Adventures of Paula Ruane


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Paula Ruane
Founder, The Juggling Goddess

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Adventures of Paula Ruane

  1. 1. Every week we will feature the adventures of one amazing woman. We aim to celebrate the varied andcolourful roles women play within industry and business. Experience inspirational, real stories by realwomen; Interested in being featured? Please send your adventures to For previousadventures please click here Adventures of Paula Ruane Founder, The Juggling GoddessMy name is Paula Ruane, Bio Energetics Practitioner and run my own business based primarily on helpingthe busy, working female of the species.This is my third career – I have had many jobs and interests but my first business was an interior designcompany in Chelsea. My husband, aged 35, had a heart bypass during that time when our 3 children wereunder the age of 5 so I switched and trained as a mortgage broker and set up my second business.When my daughter Katherine was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2007 aged 22; based on a combination ofthe attitudes and opinions of the medical profession, I started researching the whole area of health,wellbeing and discovered the all-important and essential fact that your genes do not control you, that youcan change your genetics by changing other things – the three “T’s” – Trauma, Toxins and Thought*.Genes count for less than 5%, closer to 2% of all illness.So I set up doing something pretty much unheard of. No clients, no track record and no existing model onwhich to run my business. I have developed a programme which is a combination of techniques and toolsfor resolve and rapid release of the blocks and stress build resilience for today’s market place and fastpaced life. Not talk therapy or counselling but dynamic and simple essential tools.So what do I do? Hard to explain! Think of yourself as a computer, usually it is the software, the programme. It becomes overloaded andeventually will shut down. We are just the same so my work is like a detective’s – finding what causes theoriginal blocks from trauma, toxins and thought? It could be anything from heavy metals to geopathicstress, travel, vaccinations but usually there is an emotional component somewhere. Generally speaking,thought, the medical profession tries to fix the hard-ware.The heart is 40 – 60 times more powerful than the brain – and sends more messages to the brain than viceversa – the brain is a chemical factory to produce the necessary response to keep the body out of harm’sway. And at a deep level, we know this but this isn’t something discussed in the doctor’s surgery.
  2. 2. The hardest part still in my work is for people to understand what I do because it is a new emergingscience and is experiential. Yet it can give alternatives and fast acting results to eliminate the need forprescriptions such as statins and other drugs to help with normal living; getting to sleep, waking up, feelinghappy, damping down extremes of emotions. Also many drugs are one a day for life!My area is holistic, self-help, preventative and has to be experienced – it is proactive not reactive.The secret for the growth and expansion of my practice is the same as for the other two businesses I ran:-Talk to lots of people, give good service (manage expectations) and smile a lot. Not every enquirybecomes a client but every client benefits from my programme.My inspiration is seeing profound change in women – in this country women tend to be at the bottom ofthe “to-do” list. Women are the enablers, the change-makers and if they aren’t full of healthy energy,mentally, emotionally and physically, how can they survive the unexpected and the unwanted that thisever-increasing pace of change brings?Balancing life. This is part of my programme and something that is essential and key to happy family andmarriage, healthy life and inner peace. Part of my programme includes a mindful technique which Ipractice as well as Yoga, gym, socialising, cooking, being curious and asking questions.To any one starting out in any business – not just this area –the advice is the same – talk to lots of people,give good service and smile a lot. Have expectancy in your mind all the time and be consistent andpersistent. 95% of everything seems to be wasted but the 5% will give you what you need. Never give upif you know in the very core of your being that what you have is good, right and benefits all – just keepgoing! Network – 70% of my business comes from networking and in particular Women in BusinessNetwork. I was fortunate enough to be able to set up a licenced group of my own which jet-propelled mybusiness.My legacy is education – teaching and demonstrating that “our biology is controlled by our mind – changeyour mind and you change your biology and your genetics” No-one need be a victim of anything. Life iswork in progress and you never get it wrong and you never get it done – Abraham-HicksI have two favourite quotes:-Tough times don’t last – tough people do!” – Dr Robert SchullerMans mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. Oliver Wendell HolmesUS author & physician (1809 – 1894) - (we can forgive him by using the generic “man’s mind”!) * DrBruce LiptonPaula RuaneFounderThe Juggling Goddess