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State of Electronic Media in Pakistan (Contemporary Issues) -ZK


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State of Electronic Media in Pakistan (Contemporary Issues) -ZK

  1. 1. The State of Electronic Media in Pakistan
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE  Medialogic is the only overnight TV Ratings provider in Pakistan  Set up in 2006 to cater to the growing media needs of local industry  Set up in collaboration with the 3rd largest Research company in the world – GFK  Panel consisting of approx. 4,000 individuals from 675 households in 9 cities  Clients include ALL broadcasters and ALL major advertisers
  3. 3. PAKISTAN ADVERTISING INDUSTRY 2010 - TV continues to be the biggest medium. It is also the fastest growing! - Digital and Radio also growing while Outdoor coming down slightly due to removal of Billboards in Punjab “Television remained 4% 2% on Top” 13% Medium Growth During 2010 TV TV 20% Print 51% Print 8% Outdoor Radio Outdoor -10% 30% Digital Radio 15% Digital 50%+
  4. 4. • It took 26 years for the second channel to launch. In 2010, one new channel was being launched almost every 26 days! 1964 1990 2010
  5. 5. Key Development in Pak Electronic Media • PTV goes on air in 1964 • VCRs and VCPs in late seventies/early eighties • First Color Transmission in 1976 • NTM is launched in the early nineties • PTV World is launched in 1998 • Deregulation of Electronic Media in 2000 • C&S penetration • TV Audience Measurement Data 2007
  6. 6. CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS • Today a total of 81 local Channels are available • In addition, around 50 foreign channels are being aired News Entertainment Sports Children Music Geo News ARY Digital Geo Super Cartoon Net Oxygene ARY News Hum TV Tensports Nickelodeon Aag Samaa Geo Ent Play Dunya TV Express Indus Vision ARY Music News A Plus* Movies GKA Boom Waqt TV AKS * Fashion MTV Pakistan Oye HBO Dawn News TV One K2 Style 360 Filmax News1 PTV Home Filmazia Metro One Alite * Starlite Business Plus Sohni Dharti* Informational Regional Silver Screen Express 24/7 Dharti Film World* Rohi TV Aaj TV Vibe Value TV CNBC Koh-e-Noor* Health TV* KTN PTV News AXN Punjab TV Din News ATV Religious APNA Channel 5 PTV National Food Madni Raavi Royal News ARY QTV Mehran KTN News Zaiqa* Haq TV Sindh TV APNA News Masala PTV Bolan Vash News ARY Zauq Waseb TV Sindh News AVT Khyber Khyber News Kook City 42 Kashish Indus News Awaz Sabz Baat
  7. 7. WHAT PEOPLE WATCH • Foreign Entertainment Channels leading all categories followed by In-House cable Channels • Only around 50% viewership being derived by Legal Content Jan - Dec 2010 Inhouse Local Ent 14% 18% Foreign Ent Movies 1% 6% News 9% Music 5% 1% Cooking 3% Sports 14% Children 25% 4% Regional Others * Other included Fashion, Educational and Religious categories
  8. 8. WHEN DO PEOPLE WATCH TV • Peak Viewership moving later into the night – highest viewership now at 21:30 • Specialised programming developing Morning Slot viewership 26.0 24.0 22.0 20.0 18.0 16.0 14.0 12.0 10.0 8.0 6.0 4.0 2.0 0.0
  9. 9. CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS • Total Advertising Revenue for TV in 2010 was less than USD 175 Million (Rs. 15 Billion) • Zero Subscription Revenue – therefore entire Industry running after Ad Revenue • News Channels sensationalizing stories • Entertainment Channels full of Ads • Despite the above, most TV Channels are in Loss!
  10. 10. THE CHALLENGES! • Pakistan market cannot afford 80+ TV Channels • PEMRA needs to enforce regulatory framework – Limit the number of Licenses considering supply & demand – Implement Subscription generation for Channels as well as Cable Operators – Remove illegal channels which provide unfair competition to local channels • Content will drive Channel success and it is getting more and more expensive • The other big challenge for TV Industry is Distribution. Cable Operators can carry less than 100 channels while more than 130 are available
  11. 11. WHAT THE INDUSTRY NEEDS TO DO • Broadcasters must decide the following together with other stakeholders 1. How to co-exist with Cable Operators where both parties benefit from each other. This decision will rest mostly on how to increase subscription revenue and divide it. 2. Work with PEMRA to stop airing of illegal content, thereby increasing viewership for legal content 3. Limit New Licenses and create a market mechanism whereby new licenses may be awarded only if market grows 4. Create self governed Editorial guidelines 5. Improve local capacity for Quality production – Invest in production infrastructure (Institutes, facilities, equipment)
  12. 12. Thank you!
  13. 13. • Total Population 180 Million• Total Households ~25 Million• TV Penetration (70%) ~18 Million• Cable Penetration (50%) ~ 9 Million• Average Subscription Rs.50• Total Subscription Rev. Rs.11 Billion