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All That She Wants Is An Education!


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Jessica has not got much but she likes to give back anyway she can by teaching kids. At just 26 years, she teaches kids English, Maths and Spanish! Please donate to her education fund here

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All That She Wants Is An Education!

  1. 1. Who is Jessica? Jessica is a very ambitious, determined young woman who lives in Ghana. Her story is not one of heart break but one of determination to succeed. Jessica is intelligent and driven and last year she received a full scholarship to City University in London.....unfortunately the university had to rescind their offer of scholarship because Jessica was refused a visa to study in the UK. Why was her visa application refused? As part of the visa requirements, students need to show approximately £9,000 in their bank account and pay the full amount of tuition fees. I don’t know students who have this kind of money, even in the UK. In fact, in these times, very few working adults have these kind of funds in their account. Jessica didn’t have the money and her parents and friends despite many efforts could not raise all the funds. Undeterred, Jessica applied again this year. However, the university only offered a partial scholarship this time. The result is she now needs to raise £9000 plus £12,000 tuition fees. Faced with this she still tells her friends “No matter the obstacles, I will succeed!" Jessica wants to study law and she tells me, “For a very long time I have stared helplessly at the dysfunctional nature of my country’s legal system. It has become unspectacularly ordinary. In my opinion, there is a woefully insufficient dispensation of justice. But we have been raised to accept this situation, and trying to act differently invites negative reactions from family and outsiders alike.” Why am I telling you this story? I am inspired by this young woman’s passion and determination to succeed and to help change her country for the better. Although she has not got much, Jessica gives back by teaching kids, Maths, English and Spanish. I am asking you all for your help to raise funds to support her education. How will the funds be used? £12,000 will go towards paying the rest of her tuition fees The rest of the funds will go towards: -Visa Fees and Airfare -Accommodation -Health Insurance -School supplies -Bills and general care. This will only cover her first year, however Jessica intends to work to make sure she can support herself moving forward. If you are unable to help financially then can I please ask that you share this with your network and colleagues? Thank you and I hope you will join me in helping another “girl rising”. ToDonatePleaseClickThisLink