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Every week we will feature the adventures of one amazing woman. We aim to celebrate the varied and colorful roles womenpla...
of Kentucky Fried Chicken that led to his success. He asked himself an important question - what was the most valuable thi...
As I come to the end of my story so far, I know that the journey is not over and I will continue learn more about myself a...
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Sara Ting President and Founder; Diversity Consultant, Trainer - POET Educator at Sara Ting and Associates


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Sara Ting President and Founder; Diversity Consultant, Trainer - POET Educator at Sara Ting and Associates

  1. 1. Every week we will feature the adventures of one amazing woman. We aim to celebrate the varied and colorful roles womenplay within industry and business. Experience inspirational, real stories by real women; Interested in being featured? Pleasesend your adventures to For previous adventures please click hereI am inspired and humbled by the amazing women who have followed their dreams and passion and have achieved muchsuccess. The world is a richer place and blessed to have them. I am honored to have an opportunity to share my story. I’m adiversity educator, trainer, consultant, author and president of World Unity, Inc. a non-profit organization dedicated to makinga continuing and lasting contribution towards the elimination of all forms of prejudice, bias and discrimination. We envisionthis can be accomplished through the construction of a permanent landmark showcasing the following poem: Are you greaterthan the sun/ that shines on everyone: Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White/ the sun does not discriminate ©Finding one’s purpose and passionI arrived at the place I am today by asking a question when I was 10 years old, why am I here on earth? This question led methrough a journey of self-exploration; discovering who I am and my purpose for being here. When I went to college at BostonUniversity School of Fine Arts I learned one of the most important lessons in life – make sure you love what you do. With thatas my mantra I pursued everything with a passion until it left me and then I was on to the next. My passion when I left collegewas pottery. The passion waned the day I asked myself this question, how many pots do I have to make to pay the rent andcould I see myself doing this for the next 5 years. The answer was a resounding NO! I was on to finding my next passion.During this search I worked as a receptionist at a large radio station. It was here I discovered that I loved meeting new peopleand my sense of curiosity as a child never left me. This ultimately led me into a career in the media.Following my passionFollowing my passion took courage, patience, dedication and being spiritually grounded. As I pursued my passion in the mediaindustry there was a slight detour I took before landing my TV job. This experience prepared me for the work I’ve devoted mylife to since 1993. In 1985 I introduced the Sun poem to a banker as an educational piece to consider for a public servicecampaign. His response was immediate. He loved it and from that point on a city-wide multi-media public service campaignwas developed to promote racial and ethnic harmony throughout Boston. The Sun poem was promoted on billboards, displayedin the mass transit line, and produced into a public service message for television and aired on all three network affiliates. Thecampaign was so successful it was duplicated in New York City in 1986. NBC and CBS network television and radio aired thepublic service message so it could be seen and aired across the country. Making this campaign happen in NYC requiredovercoming a lot of no’s. This gave me a lot of resilience in dealing with future no’s and future obstacles. This detour also ledme into developing programs in diversity and inclusion; however I did not pursue it as a full time career my heart was still inthe media.Turning point in my lifeIn 2000 I was laid off my TV job and had to decide next steps. While I was working as a TV reporter I also founded WorldUnity, Inc. in 1993. Now I had a choice to continue pursuing a career in the media or change the direction of my life. I wasvery uncertain about what to do. Fortunately I had no family to consider. I remember hearing a story on radio about the founderAdventures of Sara TingPresident and Founder; Diversity Consultant,Trainer - POET Educator at Sara Ting and Associates
  2. 2. of Kentucky Fried Chicken that led to his success. He asked himself an important question - what was the most valuable thinghe had to offer the world? For him it was his recipe for fried chicken. For me it was the Sun poem. And going back to thisquestion of why I am here on earth I focused on World Unity, Inc. our mission and I developed my business as a diversitytrainer, educator and consultant.In 2011 I was inspired to write a book entitled, “Small Book with a Big Idea” 5 Minute Training To Empowers You andTransform The World.” I did not follow the traditional route and look for a publisher or agent. I tried in my earlier yearsand had no success. I followed a non-traditional route – self publishing. It’s a little bit over 2 years since the book has been out.The first large order I received was 200 hundred copies from the Michigan National Guard. In 2011Unilever sponsored 5,000copies that were distributed at the Urban League’s