Employee referral guide


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This short presentation is intended to introduce employees to Zartis and employee referrals.

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Employee referral guide

  1. 1. What is Zartis and why am I being asked to use it?
  2. 2. What is Zartis?• Your company wants to hire the best people in the industry. Chances are you already know some of them• If you refer those people to your company you’re helping your contacts get a great job and helping your company build a great team• Zartis makes the process easy
  3. 3. How does it work?• You’ll receive an email with a unique user name and password• When you log in you’ll see jobs your company is hiring for• Click on any job to see more information
  4. 4. Referrals made easy• The first thing you’ll see is any referral reward your company is offering, a job description and a number of methods to make a referral• The following slides explain each of the ways you can make a referral
  5. 5. LinkedIn Updates Zartis can make recommendations for a job based on your LinkedIn contacts To activate this click on the Search LinkedIn now button and then grant Zartis access to your account.
  6. 6. LinkedIn Updates You’ll see a list of potential people to refer from your LinkedIn contacts. Click on any of them to send them a private job invitation.
  7. 7. LinkedIn Updates You can also post a job as a public update on LinkedIn. Just click on Share and the job will be shared in your LinkedIn news feed. If a contact clicks on it and applies they’re always tracked back to you. Easy!
  8. 8. Facebook Shares Click on “Connect your Facebook” account and hit share. The job is instantly posted to your Facebook page. Any clicks on it are always tracked back to you so your company can reward you. No content from your Facebook account is ever shared with your company. For many people Facebook generates the most candidates!
  9. 9. Job Tweets Click on “Connect your Twitter” account and hit share. The job is instantly posted as a Tweet. Even if the job is retweeted by somebody else anybody that applies is always credited back to you.
  10. 10. Plain old-fashioned email Just enter your contact’s email address and click Share. You guessed it, they get an email with a link to the job.
  11. 11. And finally…You can just addsomebody “manually”into the system.This provides their detailsto the Zartis admin inyour company allowingthem make contact andstart a conversation.
  12. 12. What happens when somebody applies for a job?
  13. 13. When people apply for jobs their details are stored in a private “talent pool” that’s only accessibleby authorized hiring staff in your company. They will make contact with any referrals and ifappropriate call them to interview.
  14. 14. Why referrals are best• Often the best people aren’t actively looking for a new job. Job boards and recruiters don’t reach these people• People you refer are usually a better culture fit for the company• Referrals tend to get productive faster and stay with a company longer• You get to influence who you work with everyday
  15. 15. Frequently Asked Questions• Does my company see content from my LinkedIn or Facebook account? No. Never. The only thing your company will see is how many people viewed the post you made and who applied for the role.• Does Zartis post anything to my social networks? We hate spam. We would never post anything apart from the jobs that you clearly indicate you want shared.• Is data shared with any third party? No. Your data is your data. We never share anything related to your account with any third party.
  16. 16. Next StepsIf you’ve already received your user name, password and login details youshould log in now and start helping your company hire the best!If you need any help you can post a request on http://help.zartis.comGood luck!