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Evaluation question 1


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Evaluation question 1

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. My film is a psychological thriller, these films are highly budgeted that’s why I have chosen Hollywood as they have produced a lot of psychological thrillers till now. Lionsgate entertainment is my media institution as it has produced the best and top grossing psychological thrillers. A few examples are American Psycho(2000), Saw(2004), Saw 2(2005), Saw 3(2006), Saw 4(2007), Saw 5 (2008).
  3. 3. The Genre Psychological thriller mainly deals with murdering for a cause such as money, power, love etc. Or the character may have a mental disorder causing him/her to murder someone. The story line can be related to a true event or a made up story. This genre has caught a lot of attention worldwide and is still becoming popular day by day. According to a survey carried out by IMDB it is known that this genre is enjoyed the most by teenagers. As some scenes can be disgusting it is not suitable for viewers under 18 or weak hearted people.
  4. 4. A few psychological thriller/horror films produced by other institutions are: Friday the 13th: Released in 2009 by newline cinema and paramount pictures. The Texas chainsaw massacre: Released in 1974 by Vortex productions. Scream movie series: Produced by woods Entertainment. Nightmare on Elm street: Rereleased in 2010 by Platinum dunes. Drag me to hell: Produced and released in 2009 by Ghost house pictures. The Exorcist: Released in 1973 by Warner Bros.
  5. 5. Coming down to the mise-en-scene. The atmosphere of a typical psychological thriller is a dark gloomy street, A deserted area at night near a lake or a Dead end. It can also be a house at night, with mysterious sounds and strange phone calls. But the genre mostly make use of a dark and gloomy atmosphere and a deserted railway station or dead End.
  6. 6. The props used for this genre include weapons such as Knives, guns, Daggers, Axe, Hammers, Long nails, Claws, Chainsaws etc. The use of these props make the film more interesting to Watch as everyone wants to know what the character is Going to do next with the knife. Who, What, Why, When, Where and How? These are the typical questions that constantly revolve Around the Audience.
  7. 7. The costumes for psychological thrillers are usually black. In some cases masks are used to portray the main character. the murderer usually carries spare clothes with him as their clothes are soaked in blood after they kill someone. Gloves are the most essential piece of clothing because every murderer has to make sure that their finger prints aren't visible anywhere. Usually after a murder scene the murderer changes clothes and finds a way to dispose off the old ones.
  8. 8. Every character in this genre has their own story. Some are masked villains who don’t want their faces revealed. Some are in disguise and spy before killing the victim. Some reveal their true image right before killing someone. Such as Patrick Bateman who lead a secret life as a serial killer.
  9. 9. The editing used in psychological thrillers is fast. The music is usually slow and creepy and gets fast just before a scary scene is about to take place. The editing is very tricky as it becomes hard for the editors to give a proper horror effect to the audience. Photoshop is used for most scenes to portray the masked characters and The murder victims and their wounds. most of the dark and gloomy atmosphere is also computerized .
  10. 10. The title of psychological thrillers depends on the theme of the movie. If the movie consists of a masked villain the title is usually highlighted in a dark background . For Example: A Nightmare on Elm Street. If the movie consists of a normal citizen who is engaged with criminals or loves killing people the title is usually bold and has a bit of blood. For Example: American Psycho. The title has to suit the theme of the film.
  11. 11. Usually the main character in a psychological thriller is masked and kills people for a reason. The masked villain does not only kill one person but murders a number of people, those people can either be innocent citizens or then the people who the character has a grudge against and wants to take revenge. Examples of such films include: Scream, Saw, A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  12. 12. My film challenges this convection by not having a a masked character in it. The plot revolves around a college student who is an Imbecile(A category of weak minded people who can go to an extent of murdering when they are angry). He gets angry when a fellow student of his explains his past to him, how his father was a murderer and now he is falling into the same footsteps. Due to a weak mind and lack of tolerance he murders his fellow student and later regrets it. So this might be a bit off topic for the audience.