about 2” Step #1
  5. 5. Step #2: Fold the right side of the paper over about 4.5” Step #3: Then fold the same side over 1.5” Step #2 Step #3
  6. 6. How can I use this foldable? *Arabic: letter practice, different forms of each letter, vocabulary practice with pictures and Arabic/English meanings, etc. *Islamic Studies: vocabulary practice, seerah events, name that companion guessing game, listing the conditions of salah, etc.
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