National Conference in Boston. The book is now in 22 colleges anduniversities across America.Now I’ve devoted my time and life to World Unity, Inc. and being a diversity and inclusion educator, trainer and speaker andauthor. I’ve worked with colleges, universities, housing authorities, municipalities and non-profit organizations across thecountry. It has been an incredible journey coming to understand the depth of prejudice in America and the world and realizingthe role World Unity Inc. would play. The construction of the World Unity Landmark will help ignite a consciousness ofequality for everyone in America and the world. As Albert Einstein said once, “You cannot solve a problem with the sameconsciousness that created it. You must stand on a higher ground.” The Sun poem engages the reader to be reflective andprovides an opportunity to have a transformative experience. As a diversity and inclusion educator and trainer I’ve meet somany great people who are also committed to eliminating prejudice and bias in the world and young people who’ve beeninspired by the Sun poem. Right now there is a young man in Nairobi Kenya who was deeply moved by the Sun poem. Hehas a vision to promote it throughout his country. My approach to diversity and inclusion training is about empoweringindividuals from the inside out. Using innovative and engaging approaches to develop self-awareness and criticalknowledge the individual can help transform an organizations and their community.Defining SuccessAs I’ve followed this path of understanding my purpose here and this journey of self-exploration what’s helped me is definingsuccess for myself and not letting society define it. The dream comes from within and can only be realized by you, it’s yourdream. I was also following a path of understanding who am I and serving a great greater purpose. Being an Asian Americanwoman carried some extra challenges that I had to become aware of and not let define me. Success for me is having goodhealth, doing something that’s fulfilling and serving a greater purpose, having a strong loving relationship with family, strongabiding friendships, a strong spiritual foundation and building relationships with colleagues and new people who come into mylife. I also believe it’s important to keep life simple and to know that while you were here on earth you lived a life of joy,happiness and helped make the world a better place is my definition of success.Overcoming obstacles and keys to successThere are always obstacles to overcome in following one’s passion. There are the external and the internal. The internal are themost important to overcome. Believing in one self, not letting fear, doubt, insecurities and negativity overtake you. Having thepatience, resilience, fortitude and determination to overcome whatever is standing in your way. Always keeping your eyes onthe goal and not getting caught up in the obstacle. For me having strong family relationship and spiritual foundation has beenessential. There were times along my journey with World Unity, Inc. when I was tested and I felt powerless against theobstacles. In those times it was my deep faith and spiritual friends that guided me through. Having a loving family, core groupof friends who are spiritually grounded has been a tremendous help through challenging times.Routine and Balancing one’s lifeWhen you work for yourself one must be very disciplined. I have a set of tasks and goals every day to accomplish. I start myday with a 15-20 minute physical routine, meditation and prayers to ground myself and continue my spiritual growth.Prioritizing the tasks and having a great team of people to work with who deliver quality work on time contributes to thesuccess of short and long term goals. Being single all my life the balance I’ve had to maintain is to make sure I make time to bewith family, maintain a personal life and not be totally absorbed with work. My college years helped me understand balance. Iwas an extreme example of being a workaholic. Never missing one class in 4 years, only seeing one movie and neverdiscovering a beautiful park that was about a half mile from the college campus until my junior year gives you an idea of howunbalanced my life was.The special man is not in my life yet. I’ve been deeply in love and had my heart broken more than once. I know that beinghappy is not dependent on a man. Happiness and joy comes from within. In the Asian culture there is a Chinese charactertranslated into English it means double happiness. The idea is when two happy people come together there’s double happiness.So I am open to the happy man who will come along in my life to have double happiness.
  3. 3. As I come to the end of my story so far, I know that the journey is not over and I will continue learn more about myself andwhat life is asking of me. I will continue to be tested and keep praying for guidance. Some favorite quotes I’ve found along thejourney that have nourished my soul that I would like to share.“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, its the only thing that everdoes” Margret Meade“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor RooseveltI will leave with a quote that was divinely given to me as I wrote my book, Dare to be as great as the sun. Dare to shine oneveryone. I hope you realize all your deepest heartfelt dreams, embrace all that life gives to you and let your heart be yourguide.Sara TingPresident and FounderDiversity ConsultantTrainer - POET EducatorSara Ting and Associates